The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, April 15, 1898, Page 8, Image 8

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iMued Weekly by the Himfeiuan Association of the University
of Nebraska.
One copy, per college year, In ndvancc
One copy, one semester
Advertidixo Ratk ov Application.
Special endeavor will he utude to make Tut IIkspeiuan Inter
esting to former students. I'leaie seii'I n your subscriptions.
(SfSnbscrlptlons on our books will c continued until
ordered stopped.
Address all communications to The IIksperiak, University
of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska.
resentatives in the inter-state debates and
Nebraska's representative to the inter-state
oratorical contest. Among its members are
some of the best students, best speakers and
best parliamentarians in the University. It
is one of the most vigorous organizations in
the institution and its fate should not be de
cided after a mere casual reflection.
E. B. PERRY - Manasiso Euitou
F. E. EDOKHTOS .... Assistant
L. B. MUMFORD - (Stillness Manager
J. 1). DE'I&ON Editorial
It ('. KOPKIC ... . xewg
P. . 1IAWXBY ..... Debates
;Kh. UUKOEKT .... rraternltles
P. i: . . Diamond Dust
RK.N'A U.DBRUVV . . Literary
II. O. -.UrroX Local
OL'Yi: HOWARD ... . Military
II A. TUEOIIALD ... Athletic
The Hesperian told you so.
Now, uttie sisters will you be good?
The rag has a peculiar and unknown way of
determining who are the best debaters. The
only member of its "staff" who attended
either of the final debates was the one, who,
according to its classification, is the weakest
inter-stale representative. The point may be
good; the Hesperian is not prepared to say.
But why the athletic reprint should say any
thing about debates or debaters is simply
It is currently reported that the law depart
ment is to have the hall now occupied by the
Delian Society, next year, for a library and
reading room. No one doubts but the law
department needs more room. But what is
to become of the Delians? In answer to the
appeals of committees, it is reported the au
thorities have said: "Oh, they will bo provided
for." Now, that is not sufficient. The so
ciety is entitled to know what is to be done;
where its' quarters are to be. The society
this year furnishes two of the strongest rep-
$8 Will buy a Fine Shoe at
College men cannot a fiord to descend to the
methods of the mob. If we have an opinion
to express it should bo manifested through
the machinery, in recognized use for that pur
pose. To resort to the practices of the lower
stratum is hardly consistent with the claim of
higher ideals set up and so persistently ad
hered to by our college men. Our works as
well as our words should show the quality
within us. A ranting, roaring mob in Spain
is an object of disfavor: a howling, cursing
mob anywhere is not an object of favor. Pa
triotism can be expressed most forcibly by
well counseled and judicious action; the ex
tremest is his own weakness. Bombastical
utterances are not a sure indication of warm
feelings; heated statements are not indicative
of abiding endurance. Loud speaking with
many fiery ilaming swear words stamp a
crowd as of boisterous weaklings rather than
as mature men.
AVe do not love mobs: we discountenance
uncalled for manifestations of passing anger:
we oppose any improper method of resenting
even a great grievance; as representatives of
the learning of the land we should place the
mark of patriotism high and do so in a decent
legitimate and honorable manner.
The position of the University in the State
Oratorical Association is unique. With the
little colleges of the State as co-members and
moreover united in their disposition not to
compete with us as a University, the situation
is rather unsatisfactory. Our homo contest
each year is a closer and more interesting
fight than that of the State. With our larger
student body, and more aggressive student
life the pigmy institutions fear us and so aim
to restrict our eligible list as far as possible.
To them it is self-preservation and a chance
to win; to us it is a limitation at once puerile
aud unfair. We propose to compote as an in
stitution or not at all. It does not comport
The Foot Form, 12 IS 0 Street