The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, March 11, 1898, Page 6, Image 4

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anything to do with such old scraps as those.
Just keep your oyo on the daily papers which
.spread the tidings far and wide. Students
are not all had; not all students are good; but
it must remain recorded that nearly all are
noisy. If they stop at noise merely, again
there is just a smile all around, out in the big
world. But alas.
Tun Cook.
It is Spring. A robin came up and drank
to my health between chirps out of a puddle
beside the walk; a ball hit me square in the
back while the kids yelled "foul." Ono of
rtlie kids told me ho was going to have a base
ball team of bis own. 1 suppose he will call
it the "Toddlers." Nature well. I'll leave
that to Bixby. It is the kids and their closely
allied species, the robins, who tell nin when
spring comes.
The. Athletic Hoard held a meeting last Sat
urday afternoon at which all the different
managers were present and made their month
ly reports. The report of Ceo. Hurgert, tennis
manager, showed a decided improvement in
that branch of athletics. Mr. Burger I has
given up the idea of holding an inter-stato
meet and will concentrate his cilbrts in mak
ing a success of the state tournament, in which
every college in the state is expected to par
ticipate. The tournament will bo held in
The report of the base ball committee did
not show any decided improvement in the
games scheduled. "While the members of the
committee, and also Assistant Managei llyons
who is acting as secretary of the committee,
deserve no littio credit for the vigorous man
ner in which they are prosecuting thy work,
yet they have been more or less handicapped
by the organization of the Illinois league and
the fact that our games on the eastern trip
last year were unprofitable to the entertaining
teams, and results so far are not what might
be hoped for.
The report of the foot ball manager, A. A.
Biachof, showed that he was carrying on a
large correspondence and that some games
were already scheduled. There were several
applicants for the position of Coach. A letter
to Dr. Hastings from ox-Coach llobinson makes
the latter practically an applicant for the po
sition. If possible the board will secure Mr.
The report of track manager, IS. A. Moore,
would seem to indicate a successful Held meet
('lis spring. Mr. Moore said a good track
was the thing most needed. A member of the
board suggested that one Cutter thought a
cinder track possible. His plan was to carry
a subscription list around to the business men
asking them for donations. As Mr. Cutter
oilbred his services, the board made him ofji
v.iub soli ariar.
The hoard acted favorably upon the pro
posed Athletic Annual. W. II. Oury offered
to assume the business responsibilities for one
half the profits. His proposition was accept
ed. An effort will be made to induce Will
MacKay, one of the 'OR Sombrero stall', to act
as Kditor-in-Chiof. nrsr.
The house whore Cowgill rooms has been
quarantined. Cowgill left for home between
two days. He will return within a couple of
The practice hours have been fixed for the
present from -h.'JO to 0 p. m. All candidates
for the team will be excused from drill. After
this, men wishing to practice must hand their
names to Capt. Gordon. All others will be
kept off the field. This stop was deemed ncc
cessary in order that the men who really wish
to try for the team may have a chance to
A series of games between the class teams
is being arranged to be played within the
noxt two weeks. This will enable tho men to
get a littio preliminary practice in games and
also give the new pitchers a chance to see
what they can do.
II. M. Benedict '0(5, and a member of last
year's team has been ongagod to bo the field
coach for the coming season. Ho will be with
the team three days in tho week. Tho ath
letic board showed excellent judgment in en
gaging Benedict as coach. Ho is well ac
quainted with all tho men, an enthusiastic
alumnus and abovo all ho is undoubtedly tho
fastest amateur infielder in tho state. Under
his able coaching and with tho abundance of