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Lee Berry Athletics
The fooling for athletics has been aroused. We have had
several baseball games this season and they have been suc
cessful. In order to arouse enthusiasm and create interest in
athletics the students must see that they have a good force to
manage this important side of University life. We are to
have an election of members for the Athletic Board next
Wednesday. There arc nine candidates in the field from
which five arc to bo elected. Four out of this number have
announced themselves as independent men and five have been
put up by a caucus or combine. The Hesperian has always
stood for democracy and believes that the student body should
have some right to say who shall bo nominated for members
of this board.
It is the duty of every student and member of the faculty
to look into this election and help to secure the best men, men
who when elected are free to speak their own minds and are
not tied down to any clique.
Let merit be the determining qualification instead of political
met men older than they are, and higher classmen men
trained in thought, composition and elocution as thoroughly tis
any. Debating occupies no secondary place in college affairs
If the debate is open to criticism, possibly the Nebraska
men were not quite thorough enough in their preparation, and
the Colorado men may have been too much confined to what
had been previously prepared. Awkward sentences, of course,
unbocomo the dignity that should accompany an inter state
debate, so do speeches that are too much cut and dried.
Arrangements should be made to avoid both of these next year.
More time for preparation will be a remedy for the first, and a
constitutional amendment should obviate the second.
The editor of The Hesperian finds the boys more enthusi
astic about other features of the trip than the debate. Mr.
Weaver lays especial emphasis on the fact that this is a "co
ed" school. Mr. Bollonbach reports that he enjoyed himself
"hugely" at the reception given by the students at the ladies'
dormitory. The halls of this building were thrown wide open
and for an hour the visitors were monarchs of all. It was here
that Mr. McNaughton, a very practical student of constitutional
law, obtained some very charming souvenirs through an exer
cise of the right of Eminent Domain.
A party conducted the boys through Manitou, The Garden
of the Gods, Cheyenne Canon and to Pike's Peak. The former
grave of Helen Hunt Jackson was pointed out. It is located
where she used to love most to visit, in South Cheyenne Canon
just above the falls. Of course her present grave, from request
of her husband, is in a private cemetery, but visitors still pile
stones on her former grave-.
Passes wore secured to Denver, from which place they
returned to Lincoln.
Next year the Colorado College boys come hero. Twice
they have entertained us. Next year the University of
Nebraska must entertain them as successfully in all respects
and with as much honor to our institution as they have enter
tained us this year.
The Colorado Debate.
The boys who debated with Colorado College at Colorado
Springs returned Tuesday morning. They report a very profit
able and pleasant trip. They were treated by the students
there to a visit to nearly all places of interest in the state.
The debate itself had features less pleasant. The decision was
given in favor of Colorado College. This, however, was not
duo to any misfortune or neglect on the part of our boys.
They arc not dissatisfied with the effort they made. They
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