The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, December 17, 1897, Page 13, Image 13

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    TOK : flftSPiikU.V
Merry Christmas!
Misfortunes arc married.
''Credit is the bulls-eye of the; 'University.'
Ton ought to study during vacation.
Your best girl would appreciate a copyof
Uiixby 'for a Christinas present.
A genuine poet is the noblest, scarcest,
llenst a)preciatcd work of God.
Around the fireside at home,
'Released from student care.
I'll sit and tell the dear old folks
"Vliu 1 1 have done this year
TIow 1 have labored o'er my books.
And burned the midnight oil
Wo cram my intellectual nooks
With reproductive soil;
How when my class-mates soundly snored
1 'toiled the mid-night hours away.
And dug, and dug, and vied (Oh (Lord!)
With Pinkorton for P. I J. K.
'How all my money L have earned
In "slinging hash" with good intent;
II low parties, dances, 'bums" !I spurned
With not a single sou misspent
Then mother's face will quite sunpass.
The noonday sun in beamiog joy;
When father, too, will think he has
A dickens of a cultured boy.
iiavk no nnui.Aii.
I like to see a man who wears
(Locks like our John Muguirc's;
To think that Denison offered iprayers
IFor looks like John Muguirols.
frijoy to view that shaggy mane
'Which crowns a Daniel Webster brain
And only wish JMcKay could train
.Looks like our John Muguiro.
Alack, debaters speak their fears
Of locks like yours, Muguiro;
lliravo Kansas, even, bathes in 'tears
At thought of you, Muguiro
They'll tremble at your football hair.
Debating brains aud plenteous air
For t'hoy have no 'Delilah there
To roach your mane, Muguiro.
run wuvmrcu.
The weatherman Avith eara-ground.
'I as caught the coming clatter.
For mingled with the blizzard's surjv.
Is heard the eloquence of Porge.
And all the ponderous thoughts profound
That Denison may scatter;
With linkers "pose," Muguirc's "mien"
And Harry Saekott's talk machine.
And 13. F. Warner's logic keen
Confronting that of Jonas Lien:
And fifty other braves, I ween,
Such blending makes uncanny sound
That might Aeolus' self astound.
Ln l().'2 they published Shakespoare's art.
'lint never dreamed of a people so smart
As to get the meaning from every ipart.
Tint now we've got them right here at home,
And Shakespeare's secret they see alone;
For over his pages in bouyant hope
Doc Peterson's students, without a unopc.
Pore hour by hour with a 'microscope.
(UN JT iiiu iKK.'iirr?
Dose ipQys, 'dose ipo.vs
Alt saints 'retreat
Oh, let meat demmit ipoth feet.
Dislife am ,pliss von dey ,poon deadl,
Dose sch limps, dey hear dot softest Uread
Ven ever I makes dot usual gall,
'Undt pitchers in band dey tramp dorlhall
'Oiidf meet me under dor lamplight glare,
Shust like some voole dey greet me (lore;
TJuidt into dor parlor (Uy sit undt josh
l)ndt clunk dom pitchers. Shimmony gosh!
I vish dot Frondol or some such viufht
Vould got dose rascals last Saturday might;
Ven dey vroze dein vindors undt strapped dol
Dndt would not let me go home some more.
Doy host dose dables of caller's laws
L'ndt ring dor pell, undt vug dor jaws
Ihidt vow dot J must say gudt ,pye
iKight under dor lamp mit dom to eye
Pestiferous villiunsl My sorrows swell
Till 'I vish dom nil dor pangs ofveil dats all.
From Poems of Passion by Allon'Oongdon.
F. T. "Ililoywill.go 'to Plnttsmout'li HoUa'ko
ohurgo of 'the 'business end of a daily paper,