The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, April 28, 1899, Image 3

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Resolutions Passed by Committee from the University
V) Faculty.
Hie U acuity and students of tlie University of Nebraska
deeply mourn the loss they have sustained in the death of their
lato Commandant, Colonel John M. Stotsonburg, -not only as
a teacher, but. as a citizen and friend. In his relations with
the instructors and the student body, ho impressed all who knew
him with a realization of his high ideals, his sterling integrity,
and great earnestness of purpose. As the Commandant of the
University Cadets, ho approved himself a thorough instructor
and organizer, and gave the men ho trained not only theories,
but especially the practical knowledge so necessary to every
soldier. As the head of the First Nebraska Regiment, he not
only brought the volunteers under his command to that effici
ency which has abounded to their honor, and to the honor of
their State and Country, but has also, after many evidences of
evotiou to liis duties, given his life in leading, with great
personal bravery, those under his command to victory. The
f undersigned, as representatives of the University, desire to
give hereby some public expression to the universal grief, and
pay tribute to the character and patriotism of the men they
honor, and extend the sympathy of the entire Univorsity to all
those whose loss is greater than their own.
L. A. Sherman, "
C. E. I3kssey,
A. H Edqken, ) Committee.
M. B. Reese, I
C. W. Weeks. J
University Team Beaten in Wednesday's Came After a
Hard Struggle.
A most interesting and exciting contest was the game between
the Nebraska and Missouri Universities played on the campus
last Wednesday afternoon. The game was not called until
nearly four when all classes were dismissed, giving the profes
sors and students an opportunity to attend and not a few were
present. Genuine college spirit prevailed. Owing to a light
rain in the morning the ground was a little heavy but it became
firm as the game progressed. Both teams have been training
hard for several weeks and were in excellent condition consid
ering the time of the season. Few errors wore made. Through
outrtho entire game good fielding was exhibited by both sides,
especially the Nebraskans, who made, three fine doubles and
did not loose a single fly ball. Tlu Mis30iiriuns also did some
good fielding but were particularly strong in thoir batting and
pitching. Thoir pitchor, Curtright, is a strong man in the
box. Molford did the pitching for our team and was caught
by Lohmor. Both wore playing thoir first game for tho season
and showed 'up well. Roedor played 2nd baso exchanging his
regular position of short stop with McDiarmid. As in tho two
pmer games played this soason, our boys lost heavily in tho
first fow innings but in tho last half they rallied considerably
and mado it more interesting for tho visitors. In tho first
inning tho visitors wore given thoir inns and tho Nobraskans
took tho field. Bartee was tho first man up to bat. Ho was
given a base op balls ana immediately brought homo by a safe
hit from Wilcox; Dowqy followed with a single and was
brought homo by Hawkins. Our boys then mado a tine
double play and Garvin wont out in a high fly caught by
Lemar. The visitors scored three times in this inning. In
the second half Reeder came up first for the Nebraskans and
went out on a hot grounder to pitcher. McDiarmid followed
with an easy two bagger and was brought homo on a safe hit
from Kingsbury. Gordon punted putting Kingsbury out on
second and Bolin, tho last man up, dropped a fly in center
field which was caught. Ill tho ' first of the second inning
Curtright got out on a foul ball and Bartee and "Wilcox went
out by short flies to the infield. No scores wore made. Tho,
second half followed with no change in the score. Cuscadden
reached 1st on a tip up to short stop who muffed it and was
sent to 3rd by a safe from Lehmer. Rhodes followed striking
out, as also did Molford. Roedor then dropped a fly in left
field which was caught. In tho third Hawkins, of the visitors,
made a good hit to left field which was misjudged by Cuscaddon.
Garvin and Atchinson struck out, while the score remained un
changed. The fourth inning witnessed another double play by
our boys and some good batting by Rhodes and Bolin, but no
scores. In the fifth Bolin did some splendid work in right
field. McDiarmid allowed a man to roach 1st by a bad error
but no one made the circuit. In the first of tho sixth the vis
itors mado throe safe hits, one a two-bagger and scored twice.
Gordon of tho homo team lost by a fly to center field. Bolin
scored a three-base hit and was brought homo by a single.
Tho seventh was uneventful but in tho eighth tho Nobraskans
got another score after considerable hard work and some good
batting. In the last half of tho ninth no little excitement
prevailed when our boys began to fill the bases and it looked
as if victor' was yet possible. Molford came to bat and went
out on a ground ball to infield. Roedor got to first on a bad
throw and McDiarmid followed with a fine double. Kings
bury then dropped a fly in centerfield and Reeder stole homo,
Gordon brought McDiarmid homo by a safe hit. The visitors
now began-to look a little Uneasy while the crowd cheered
wildly but Bolin lost by a bad hit to infield and all was over.
The score stood 8 to 5 in favor of the visiting team. Tho
teams batted in tho following order:
Nebraska. " Positions. Missouri.
Keeder 2b Hawkins
McDiarmid ss Wilcox
Kingsbury , cf Foltz
Gordon 3b Dewey
Bolin rf Uartee
Cuscadden If Atchinson
Lehmer c Garvin
Rhodes ib ' Cooper
Melford p Curtright
About $20 is needed to put the athletic track in good order
for tho spring work. The candidates for the trued: team have
subscribed half this amount, and tho manager has asked tho
athletic board to provide the remainder.