The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, March 25, 1898, Page 8, Image 8

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Umiuil Wvuklyby Uio'IlKAi'niiiAN ArsooiationoI iliv L'lilvur&Ity
of XcbniHka.
One copy, par college year, In ndruucc
One copy, one soinestoi
l no
Al.UMNI ASI) KX ri7lKM".
Spoolul ondcivor will be inilu to in t'; l'n Hkm-khiak Inter
ektlir,' to former stiulsuts. I'lmws xsnlinyiir tmbsurlptlons.
.'a7.iobscrlptlons on our books will ho eoiillniie.l until
ordered mopped.
Address till comiuwleiitloiis to Tub IUsi-kiwan, University
of Nebraska, Lincoln. Nebraska.
'K. IJ. I'EltUY Managing Etu-rou
V. K. EDOEltTOV .... Ahmhtant
1.. E. MUMKOIID - niiHliiCHH MuiiuRcr
J. I). DEMSON . Editorial
(I E. flAOKlt -.. Mews
r'. u. I1ASVXISY Debutes
UKo. IWIIUKltT .... 1'nitoriililon
I'. E IlKBDKIt - . - Diamond Dust
ItEXA I.DEItlAN Literary
II. 0. -UPTON I,,,,.,,!
.OUYO IIIWUll) - Mllltmv
II .11. TIIEOHAI.I) .... Athletic
Tlic battle of the giants is upon us. The
fierce contest in debating is to be fought out
this week. Afto. months of close and confin
ing work the sixteen men who survived the
preliminary forensic battle are to come to
gether to determine their final ranks. Thou
sands of pages have been conned; hundreds of
"books and pamphlets investigated, innumera
ble articles liavo been read. The library has
been ransacked from the Frat-girls' corner to
the den of Epos. Reports of engineers, opin
ions of statesmen, the bombast of the jingo
and the timid utterances of the dongo have
been weighed, measured and valued. And
now the fruits of this toil, the product of this
labor are to be set before a waiting public.
There will be some reasoning and some imag
ination, some statistics and some "iiggers,"
some bombastic utterances and some conserv
ative multerings. Some authorities will be
cited, some distinguished and some abated.
There will be some air-sawing,some awkward
ness and some eloquence. But
It takes all sorts of weather
To make up a year '
And a sphere.
Wo are proud of our debaters; they have in
them the mettle that counts for good; the
solid and substantial stuff that makes men
strong and fit to brush shoulders with a hard
ened world and never flinch. They are the
men who, in the long run will impress their
communities, make better citizens and blaze
the way to better standards and higher ideals.
Long live the debating spirit of the old Uui!
The Xiiuvl Debute.
On Friday and Saturday nights of this week
will occur the long-awaited finals. On Satur
day night, the decision of the judges will de
signate the nine contestants who will represent
Nebraska in debate with Kansas, Missouri
and Colorado. There is no higher honor in
the University than to bo chosen to represent
her in one of these forensic contests. To be
chosen for the Kansas debate is regarded as
the highest honor, because she is our ancient
enemy. Two years ago our representatives,
Weaver, Qnaintanco and Ncwbranch defeated
the Kansans. but last year Baker, Denni.son
and Greene went down in defeat before the
oratory and logic of the Populists. The Kan
sas debate is to be held iu Lincoln and will be
enthusiastically supported by both city and
University. The Missouri and Colorado de
bates will be first held this year and will take
place in their respective states. From reports
received from them, our debaters can antici
pate a warm reception in both places.
The sixteen chosen from the preliminary
contests are recognized by the student body as
the cream of the debating fraternity. Some
of those men have been active members of the
debating clubs for four and five years. All
are working hard and will make these finals
the sharpest contests that have been held for
years. He who wins will deserve the laurel.
For the first time in the history of the Uni
versity, a lady is one of the final contestants.
The ratio isn't exactly 10 to 1 but it is near it
The question for Friday night is: Resolved,
that the annexation of Hawaii would bo ben
eficial to the United States. Affirmative W
F. McNaughton. G. E. Kindier, J. A.'mji'
guire, A. L. DjuI; negative, E. B. Perry F
G. Hawxby, E. F. Warner, 0. W. Meier.'
On Saturday night the question for debate
will bo: Resolved, that the United States
should construct and operate the Nicaragua