The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, September 17, 1897, Page 6, Image 6

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Morrill Geological ICvpcdil ion.
Another geological expedition, under the
direction of Prof. Harbour, was made during
the summer vacation. The purpose of the
trip being to locate new fields rather than to
collect a large quantity of specimens, it was
found to an advantage to take only a small
party. Besides the Professor and his sister
Miss Harbour, there were Mr. U. G. Cornell,
the photographer of the expedition, Mr. 0. A.
Bcitz and Mr. B. .7. Almy.
The party left Lincoln .June 28th, arriving
at Hot Springs, S. I), the following morning.
From there with a large camping outfit they
started overland for the Big Bad Lands,
which lie to the north-east of Hot Springs,
about seventy to seventy-five miles. A week
was spent around Sheep Mountain picking up
fossils and taking photographs for illustrating
geological features of the region.
The second week they drove into a more
rural like region, not so desert like, and oc
cassionally saw a house. During this part of
the expedition they gathered a large collec
tion of exceedingly beautiful barite and cal
cite crystals. Ammonities and bacculites
were found in abundance and many well pre
served shells of various kinds complete the
list of specimens collected in that region.
On July 15th they were again in Hot
licit', and Almy returning with the guide
picked up a load of petrified reeds which had
previously been collected near Cascade on the
way over, and left them at Hot Springs packed
for shipment.
Geologically one is amazed at the distinct
ness of the strata of the region traversed.
Some of the perpendicular walls showing two
or three different geological ngas with a sharp
definite boiindry batwaan an' two pariodj.
Faults, horizontal and tilted stratification,
joints, dikes, sines, anti-clines, etc. are
clearly exemplified.
A.lliloLic Outlook.
With the opening of the school year, ath
letics are seen to be in a hotter condition than
in previous years. Of course the main theme
during the present season is foot ball, but
athletic gossip and plans are not cmfin.'d to
this one branch alone.
Quite a cmsidarahlc has al randy
bacn shown in tr,i"k w rk and th?r. U talk
of arranging soma fall meets and cvanfcs to go
hand and hand with the foot kill. And this
is a .h it should be. On? division of athletics
should support another and g've a sp culling
interest to the whole.
The early foot ball practice will oiuist of
twenty and thirty minute w.irk, in iwanty-
Springs, where the' packed for shipment fivqv yard dashes, setting-up exercise and
nearly si wagon load of specimens. A second short runs of a quarter and a half mile. The
trip was 'begun the next morning, just to the main essential at present is to get the candi-
south of Hot Springs passing through the dates in steady, quick and healthy condition
once popular resort (Cascade, a rally wild and
picturesque place but now financially a ruin.
The rest of the drive was through a rolling
agriculture and grazing country until they
reached Pine Kidge and the Little Bad Ijimds.
These are found in Sioux county and are only
a miniature reproduction of the Dakota Bad
for the heavier work which will follow in a
week or two. More cm ba accomplished by
this kind of work than by putting the man
into the heavy work at once.
In track work, the one thing necessary is
a good cinder track. A good foot track means
two fifths or even a second off a dash. "With
Lands. lhn it was that the peculiar twist- the records that were made last spring, a cin-
ing "Devil's Cork Screws" were found. Four der track would demonstrate the men taking
days of hard work resulted in leaving seven- part in the event fast enough to participate in
teen of these twisted phenomena securely the Chicago mecL Tin's is what must be
packed at the station ready for shipment, worked for through the year. Meanwhile the
The abundance of these cork screws is very foot ball is the main thing, and interest and
surprising. Frequently thirty or forty can work Avill be centered about the gridiron. To
be seen projecting from the side of a hill. make a success in any one of the athletic
From this point Professor and Miss Barbour lines, it needs the full co-operation of the
and Mr. Cornell returned to Lincoln while students.
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