The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, January 14, 1898, Page 9, Image 9

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The reminiscences of University life iu the
late 70's by Miss Ellen Smith, given before
the Old Settlers Association, were decidty in
teresting. Miss Smith has been here guard
ing credits, frowning on 'fresh' upstarts and
coaching faculty-members for full twenty
years. Chancellors and Acting-Chancellors
have come and gone; faculties have formed
and vanished; classes have entered, and
wrangled and been graduated; buildings have
been erected; trees have grown green and
old; a hedge fence has given place to one of
iron; departments have been added; numbers
have increased from 132 to near 2,000 and
Miss Ellen Smith is still with us The one
fixture of the University structure, the one
permanent abiding member ol the student
organism. Her place is one of high honor in
all ways. All hail to the Registrar!. May
she stay another twenty!
Colloff oi'Ltnv .NoM;.
11. B. Daly '98 has re-entered the college.
Prof. Robbing organized the elasss iu Jus
tice Practice this week.
Guy W. Green '1)7 and J. D. .Smith '97
were visitors Wednesday. Thche two young
men have formed a partnership and a host of
friends wish them all kinds of success.
Dean Reese was compelled to be out of the
city on Tuesday. Prof. Robbing took charge
of the class in Blackstonc.
Married AtHoolbrook, Neb., Wednesday
Jan. 5, beach Coleman '98 to Miss Mae Mac
Fadden. The bride is the daughter of the
statesman II. W. MacFadden. The IIksimw
iax extends congratulations.
"A Hot Time" is waning. The public
heave a sigh of relief and thank Fate that the
much used and much abused carol is going.
Now and then some new-very new-young
chap rounds his lips and sends it forth to chafe
ones ears, but the species is nearly extinct.
He must be very verdant or else exceeding
young. But what a lot of company the daring
jingle has. Away back there we hear the
notes of 'Comrades,' then the strains of 'Annie
Booney,' later we consigned to everlasting
oblivion such tender gems as 'After the Ball'
and 'Two Little Girls in Blue. And now 'A
Hot Time' is vanishing. What a lot of icon
oclastic beings we are! We love a thing just
for 'a day' without the 'forever' and then the
rag heap, the scrap bag. or the measureless
region of 'forgets' becomes its place of doom.
Some jaunty jingle, easily learned and as
easily forgotten, suits the ear and then the
foolish maiden and the foppish boy, the an
cient matron and the angelic furnace-tender
all catch up the strain and the air vibrates
with the notes. But the 'Hot Time' is hardly
warm any more; it is getting cold, almost icy.
It is frigid and soon we shall add to the
pleasant 'going' the happy 'gone. '
A-miou;? i lie G reels w.
Miss Cra Kelly, Delta Gama. of Omaha, is
visiting Blanch Garten.
Miss Gertrude Wright of Schuyler, Neb., is
spending the week with the Pi Beta Phis.
J. C. Hutchinson of Muskeigau. la., was a
visitor at the Phi Kappa Psi house this week.
Fred Defrane, S. A. E.. Law '98 has been
compelled to leave school owing to trouble
with his eyes.
Ilob't Jinkins, Kappa Sigma '00 expects to
leave in about two weeks to enter the Color
ado state school of mines.
The approaching examinations have caused
great quiet among the Greeks and they will
probably lie dormant until next semester.
The Beta Theta Pi boys have decided to do
some literary work at their chapter house,
and will devote one evening a Aveek to debate
and literary work. It is their intention to
have an alumnus speak at these programs.
The active and alumni members of the local
chapter of Sigma Chi celebrated their fifteenth
anniversary, Wednesday, by initiating into
their fraternity II. D. I'tndis and E. W.
Foster. After the ceremonies of the initiation
supper was served which was made only more
enjoyable by a scries of appropriate toasts
from the alumni and active members.
The Tau Delta Omricon fraternity pledged
Charles Wray of York last Friday evening at
their chapter house 2444 P street. The fra
ternity now consists of the following members:
II. B. Noyes, A. T. Strahorn, A. A. Miller,
T. II. Kuegle, Oliver Chambers, R. D. Elliott
T. D. Lunn, P. H. Thompson, W. II. Hall,
Win. Axling and Charles Wray.
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