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the organization, tiho athletic insiuinknn.iw ,,,.ji j u L
lJ af S"o Bjeowp (by those wfl.b had! claims tafirft t.lite association;
n. u0m was muut to oak the- 'treasurer to gin a txnd, but it u n
!fV . 9M tgwa;n organization and no menus
: Jfor conveying the instructions iO the trustees was stipulated.
f - The DcfMnii -boys' ddbntlng club Saturday evening discussed' Hie qucs-
: 1oii: "Resolved; That, the Unite States, Oreat Hritain and' Japan
should enter into an, alVnnbc and invite other powers to join with-
xf them in furn.Miinjrn Iftnnl of aroitrtxtfon for the settlement of interna-
, ; tionad difficuMtai." The debate was iKuWcipated in "by every One prcs-
J The- RiMadian club debated t3A? topic, "Resolved, 'mint Dreyf us should
haw another trial." The Oxys (had, n lively discussion.
The Union libys took for their text, Saturday evenii ng one of the prol
h?m growing out of t!he late war, and debated the question, "Resolved,,
That thte onny and unvy should lie greatly increased." Tho debating
, eltilbs of the University keWp in, close ttauoh with college affairs, and
, when unytMi-ng tltoes mot. meet, their opprovai, they quickly condemn
it. The Union drib adoptedi tlhe followiuig resolutions ait their meet
' . ing- Saturday evening in, regard- to tfhe reeenlt action, of the. athletic
He it, resolved, TiM iihe following deelanation lie passed by tiho Union
dl iyoyti' wlwHnff l"u mxl' reported for publication:
f TOie recent events in the meeting of the Athletic association tihlis
, v first day of Ootolwr, 1898, demand attention of all true and' upright sim-
We heartily endorse tlie weutiincnits of the Chancellor in his statement
th'at we must have clean atlhleties or mbne ait mil. Tmlmed with 1Hi5fl
idiiin we eomHmn. tllie action1 of tOie reevsnt athletic nsKOcintHon for tHie
Wsolutito.n of it orjpiinznitiionM anfl ito rejMidiate its honetst deMs. We
coiildemni such a movement, a fraudiilent degrading, and disgraceful
to tQite Uh-raffty of Nebraska, and' Qiold tihkitt it. should! not be quietly
tolemiteidi 1j tlhe student Ixxly.
We further denounce tQie coWeetnoiv of membership fees' under falwe
pretiemses for tOie corruipt purpose of thlis fraudiulenlt intstatutioiv a ma
JS I'lCious in tlie extreme amd hoH .thialti KiicJh tactics cannot, Hx iiirtBfio1
in moTuCtj nor hv lanv.
Tlie Union -boys' delbatDni elub -us always bean, an anient, friend
of all aitihletic fcnajnesi eunVll Kptxrts dediguied to supilment edi&wtaonlal
work liiikl ia enfojx-ei intelledtuail girowtai'. We point w5tili pridte to the
reeoTxl1 wv have made in- our efforts5 io elevate the lone of colileg-e
Vjv- .fftwiuw wQiieHi i well known, tb ihl&ve resulted1 in Jiiudli good to Univer-
j lax icw of tflieise fectts we ak the co-operait5on of enxsry inaanly Btru-
denlfyainirtl all ftnden.t orlttinu7aiWons 5ni ojyoini rruipt mainagement of
"ailUetac, and wilful rejrudiataon' of IfiaibHitaes. We solicit yO-ur aid, uind
'1j efljrn-ftM ijii tQie Kii,jj)art of true and) noWe inetlnodK in atdrMiic jwlitjcw
ami wdibleBOine, wpW Wing- sjiortis- ante.ndu'd1 to cultivate maiuQiood.
? I! '
Mlioroas, God in His wfodotm libis callled to H'imwlf our brotQieir, flTJioa
1). Lnnm, after a life, brief, yet full of wen-lee unki
Tliereaw, We, his ibiKniUicTB in. 'lru Delta. Omkiroiii, deejay mouiw our
Iokm, yet low In HuibmJKlkiin to our -Mather's will, therefoiv le it
HevtaQwd, TQiat we exteaikl tto tllie Borrowing fuiinlly pur heartfelt ysn
jmtlliy in, tihlis, their hour of betneaveaneaiii, anid be it
ItaraQved-, 'lTliut tJie fnatfenniity roojnsi be drwpttd in nio-unid-ngi; le it
fnrt3neir ,
Rewolved, 'Jlliat a copy of these resolutions be Kent, to the fainiilyamd
thwt copies be Rent to tfhe college pajiens: for publication.
lUssoTutjionis adopted Iby ekiisLs of '98, Ujidveavsiity of Nebraisku:
W-hiereas, H has pleased, (3odi in Ilia infinite wJdbm to cadi to His
etemjM nxKit, our dOHS-mhrte, Th'oanns D. Jjanva; he it
Jledolved,, That we, tQie menntbctrH of the cflaias of '98, UnaerJ3ity od
",$p&v&lia, mouTU' the deatQi of one who was . faJtM ul friend, am hon-
v C. "Au MSIliEIjL,
A. L. KDa.!1!!,
Com mi Wee.
