The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, January 14, 1898, Page 6, Image 6

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crying babies, sleeping babies arc they still
carried along that pathway in endless pro
cession and placed behind a fortification of fly
netting, in the creaking cradle?
The kitchen of that house. 1 remember
how it looked one cold, dark night in winter.
The light streamed through the frosty panes
in Sparkling jets. Inside everything was one
warm glow of brightness and happiness. The
priest in slick good humor, was rubbing his
hands over the fire, which burst through the
cracks of the cook stove in glowing lines of
heat. The guests were ranged against the
wall. A bustling woman, sniffing hard and
with a great display of cambric handkerchief,
spread a strip of carpet upon the bare white
floor, for the bride and groom to kneel upon.
The heavy gold ring was a circle of the danc
ing fire light. Later, the supper, how good
it tasted! Each dish had two spoons in it, to
promote sociability or was it for some other
Then the ride home, in the crisp air; wo
passed over this same bridge on that frosty
The tallgrass by the roadside is waving
now, just as it did one afternoon when a little
boy was creeping through it. Wb en he sprang
np how it frightened the little girls, who were
coming home from school with their dinner
pales. That afternoon Bob White was perched
upon u post of tins wire fence singing his
mournful note; today he is there has he
never flown away? The colorless hay stacks,
they have been hero all these years, and there
is the same huy-eart creaking along the road.
The driver used to stop his horses and help
me clamber up upon the hay. But that was
so long ao.
Tho Frying Pun.
The inspirations of common men are the
dally meditations of great minds.
"Throned in a huge and stately chair of
Flemish oak and dignified by a doctor's gold
tasseled cap and hooded gown, President
William R. Harper of the University of Chi
cago confered degrees upon forty-seven grad
uating students of tho institution."
(Throned, dignified just as if a real man,
Bitting on a common hand-painted kitchen
Now i ifclio-tluae toTuy wlioca, 1 -4,
chair, or better, standing on the two foot God
gave him, and clothed in common garments
whose principal dignity should be that they
were clean and well fitted, couldn't have con
ferred these little extra two letters with suffi
cient imprcssiveness. Why i it that college
people are apparently last of ali to get away
from the dominion of customs that ohtained
in the middle ages, when monks clad in sable
hoods and gowns, wore the only people who
knew anything? Learning dignifies a man,
and the head of a scholar is often so fair a
sight that we know it was never intended for
a peg to hang gilded tassels on. So long as
we feel it necessary to dignify ourselves by
outside trappings, the great world will con
tinue to laugh at us and consider our little
A. B's. M. A's. and Ph. D's. as trappings
also, and will greet tis with,
'Come down out of that and show what
von five, and what vou can do."
The Cook.
ljtnrtlcot ISiill G-nmc.
Y. M C. A. 15 -Oki. fl.
Tho gnmo played last, Saturday evening between
the University und Y. M. C. A. teams was in every
way ii model one. The ten'n work was fl'oetive and
individual work was not unnoticed. On the whole
tho down town men excelled the University repre
senUilivosin harmonious team work and this fact
accounts for tlio score The play was always fast,
sometimes it was swift and again it was ftirioiib.
All tho players showed a commendable desire to
play fair and very little grumbling was hoard, It
seems to ns that the individual work of tho Oni mo'n
was piiporior hut It was weakened by hiok of team
pluy. Captain Hill did himself pioud and with pro
per defense would have made many more goals, ho
played without a foul ohargd against him. While
Story showed up to very good advantage, he had a
strong guard to block his throwR Moore played a
hard gamo hut was not overly effective, seeming to
play in a rathor purpmoloss maimer. But on the
other hind he was matched against a young qhuil
In the person of Troinpen. The Andresoi. brothers
played together very well indeed and guarded ilnoly
hut they seemed to forget tho rout of the team which
broke up team plays and made their otherwise good
work of litelo avail. For the Y. M. C. a. Captain
A Bontley proved himsolf u skilful player, while
Doguy and bowis weio not far behind. E. BentHej.
though light, was agile and played his place we'll.
Tho final championship game between the 8
o'clock and tho 5 o'clock teams was played histORrb
off. Eoot Form Store. 1 S 1 3. 0 St.