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Vol. 28-8, No. 1.
Five Cents,
Football Management Finds Encour
agement in Prospects for
1 tho Season. . '
Foot ball In the university this fall
promises to bo all that It haB been dur
ing the past fejy years. Tho first im
pression that was gained by tho older
students upon their return to the In
stitution was that the prospects wore
very poor, and that some of the old
time rivals would find the game hero
more In tho form of play than work.
Toward tho latter part of the week it
was seen that some of tho older men
who woro not expected had put in au
appearance and would bo ready for
practice as soon as it began.
A. Edwin Branch, captain of hlD
team at Williams college last year, is
the man that was hired by tho mem
bers of the athletic board to coach tho
team this fall. His arrival on the
grounds Saturday at onco put a confi
dence in the men that is seldom seen so
early in tho season. New men turned
out and active practice was begun at
once. Added to this was the arrival of
W..E. Allen. Instructor in physical
training for tho coming year and alao
coafch fo the second eleven.
. Both' Branch and Allen bear foot 4mll
records worthy of comment. Before
entering Williams college Branch was
one. of tho strongest men on the Philips
Andover team. On the college team he
woo found to be a hard and an honest
worker at all times. His recommend
at'ons state that he is aggressive in
play, strict In observation "of training
rules, and off tho field one of the most
perfect gentlemen on the campus.
Allen comes here from Earlham col
lege, Ind'ana, at which place he spent
two years coaching foot ball teams and
in other athletic training work. He is
a graduate of the International Train
ing' school of Springfield, Mass., and
v..i3 later a fellow in the institution.
The resignation of Manager Pearso
and Assistant Manager Andreson- dis
heartened the team for a' short while,
but tho effect was only temporary. The
election of new men at the meeting of
the athletic board Monday evening re-
Cortelyou Btands well for an end posi
tion. Material from tho high schools
seems to bo plentiful and many of the
positions will be filled in this way.
Tobln and Ringer of Lincoln and
Sedgwick are all heady men and ag
gressive players.
vlved the spirits of the players
started the season with more vigor
than ever.
A large number of the old players
will not be back for work this year.
Melford finished tho four vears last
season that ho was allowed to play and
is at present coaching tho team at
Waslfburn college, Topeka, Kansas.
Hansen was one of tho metf who grad
uated and Is coaching the team at the
Kansas Agricultural college, Manhat
tan, Kansas. Turner was also one of
the graduates and will not bo in school
for the coming season. fc
- Speculation on tho remalndor of fhe
line is of such an uncertain nature that
any definite conclusion? aro hard to be
reached. Kingsbury and Polimor will
not be hero. Plllsbury states that ho
is still uncertain. Stringer Is already
on the ground ready for work. Behind
the lino a guess is also hard to get at.
Captain Williams is ill in Colorado.
Erwin is In Chicago with Stngg. Bon
edict is in school, but so loaded with
work that thoro is little possibility
that he will be able to come out. Drain
is hero and will probably work foi the
quarter. Several of last year's scrub
- will make available material. Crandall
will show up strong at quarter, al
though somowhat light for the place,
Judging from tho articles that have
appeared in both the Iowa and Kansas
Weeklies prospects for successful teams
wore never so bright as at tho present
time. It is too early In tho season to
toll what tho final development will
bring out, yet it is all right to have
some Ideas on the subject.
Tho article that appeared in tho K.
U. Weekly Is given in part here. It is
as follows:
"The prospects have not been so
bright for a successful foot ball team
for many years as at the present. This
is going to be a great year for foot ball
everywhere, and wo are going to be
right in tho push. There are eno'igh
old men back to insure a good team,
while there are many now men coming
in who give promise of great things on
the gridiron this year.
"Tho gaps in tho line can be filled,
while the backs, already strong, can
probably be strengthened.
"Coach Yost came in Monday and
went to work at once. He is the kind
of a man who inspires confidence and
this confidence is well grounded. His
record in past years proves his ability
as a coach, and he evidently knows
how to handle men. When asked what
system df play he would use, Mr. Yost
was rather reticent, but it will probably
combine features from different systems.
"The training table started Tuesday
In fie old hose house, which has been
fitted up for the purpose.
"Hamlll, Mosse, Smith and Simpson
will not be back this year, but proba
bly all the other mon who played on
last year's team will be out again this
"Some of last year's second team
men show great Improvement and will
try hard for places. Among the new
line men Mahan of Sallna Is making
an excellent showing along with other
big men who came In later in tho week.
Bcaman is expected to distinguish
himself on the gridiron this year, and
there are others."
In turn, the S. U. I. Quill gives vent
to a certain amount of enthusiasm in
tho following manner:
"Every effort is being put forth at
building a foot ball team that shall
faithfully and honestly represent Iowa
on the gridiron this fall; and with the
abundance of material on hand, a com
petent and painstaking coach, and per
fect accord 'among tho men, we may
look for gratifying results. August
22nd Coach Knlpe, with a few candi
dates, established training quarters at
LInder's. 'Active practice-in passing
and falling on the ball, running and
klcklnR WOS taken both fnrAnnnn nnrl
afternoon. In time the number of mon
was Increased to almost twenty,
namely: Captain Eby, Captain Hobbs,
uurrier, uatcer, Warner, Fred Wil
liams, Clyde Williams, Brockway, Mor
ton and Griffith of laBt year's team;
also some ten men who have shown
promising form here or elsewhere at
some time. In practice all actual con
tact of tho men was carefully avoided
to prevent strains that might disable
the bodies not yet specially prepared to
receive them. Tuesday the candidates
came back to the city and appearca
upon the field ready to begin al onco
the severe work of making a team out
of the individuals."
