The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, September 17, 1897, Image 3

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Vol xxvu
No. 1
TIio "Xev I-.ocliimvji.i-. And played with all skill for the free, silver
ITo tlie kIhM (if Walter Scott, I'cnce !1 Clip.
0, young Lochinvar is come out of the west., They looked at the scores, and it caused tlicm
JMong all the skilled servers her skill is the to sigh,
IjRSt: But ft smile's on her lips, no tears in her eye.
And, save her good racquet, she allies had Sho took the first cup, no Miss A. could bar.
110n(S "The other one also," quoth young Lochinvar.
She came unannounced; and she stood all f, ,, . . , , ,
- ( So rytlnnic her strokes and so steady the pace
-, ,. , . , ' , . . That never a court such a lady did grace:
So learned in lore and so win-some in war, .ri .. ,, ,.,,... , ,
. i i Ti T i While the women did fret and the men thev
Tliere never was lady like young Lochinvar. ,.., , J
J " did fume,
She staid not for names, and she stopped not And each game brought nearer the enp and
at fame. the plume;
She came from the west-land all lit for-the And the maidens all whispered, "Twere bet
game; ter, by far,
And, when she alighted at Kenwood Club If Chicago but homed the brave Lochinvar."
The ball she sent back, though sometimes a
No mortal foretold whatgood fortune did wait;
But no laggard in skill, or Craven in war
Could win tlu white cup from young Loch
invar. So boldly she entered the Kenwood Clubhall,
Pound-ed swift through the air, with a sizzle
and siss.
The match was near ended; but one ball to
Among east-folk and south-folk and Chic- And swift as an arrow it sped on its way.
folk and all:
It is won! and the cup will be carried afar,
Then spoke the director, his pencil in hand, And "I'm coming next year," quoth young
Have ye come to play tennis?" Ins surly
Have ye come from Nebraska; from Lincoln
There was mourning 'inong folk of the Ken
wood Club Clan;
Craven, "Winier and Atkinson tearful and wan:
To be downed by our skilled-ones?" 'Quoth There ymH rem.h)g m)d tjnrin& ,mt
young j.uiamiviu you flml m
"1 came to play tennis; the fact's not denied; The lost cup of Kenwood they never will see.
Prom the land of Nebraska, niy skill to be So learned in lore and so win-some in war
tried, Have ye e'er heard of lady like 3Toung Loch-
To play with your players, to win or to lose, invar?
Though to win is the fortune J cannot but Hal Kyoxiuk.
choose." w T J3hn0I.t. uHi 8JKJllt llis 8umiI10l. at
-There are cups in your cupboards I'd carry ,)()me proacaiilg at Slwling nn(1 UL Zi(m (m
,' . . . . alternate Sundays. He was a speaker at fflie
To.a new liome an Lincoln,- said young J(ll1WM Gounty S)jnday m ,C(mvon(i(m
Lochinvar, and the Baptist association at Vesta. Hois
The ..guage was 'thrown 'down; Lochinvar took now standing up for Nebraska at (Rochester
it up, Tlieological Seminary, Rochester, N. Y. '