The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, February 12, 1897, Page 5, Image 5

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5. L. Q. Oratorical Contest,
Tho student body who are interested
in oratory turned out to hear the fourth
annual Senter Lehmer Quaintance eon
test. A number of good musical select
ions were rendered which gave variety to
the program.
Mr. J. P. Cameron was the first speak
er. He took for his subject "Capital
Punithment Should be Abolished." He
showed that the effect of the different
modes of capital punishment have in
creased instead of redu ing the number
of crimes. Mr. Cameron is a clear,
forcible speaker, although he seemed
rather hurried.
Mr. G. E. Ilager appeared at his best
on the subject of "Municipal Reform."
Ho believes that the way to reform our
city government is to begin at the pri
maries and not allow the slugs and
bums to name the candidates. Respec
table citizens remain at home during the
primaries and then complain of the party
tickets. Mr. Hager has the prime
ivquisitcs for an orator, both in delivery
and manuscript.
"un" was the subject chosen by Mr.
Or. Kinton. He brought forward the
mea that there is fun in everything we
(to with satisfaction to ourselves. A man
vuo has no fun in him therefore is a
mMco to the world and should be
l";j"i itli accordingly,
llii' judges gave Mr. Hager first and
w. Umeron second place.
?lon lll one Palladian boy was sur-
l"isei. lasi week when ho received notice
j.ll for his lady, Friday evening, at
m ,7 street. Some weakly constituted
outh inquired of an older Pall, what it
weunt! Tho older youth looked suspic-
a- ooino comparisons were made.
J toy was to call at 7:19 another at
J-.1. A scries of caucuses followed.
WKor was the only boy who failed to
' "conspiracy. He went alone
The Junior and Senior girls
of the society had planned a brief social
affair at the home of Miss Nettie Phil
brick. Light refreshments were served.
After this, adjournment was taken to
Palladian Hall. The literary program
was of unusual merit.
The Senior class held a meeting last
Friday and elected officers for the last
time as a university organization. The
following were chosen: President, Frank
Philbriek ; vice-president, Chas. Conover
secretary, Georgia Camp; treasurer, Eva
O'Sulivan. A committee consisting of
Mes&ers Manley, Alexander, DoBrava,
Misses Camp and Wort were elected to
write a play to bo given by tho class on
Class Day.
Concert Y. M. C. A. Glee Club at
the city Y. M. C. A. Building, Saturday
evening, Feb. 20. Admission 25 cents.
Seats may bo reserved at the city Y. M.
C. A. building for 10 cents extra.
Watch for the adv. of Perkins & Shel
don which will soon appear in these
columns. Meanwhile call around and
try our shoes and you'll never leave us.
1129 0 street.
The check room is steadily gaining in favor.
Miss Lillio limner of West Point, is visiting her
Mrs Manning's class in elocution will give a reci
tal Feb. 17
The Electrical Engineers are making great prepar
ious tor llieir Courier Uaj exhibit.
Prof Fossler lectured at Ulyses last Friday on
some of his European travels.
Tho class in beginning Germun under Miss
Chamberliu has foi tj members.
Prof Luokey will lecture next week at Indianap
olis before the National Teacher's Association.
Freshmen, unclassed and preparatory students
will receive tickets to President Carter's oialion
Friday afternoon.
The Junior Promenado takes place Friday ovo
iiing, F. b ltf All arrangements insuring its success
liuve been made.
Tho young ladies' advanced "gym." class will give
an exhibition game of basket ball on Monday for
ihe edilication of the legislators.
Tho Y. M, and Y. VV. C. A. will giro a reception
at the city Association Building next Saturday eve
ning Everybody is invited to bo present.
The winners of the prizes for the Junior annual
story were, Miss Lucy lireen, rirst, and Mr. J. A.
Sargent, second. For tho poem, Mv.h.b. Piper,
first, Mr. Guy Green, second.