Annual Address Doliy,orod In Chapol
By Chancellor Wessoy Sat
urday Morning.
The formal opening of the univer
sity for tho year occurred Saturday In
the chapel, when Acting Chancellor
Bessey gave tho annual address. Stu
dents, old and new, crowded Into the
chapel to hear the remarks of tho now
executive. Tho address was one that
will be remembered for many years to
come,. for tho reason that It was busi
nesslike, clear and struck the proper
chord in tho minds of the students.
Chancellor Bessey first referred to
tho changes that had taken place In the
faculty; later to tho new management
of the university as laid down to take
effect at this time at the spring meet
ing of tho board of regents.
Continuing his remarks further, ho
touched upon the possibilities of the
future. Tho true university is one that
Is constantly broadening, one that has
a continuous session throughout the
year, that the student may come and
go at the end of each term. If the stu
dent were strong enough to work
throughout the year, he could complete
his course in one-third less time; If, on
the other hand, he were not able to
stand the wear and tear as it now Is,
he would be hotter enabled to lengthen
the work.
In conclusion. Chancellor Bessey
wished to offer some advice from an
older to a newer student, as he ex
prosed it. It-was necessary for the
stiidont to feet down to work immedi
ately In order to be better prepared to
meet the few trying days that he
would find in beginning the year. He
drew forcible illustrations from the
parable of the sower and left as a part
ing text with the students the first
verso of Hebrews, 12: "Let us lay aside
every weight and sin which doth so
easily beset us. and let us run with
patience- the race that, is set before
talion reached a high degree of perfec
tion, and under the present com
mandant, Major LaRuo Brown, tho
high excellence of last year will bo
fully sustalnod. Major Brown has
soen military service, holding a lieu
tenantship in the Lincoln light infan
try during tho present war, and last
year was lieutenant of tho Persuing
Rifles. Ho is every inch a soldier and
his promotion is due to his sterling
merit. There will be no lack of high
privates this year, as tho registration
Is large, being at present over three
hundred. Tho officers this year will be
chosen from a very desirable lot of
men and promotions may be looked for
within a short time. There has been a
change of rooms for convenience, the
commandant's office now being located
in the old officers' room. Drill began
in earnest Wednesday and the com
mandant is to be complimented on tho
dispatch with which ho has started the
wheels of his office going. i
All now and old students are cor
dially invited to attend the meetings of
tho Delian Boys' Debating club and to
take part in the discussion. The club
has already arranged for a joint debate
with tho Alpha Omega society of
Doane college, to be held during the
latter part of October. Several other
joint debates are being negotiated for.
The officers for the ensuing term are:
President, H. J. Theabald; vice presi
dent, F. Maxwell; secretary, W. F. Mc
Naughton; attorneys, R. Sampson and
W. 0. O'ConneU; delegate to the uni
versity convention, C. W. Jones. Come
out and we will give you a hearty wel
come, the srcnRprrATJv
It has been definitely settled that the
inauguration of ex-Chancellor George
Edwin MacLean as president of the
University of Iowa will occur Septem
ber 20. It is proposed by the authori
ties of our sister Institution to make
this a day long to be remembered in
the history of the state. The program
as arranged shows some of the most
worthy speakers in the west, including
President Northrup of the University
of Minnesota and President Harper of
the University of Chicago.
Upon tho morning of the same day
tho annual alumni foot ball game will
occur. This will be tho Introduction of
the festivities, which will last all of tho
In commenting upon tho first appear
ance of President MacLean before the
students of Iowa some of the papers of
that state say that it took just thirty
minutes for him to win a place for him
self in the heart of every man and
woman present. Tho address at that
time is declared to bo one that will go
down In the history of the university.
The first regular meeting of the ath
letic board was held Monday evening to
fill vacancies on the foot ball team
management caused by the resignations
of A. S. Pearse and R. D. Anderson.
Austin Collett and C. S. Root were
unanimously chosen as manager and
assistant manager of the team for the
coming year.
C. S. Story was elected to member
ship on the board to fill the vacancy
caused by the withdrawal of McDiar
mld from school.
R. E. Benedict was appointed to act
as temporary captain of the team until
thoreturn of Captain Williams or until
one should be chosen In the regular
Tho matter of the removal of the
bleachers from the campus was brought
up by Dr. Pqund. A committee, com
posed of Drs. Pound. Bliss and Bene
dict, was appointed to address a me
morial to the regents and to secure, If
possible, immediate attention to the
The board decided that airvaeancles
on the student portion of the board
should be filled by an election by the
board and not by an election among
the students.
In 'the military department the out
look for a very successful battalion
this year in bright. Under the com
mand of Major Weeks, now lieutenant
,Jn tho United States array, the bat-
The following notices have been
posted for tho Information of students:
Changing groups: "No student shall
be allowed to change hlB group or drop
any study for which he has been regis
tered without written permission from
tho dean of his college." (Faculty min
utes, May, 1899.)
Matriculation fees: "A student shall
pay a matriculation fee (?5;00) for