The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, March 11, 1898, Page 7, Image 5

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Material in sight. Nebraska might oasil, to
win tho championship of (ho west this your.
Rhodes of Hebron is showing up exeeplion
ully well ns an inliulder.
Rhea "Tho Midgut" is proving to bo a very
'fust outfielder. IT ho can hit as well as ho
can iiold, ho will boa strong candidate for one
of tho out fields.
'Hare and hound" and ''cross country"
runs will take place oaoh Saturday afternoon
at 'I o'clock. All students interested are
The indoor Pentathlon will occur Friday
evening, March 2."). Tho candidates aro all
doing hard training. Tho contest promises
to bo a very close and interesting one.
Dr. Hastings is receiving many letters from
western colleges and universities in answer to
his circular letter concerning the feasibility of
holding an intercollegiate athletic meet at the
trans-Mississippi exposition. Tho institutions
all heartily favor the. meet.
Tho success of the athletic annual is now
assured; W. H. Oury has boon elected man
ager, and Mr. Cutter assistant manager.
Editorial stall": R. K. Benedict, 11. D. Andre
son and Harry Swallow. Tho annual will con
tain sixty pages, twenty-four of which will be
devoted to illustrations. It will bo issued
under the auspices of tho at'llotio board, and
under the general direction of the physical
Owing to a dill'eronce in training, the two
teams compromised tho matter of rules and
played tho first half according to tho men's
rules and the second half according to Smith
rules. The Council Blufl's girls wore short
skirt costumes; tho University girls wore tho
conventional gymnasium suit. On tho whole,
tho Council Blufl's girls were of slighter build
and younger. Their team work was much
weaker than that of the University girls but
they made up in agility what they lacked in
size. The players on the Varsity team de
serving special mention aro Louise Pound,
Harriet Cook and Mario Beach. Miss Pound
threw three goals from the field, five on field
toss. Miss Cook threw one from tho field.
Miss Welch throw one from tho liold. Tho
best players of tho Council Blurts girls wore
Irma Linkoy and Stella Royer. Miss Linkoy
threw one goal from the field, one goal from
field toss. Miss Royer throw four goals from
field toss.
Tho lino up was as follows:
Corxoiii Bi.ufts. University.
Stella Royer Forward Bertha DuToil
Kittie Warner " Helen Welch
Vera, Linkoy Center Louise Pound, Capt.
Mabel Cook " Harriet Cook
Agues Spies, Capt. Guard
Mario Beach
rTiiivorwU.v GSii'ls Viol onions.
The first gaino of girls' basketball in tho
west was played last Friday night between
tho L. 1. 13. girls of Council Blufl's and tho
Varsity team of tho Uhi. Tho game resulted
in a victory for tho University girls by a scoro
of lfi to 7.
The gymnasium was well filled long boforo
tho hour by a large and enthusiastic audionce.
Tasteful decorations of the dill'erent society
and fraternity colors ornamented tho windows.
Tho patronesses woro given seats of honor in
tho north-east corner of tho building. Tho
Chancellor and other distinguished guests
were present. Tho evening's entortainment
was mado up of two games tho contests
botweon tho Council Blufl's girls and tho Uni
versity girls, and tho Whites and Reds of
Miss Barr's famous Midgets,
ISnunn Linkoy " Mario Kennedy
Substitutes, Sadie Grass, Ceandia Scott,,
Council Blufl's; Rose Long, University.
The midgets' game was played according to
Smith rules, and was one of tho most interest
ing features of tho evening. It ended in a
victory for tho Whites by a scoro of 15 to 12.
Tho following is tho lino up of those attrac
tive teams:
Whites. Reds.
Minnie Smith Forward Ade.lloycl Whit
ing, Capt.
Grace Wheeler " Lucy Griffith
Not tie Henry Center Rosa Hess
.lonnio Pentor, Capt. " Grace Broady
Mabol Dempster Guard Edith Swart.
Anna McCrosky " Bob Erford
Miss Ban acted as roforee; Miss McDiel
and W. E. Anderson woro umpires. After
tho game the players woro treated to a de
lightful luncheon, served under tho direction
of Mrs. Ogden and Miss Mae Whiting,