Y. il. C. A. NOTES
One th'ing been evinced dnxiner the J8t few weeks and that
that, the loin Mente Chriam, Mwolirtlofn could ... iMM. Til
j.Tir nn. .,,,, ,... ... .. 1 """"' w ' '"io a,
1B "l"''u'' " w,c unwiwt' effort of a;ll the members as- the
memberdliip has more than doufbled in tfliat time.
About fifty men 3un-e reffisterecl in. Bibe elasses. Tb iH holed 4Jbut
the mimlber may reach, 100 in. a few days.
Air. Sa,m Anderson, took charge of t-lite ,TOrk at t,he iGs-on Sunday
alf crnooi,. lweniing services will ln, next Sunday n-irfit.
Con,ttee.s have never -been in as good riliape as they are ait the
present time. Vacancies am bedng- filled miL
The noonwlay prayer meeting Is- proving tto be one of Che popular ser-
V1 r T ' e!,C,h Rfl,Wl at 12:15 aml conh. ten, minutes.
The fimt mionary meetnng- AMas JiWd- Sundlay, as is customary. This
witis- a umotiv meetlimg.wnd. was wellr attended.
The state convention isOieikl tihb first weeic of Novemiber at Hastings.
Kidh association is aMbived. twenty deiegjes. Tlie hoys fire ptoiimiiwr
io end tlie full n-ujiiber.
One of the fmtaires of tlhb Surokiy nestings is to Am Uite iiiHtrinncntuO
iiuwic furnlished by cornertats, etc SiK-eial imisic is beinlg provided
caeOi Sunday.
Tlie concert 63bses Saturday nJgQit. All mem are requested to hand
im tJlieir carls by that time to their respective c-aptauis.
Law work began ronda-'. Registration has not as yet rcaeheU the
Inrnidred' mark. The old- dtudeirts ore debidedOy low Jr rot-urnang.
Aanong the former aeadomic students nknv studying law are: Abbott
Lise3iOn JiurJeigh, Ilumiphirey andl EHrarti
X. II. Kemp, '98, i pmcticimg at Fullcrtoni, Neb.
J. II. G,ros"ienor, '98, has formckll a law pntrtwerehip ait Atirora, Neb.
C. W. Ileal, formerly '99, i tilie iroiiocratae coaiklSdatje for the state
Minute out in Custer county. ' ,
,1. 1). .Denison, '98, is located at Clarioni, Iowa. He is the popocratv
ic noinlnee for county attorney.
U R Winslbw, E, (X Folsohi onkli 0. H. Umlitoff, uM' of '98, are in- Lin
cohu H. E. Taeke'tti, '98, is im Miiwaooiri looking for ai location1.
.7. C Lynklcs, 98, andi C. C. Hurley, '98, are located, in Idahb.
O. HeldeiH '8, is waid' to Wave a lucrative practice at LewJstonv
M. O. Cunminighaim; '98, is witai'mn Omuilia. law Jirnr. W. Au Hansen) is
also prueticijig in Omtahai.
1i. W. Wiilson; '98, is wtudying- at Amu Arbor.
JbOni GraQiam, '99, waH in tlhel'ife InisiiiraiKte busiuetw? during vacation.
Jj. li. Unfltfer and John, Steuteville, foaMnealy 98, w-Jio have ee.n
teaching dmring the past year, have returned to graduate with '99.
(i. B. Tobey, '99, and, h. R Ewart,, 00, aav the librarians.
The work of 'iius'truletarsi leanain1 the same as last year.
Jfem'bejrw of '99 aae already discussing plans for iwsuinig a senior di-
Eu H. Perry of Heweiriani funne, arriA-ed1 Tuesday morning- prepared
for n year in wen'iar law. Mr. Perry Knewt life vacation, in overseeing
a lumlber yaav3, at FarnQioan and' anotiher at EustJe, Neb.
All tflie Mtea-ury MocSeties of the University have uimttKl in an.- etroit
to iiave the mantiigena of tllifei Traaiis-'JlJKslssiiipi exposition set aixtrt a
day for literary diay. Tlie llock Island1 offieiaJH here have promiseni
tb d all tfluey can to t urther the monniment. It is "believed ttot a cheap
i oretd sltudent, amd' who gave flils life to his eouuntry and to Din's GokI'; be it one day rate csun beofb taiaied1 and a Juirge nuianber of the tudentti will
J'Ps- funttlikw mi;n. 4ftwwnnvi f rflh rvrivfilftoie tHius ofTered to see the "exrxx"
avalil tHieniseilveH of tflie privfllege tlhus offeretl to see tflne
DON'T PAIL TO SEE THEM. REGENTS' $3.60 UNI. $3.00. 1030 0 ST REET.