The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, March 10, 1899, Image 4

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t-ittt TTrOT)17DT AT whioh it exhibits itself. The student who is wise is the student
IJrlJtL MlibxJLLlVlx.rN who shuts himself up to his own selfish self and does his own
individual labors. But the moment ho begins to associato
Issued Weekly my The Hbsi'BihanAssooiation of the Univeiisity of 8tudont8j tno m0mont ho begins to circulate,
hintASKA. , among beings like himself, the moment ho allows
COW '&Zr? JIXZ: jjO himsolf to join any organization with the view of bocomin, an ,
Ono Copy, ono Somostor uu uctivo worker, and above all, the moment ho allows nimselt to
A"VB'S,: r.Ex0.StXrI0K' -pt tho honor (!) of any office, that mom.t ho becomes a
Special endeavor will bo inado to make The Hespehian Interesting to former students. slflve to XB fellow studoilts. And WOrSO, lllB 8erVltUdO IS Mat
1 Pleaso send us your subscriptions. Contributions thankfully received. ,.,.., L, nnA TKnnn wl,n lmve had tllOSO
Subscriptions on our books will bo continued until ordered stopped. kind which 18 to bo "expected,' lhOSO WllO liave liaa U10BO
Address Ml communications to The Hespeuian, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, No- QX joncQS wju appreciate those fow reflections, and tllOSO who
braaltIt' Entered In the Post Office at Lincoln as Second Class Matter. hoQQrQd wUh Qn offico 0f any kind that re-
F E Eugfuton B0APD..0.F..E'TF!?:... Managing Editor quired work, we would advise to seek office at once just for a
J.' J." Plowhead. Assistant Uttle hard earn0(j experience. They will find that the pleasure
11 C Honor A33C,ClAT.3.: Editorial of holding office, as we say in slang, "is not what it is cracked
F.'G.'Hawxby:::::::...: gowj tob0.
Bertha Johnston g v
GrwkKllinor 'V:.'V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V.V..V.V.VV:..Litorary IF there is any thing which the University may be espec-
HConnol , ;;;;;;;;;;;; F' ially proud of, it is the provision for and maintenance of an
Leo Bo'rry .'..".'. ! '. '. ! '. '.'.'.'. '. ; -Athletics hi8toricai seminar. Fow institutions in adjoining states are
7 equipped with such splendid facilities for pursuing a special
The condition of affairs in the library has bettered much, rG80arch work, as is our own University,
but there is still chance for improvement. There is no more seminftr room is not iarg0 nor expensively furnished,
exasperating circumstances for a person who wants to study .f .b convenently arranged within close access to the gon
than to be surrounded by a covey of giddy girls and one or two Ub For European history, the seminar contains some
light-brained freaks of the other sex, and to have these persons vaiuaDie and rare collections, with more volumes con
keep up a buzz saw chattering about the last hop or the sense- coming in. The American history department enjoys
less gossip about society. The persons, who would knowingly advnnt of perhaps, as good a collection of official docu
intorfore with the work of another by talking and laughing at fl0urce'materittl a8 can be found in any of the states
the same table, do not deserve to be called ladies and gentle- Mis8i88ippi valloy.
men, and wo are glad to state that they are few. The Hesper- profos8or8 in charge of the seminar room take consider
ian appeals to its friends to stand by Librarian Wyor in his .n k ing it woll arranged for the convenience of
efforts to maintain order. If you wish to talk with a friend go 8omimr Btudent8 Ruie8 are posted for the proper regulation
out into the hall. If you are annoyed by others, do not hesi- room ft generftl thing tho dignity of tho
tato to ask them to stop their disturbance. Oo-operation on rfg i8thoughtfully preserved by these special stu
the part of tho students with the librarian will bring about an wke conBiderablo comfort in their work
ideal state of affairs in the library. ,
The students may be especially helpful in assisting tho pro-
Too much credit and appreciation cannot bo given Mr. G. fe8a0rs and tho seminar workers to keep this room tidy and
A. Benedict for tho work and time he has spent the last fow qUjot There has boon a tendency of late for several students
weeks in tho interests of our local oratorical contest which takes not taking seminar work to make this room a depository for
place tonight. As secretary of both tho local and state associ- books and texts. Ono seminar class was interrupted three
ations, ho has had more than his hands full. Tho greater part time8 wituin fifteen minutes this week by students entering to
of his time has been taken up in tho endless amount of work got books.
always connected with such events, and ho has done this at the ,0 j)0ftd 0f tiie department has ordered those not taking
sacrifice of everything else his lessons included. No one .80minar work to remove their books from the shelves in that
without experience in such matters, can realize tho time, worry room. This is not done because tho seminar people wish to
and general disagroeableness of attempting to make a success forra a scheduled aristocracy, but as a necessary protection for
of a thing of this kind, especially in a University like our own those who are following out special linos of intensive research,
where college spirit and enthusiasm are imaginary quantities. It isjiot tho most agreeable thing imaginable to have three or
wuoruiioho0p. o rf 1 different parties enter a room and begin to sh unto books
No matter how hard a person works to make a thing a success J P,, ,, rociting. Evory Meeting student real
no matter how much time and energy he devotes, no matter it . ftnd wi nQ doubt, help to enforce tho regulations of
he has to throw up some of his studios, the one who tries to per this 8tudy room '
form tho duty placed upon him never receives oven the thanks The students of this university are enjoying usual privileges
of those others who are concerned. Wo have an abundance of in being permitted to use tho stack rooms freely and most of
human nature in the University and this is one of the ways in thorn appreciate these.