The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, March 12, 1897, Image 3

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Vol. XXVI.
Not as the prisoner toils
In slow unspoaking siloneo at his task,
But freemen at our work;
We know the pile wo rear and fashion high
And send the word between tlio hammer blows
Katiiakinb Mumcic.
Often times, I would see their fingers slip
round the handles of their swords mid
grasp them tight and yet they know it
not; that muchl could tell from the look
on their faces. All this made me shiver
and look around ovor my back.
Tt was on the morning that father ami
I had gone into the wood to cut logs that
thoy might dry for the winter lire. Tho
The Stroke of Uhard.
It was in tho bad time when Howard
had just diod and loft ovflrvf.liinor nnof
tlO'.l. The yoars before this had "flown air was frosty and my collar burnod cold
last and in the country about thero was ou mv nGGK and it bothered me when I
o lighting as thero has boon ever since, swung my ax. 1 laid not yet grown used
Only some fretted iu their castles and to ifc? though father said I would soon ;
wished those good times ovor. and I could not help thinking of those
WllPll lift flinrl imcn ,1 ,...!, i.1. " i whn rlirl unf. Mrotiv f.linvn mi, I i.l,n AXA ,t.
--- v..v.vt, uiiuou umutt, lliUIUSULVOS " "" VL"-'- "vu " -" ""' cum tvuu UlUllUb
nnk at tho news and piled their swords
gh on tho table to be polished and
nrow their armor clanging on tho floor
!.b0 ,resh scoured. Even their horses,
w told about, neighed at it, but of this
wst I cannot suoni.- ,;!, ..j.- .4...
uuiv iyiiiu uuniuuiuy.
have to chop.
Just before we finished the second tree,
father broke his ax and must go to tlio
castle and make anew handle for it. "i
will finish before he comes back," I
thought, and thought al.-o of his praise.
" hether my master fook it ill or well J worked until tho collar becamo wet and
cannot say for ho is a silent man and warm. I struck harder and deeper than
KMmil'n ,.. . .. ... . ...
at any timo tnac morning and at last tlio
treo foil crashing down.
spoalvs not ovor nnmh ' Wi,, n. ...,
t w death came to his ears he said
10tl'Wi, although the muscles grew tight
ly fllC0, L SfUV thi th wholo
thoUhe hall; for I sat with the rest
, 80 who wore tho collar.
llio week that followed was a strange
XJ I LI I tKlllllflM ri I I A1 .-.... ...
Not knowing which tree must next
como down, l seated myself behind a
clump of bashes and wiped tho sweat
froji my collar, for J. did not want it to
froozo there and make my neck sore.
f had boon sitting beneath tho bushes
1 . awiuuu uiieci witn somo J naa uooii sitwug uuuuaui uio uusnos
oppressive. I could not toll what a few moments when 1 hoard oil; among
- -' i was youngonly fourteon-
TUn WOni th0 h''01, " a year.
,. tulh01' Save no answer to ,v ,,,,.
HiM.r, w--- ww '"'oivin uu my ques
l,08.Un(l, . :,, A, ,.
waiting lor something
the troos, voices. I did not know whom it
mighc be so I drow down beneath the
bushes to hide as much- of myself as
The persons stopped at the other side
of the clump and wont on with their talk.
.Mtit'l... ii. .
locn.H S tJftPtn,s talked much of the clump and wont on with their talk.
. 0(,t'lGr HI loW in II IK! n.,,-1 ..I . . I 1 4t...,i.i,-li tlw ill, -1,1 iM-iim..!..,! ......
at0 Oeoiu,toi' on the road his men would my master and two other men. I had
1' uimliskm and we would listen too. never seen either of them, but at the