The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, January 14, 1898, Page 8, Image 8

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. Issued Weekly by ibe llMsraniA! Association of the University
of Nebraska.
One copy. ier college year, In ad ranee
One copy, one semester
Adtkrtisixo Katkh os Aitlicatiox
Special cndetror will be invle to make Thb IIcspcri Inter
estin; to former students. tlae sen 1 ih your subscriptions
. flubscrlpiions on our books will be continued until
ordered stopped.
Ad Jrest all conmtinicMlions to Thi HesreitiAS.
Nebraska. Lincoln. Nebraska.
does have! Wo really don' I need golden
pavement here, cedar blocks and mud make a
remarkably interesting combination.
Oratory is now in the field. "Will the stu
dent body not learn that it is one of the ele
ments of" University culture? Can college
men not see that it is one of the strong means
of future advancement and present success?
The 'grind' and the grad-grind' may be able
to let people know that they exist if they
will get themselves into the coming Oratori
cal Contest.
E B. PERRY Makacino Ekitok
V. B. EDGKKTON Assistant
I.. E. MUMPOKD - Business Manager
J. D. DEN1SON Editorial
P. G. 1IAWXBV - Debate
OEu. BUHGEKT - Fraierulih-
ii. o. surros lKl
fil'VC HOWARD WlliUiy
MUrilA CHAPPELL - Alumni
Wcelcly Ofilcmlui'.
Friday, Jan. 14. Regular Meeting of Lit
erary Societies: Palladian special program,
in Chapel, S p. in.
Saturday, Jan. 15. Regular meetings of
debating clubs; U. B. D. C. will elect oflicers.
Sunday, Jan. 10. Regular devotional
meetings of Y. W. and Y. M. C. A.
Monday, Jan. 17. One week until exami
nations begin: every 'prof.' announces that
he wishes a 'little extra time put on his sub
ject for the next few days.
Wednesday, Jan. 19. School of Music:
Fourth students' recital, Chapel 8 p. m.
And when it freezes we will grumble about
the cold in place of mud.
Manifestly the Constitutional Law class
holds to the dictum 'that this is agovernment
of Law5 and not of Lawyers.
During the past week Ifanna has been re
gularly masticated three times daily, at the
The aim of a University education is to
make thinkers. A course of training in the
Liberal Arts is intended to make liberal
minded men. Culture means toleration of
all and choice of the best. This idea of mak
ing partisans is not in accord with university
spirit or life: its purpose is rather to train
and inform that a proper choice may be made
when occasion requires. To educate means
to teach to think not to assert, to reason not
to rant, to judge not to justify, to broaden not
to narrow, and to become liberal not partisan!
Partisanship hinders development, clouds
calm consideration, restrains generous ten
dencies, and induces bigotry and dogmatism.
Let us frown on any attempt to inject parti
sanship into the current of college thought
and view every question in the light of reason
and in the way of the liberal.
Prodigies are not necessarily teachers. Be
cause a man has a three-decker brain and can
solve everything from addition to differentials
it does not follow that he can convey his
power to others or impart his mental processes
to his pupils. Teachers must have method
as well as knowledge. To grasp a theory in
Economics isn't to cause others to realize it,
to appreciate the beauty of literature isn't to
cause others to appreciate the same, to know
Greek dactyls or trigonometric formulas is
not to cause others to know likewise. We
sometimes think that teachers should be se
lected with more circumspection as to ability
to teach and less regard to ability to know.
A walking encyclopedia, or a living mathe
matical theorom won't help a student, if the
one is never opened and the other never
demonstrated. That teacher is best who
soonest makes himself useless to the student.
What an admirable street service Lincoln
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