The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, February 11, 1898, Page 9, Image 7

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accomodations, littlo apparatus and small
financial aid our Univeisity began its exis
tence. Every year saw it grow; every year
saw it fix itself more firmly in the affections
of the people; every year saw it reach out and
take a stronger hold on the public regard.
And as it received the favor of the people of
the developing commonwealth, it gave in re
turn, an education, a liberalization, a culture
to the sons and daughters of that same com
monwealth. And so the people loved it for what it did
for them, and gave it their best without stint
or murmur.
The years went by and it grew ever strong
er, until today it is the pride of a state whose
greatest ambition is to contain an intelligent
and a cultured people. Around it is an at
mosphere of hope and ambition: in it is a
body of men striving for the best in life and
the life to come. With a faculty of earnest
men and women, and authorities whose ev
ery thought is of its progress, the University
on this Charter Day may well congratulate it
self and make merry on the deeds of the past,
the work of the present and the hope of the
future. Esto perpetua!
AJiimui Nolex.
Mr. O. 11. Bowman '94, Sup't of the Wav
erly schools was a university visitor Saturday.
Win. Grant C. E. "97 is now employed in
the B. & M. engineering office in the city.
C. E. Crownover C. E. '97 who is in the
employ of the B. & M. at Omaha, spent Sun
day in Lincoln.
J. V. Z. Cortelyou '97 teacher in the Hum
boldt schools, spent Sunday with friends in
the city.
Ada Graham 197 writes that she is enjoying
her work at Central Citjr.
At the meeting of the Civil Engineering
Club last Thursday, J. A. Sargent gave a very
interesting talk on engineering work along
the blufls of the Mississippi. The next meet
ing of the club will be held in the usual place.
Jinnm R. TTniversitv Hall, on March 3rd. Mr.
, . .
Joe Sayer will spend next Friday evening
at Wcslovan.
Mr. and Mrs. Libby of Table Rock have
registered for work in the. University this se
mester. Miss Mabel Thomas will assist in teaching
evening classes at the Graham-Taylor course
for the remainder of the school year.
The couic in Money. Banking and Bimet
allism under Prof. W. G. L. Taylor is prov
ing exceedingly interesting this semester.
The members of Dclian Society are glad to
hear that Miss Angia Kora. one of their most
popular members of last year, is successful as
principal of a school in the western part of
the state.
The University Glee and Banjo club will
give a concert at the Oliver this evening. The
club will be assisted bv Miss Marion Treat
soprano and Mrs. D. A. Campbell contralto.
The University is proud of the (flee club and
the concert promises to be well attended.
Next Sunday at 9 a. in. the Bay of Prayer
for the student bod will be observed in Deliau
hall. This is a joint meeting of the Christian
Associations and will take the place of the
regular four o'clock services. Mr. Thatcher
will lead. All students are invited.
Work on the senior class book is progress
ing. The committee is doing hard work and
an elaborate publication will probably be got
ten out. In order to make the book a siicceR"
the committee must have the interest and co
ojKiraiion of the student Inxry.
The Union Society Annual Musicallc last
Friday was well attended. Those taking
pari Mere Misses ityrtle Young, Harriet
Cooke, Weber, Nettie Young, Anderson,
Athens, Ferris, Annetle Abbott, Mrs. Chap
man and Mr. Evans. A critical report, was
received too late for publication.
J. D. Denison lias resigned as manager of
the baseball team. He has been compelled
to do this because unable to give the work
sufficient time. Lieut. Stotensburg and Fred
Kyons will take up the work where Mr.
Denison left it. As 3fr. Jtvons has been
Rnlirha.ufrli will ffive a talk on the air-lift.
pump and Mr. Iteedy will discuss Power kept in touch with the large correspondence
Pumps. Not only are the civil engineers carried on by Mr. Denison the resignation,
urged to attend but all -who are interested in will in no way interfere with the success of
engineering topics are invited to be present. base ball season of '98,