The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 18, 1898, Image 4

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The Sophomoro-Froshraen record bonrd got discouraged
with repeated postponements of the contest and tumbled off
the gun cases on the gymnasium floor. Its heart was almost
broken by the blow. Both the board and the contost have
boon under repairs during bad weather. Both will bo in good
shape tomorrow.
The following has boon proposod as the schedule for the
Triangular League:
Nov. 25, Wosloyan vs. Doano, at Doane.
Dae. 2 or 3, Doano vs. Wesley an, at Wosloyan.
Dec. 6, Wesloyan vs. TJ. of N., at Lincoln.
Doc. 9 or 10, U. of N. vs. Doane, at Doano.
Doc. 10 or 17, U. of N. vs. Wosloyan, at Wesloyan.
Dec. 21, Doano vs. TJ. of N., at Lincoln.
During January the University team will play outside teams.
Tho Y. M. 0. A. teams of Omaha, Lincoln and perhaps Chi
cago will bo played.
Tho game of cricket that is to be played on tho campuB to
morrow will bo of interest to many, since tho game is so little
known hero. For two centuries cricket has been tho national
game of England, and it has been largely played by amateurs.
This strictly amateur element has kept for the game its popu
larity. Near tho center of the field, tho pitch, as it is called, is
selected, and tho wickets are placed twenty-two yards apart,
opposite and parallel to each other. Each wicket consists of
three round wooden sticks, called "stumps," which are driven
into the ground just near enough together to prevent the ball
from passing between them. Their height must not exceed
twenty-seven inches and the total width not more than eight
inches. On tho top of each wicket are placed two little sticks
of wood called "bails" and a slight movement of the winlcot
will cause them to fall to tho ground.
There is a batter at each wicket and they may be put out
in several ways. If a batter allows his bails to bo knocked off
tho wicket, he is out. The batting sido stays in until the
entire eleven men are out.
Tho bowler throws tho ball with a straight arm. If there is
any curve it is aftor tho ball bounds.
When tho battor has made a hit, ho may run to tho other
wicket while his comrade comes to his and they may thus keep ox
changing wickets, piling up scores as long as they think it safe.
The game tomorrow between tho faculty and students will bo
an interesting one, and the student body nhould turn out to see
it. The proceeds from tho contest will go to replenish the
the athletic treasury.
Drake 6, Nebraska 5.
Once moro Nobraska has boon defeated. Tho stalwart lads
from Drake University provod too fast for Oapt. Molford an
his men. Nobraska scored on a goal from tho field, while
Drako pushed her rivals back by fiorco plunges and good end
runs, and scored a touch-down. Nobraska seemed to play
falow. Hor intorforonco formed slowly and was easily broken
np by tho Drako ends and backs. Frequently tho play was
broken up before it got uudor good headway. Tho principal
gains made by Nobraska wore made when Bonodict and Wil
liams loft their intorforonco and dodged their opponents.
Follmor played the star gamo for Nobraska. His tackling
was excellent. Many times ho broke up Drake's interference
and downed tho runner. Sovoral times ho, alone, saved No
raska's goal. Once, a. Drako man got ontiroly through the
Nebraska lino and startod down tho field at a rapid gait, Foll
mer gave chase and rolled him in tho dust on Nebraska's
twenty. five yard line,
Drako formed hor plays rapidly and scarcely over failed to
make good gains around tho ends. Tho victory over Nobras
ka highly olated tho Drako men.
There will bo a special musical program in Palladian hall
Friday evening.
Tho Senior law class has organized a moot court for tho
purpose of debating legal questions.
Tho Palladian Thanksgiving feed will probably occur on
Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving day.
?l The Union boys took for their theme, "Resolved, That tho
civil'servico law should bo extended to all branches of the
The Dolians discussed tho topic, "Resolved, That the
members of tho cabinet should have seats in congress and bo
allowed to debate."
The Palladian club Saturday evening debated tho question,
"Resolved, That should tho McOloary bill become a law it
would bo detrimental to tho United States."
All of tho eight divisions that will take part in tho prelimin
ary debates have choson questions and arranged speakers.
Tho contests will take place about December 20.
O Tho namos of Mossrs. Baker, Talbot, Welch, Berry, Krouch,
MisB Daisy WilliamB, and Miss Jotta Byrno, were proposed
for membership in Palladian ocioty at the two last regular
REGENT SHOES, $8.50, 1030 O ST.