The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, February 12, 1897, Page 10, Image 10

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T HE H E S lJ K K 1 A N
Comfort to California.
Every Thursday evening, a tourist
sleeping car for Salt Lake City,
Francisco and Los Angeles leaves Omaha
and" "Lincoln via the Burlington Route.
It is carpeted ; upholstered in rattan ;
lias spring seats and backs and is pro
vided with curtains, bedding, towels,
soap, etc. An experienced excursion
conductor and a uniformed Pullman por
ter accompany it through to the Pacific
While neither as expensively finished
nor as fine to look at as a palace sleeper,
it is just as good to ride in. Second-class
tickets are honored and the price of a
berth, wide enough and big enough for
two, is only $5.
For a folder giving full particulars,
call at the B. & M. depot or city office,
corner of 10th & 0 streets.
Geo. W. Bonnell,
0. P. & T. A.
The Leading Hatter & Furnisher
A complete assortment of Hats, Caps,
' Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Neckwear,, Un
derwear, Hosiery, etc., at popular
prices.-- mk
io pr. ct. Dis. to Students. 030 0 St
Barber Shop and Bath Rooms
Special Rates to Students
W. A. MILLER, : : : : :
J 22 North nth Street. Richards Blk.
Nebraska Pants
uit Company
1217 O St. West Half of Trunk Factory
Pants to order $3.50, $4, $5 and up
Suits, $18, $20 and up
Cloaking, Overcoating and Vesting
Goods'by the yard.
All work first-class and guarantees!
A Wonderful Advance in Mandolin Making.
The Now 18!)7 Washburn Mandolin is creating a
pbrfect furor among artists and amateurs It is so
far ahead of any mandolin ever heretofore con
structed that it never fails to awaken the most en
thusiastic encomiums, and expressions of surprise
mingle with the praise, for the new Washburn man
dolin fait ly over steps the lino of expe tut ion, arid'
With its rich melow tone mat ks out a field of its
own. How the makers of the Washburn achieved
this triumph is an interesting story It seems that
a year ago they began a series of experiments hav
ing in vjew the production of a mandolin tone liner
than anything the world hud yethiard. First, nil
the experts in their employ were called u on for
idas and designs. Then, having gotten a special
studio tilled with plans and models, invitations were
sent out to prominent mandolin playeis, tiaeliers
and connoisseurs to nssi t in the work. Expense
was notspai'fd Some of the most valuable ideas
came from th. great mandolin solo sis such men
as Toniaso. Shadier, Welis, Hest, Sutorius Hazen,
Ronton, Turney, Page, etc , etc , and it is hardly too
much 10 say that nearly ill the available mandolin
talent of the country contiibuted something to the
new 1807 Washburn Model Mondolin .S today it
stands upon a pinacle raising a new standard of
mandolin excellence. Fr tlm tmie it has) been be
fore the pul lie its sales are phenomenal. A beauti
ful new catalogue (fully illustrated) telling more
about this mandolin, and alto giving full particulars
of the I8i7 models of Wahburu guitars, banjos and
zithers, mar bo had by addressing Lyon & Healy,
Chicago Chicago Musical Times.
Mfht -thh.'.ff nvs.'vr rmtvM'nnri ji
!4?Ss2s.'i2V" iu
Why PoYWplYr aUSUiam
Wo Home is Really Complete
WltUoHt a new 1897 Model
Prices have Tccn scaled down as res nit of the
Washburn's enormiumpopularity so that no w
enn buy a Bcnulne -Washburn of the very latest aesis
From $15.00 Upward.
The new Wailibnrn Mandolin is a JUegw
ure from former styles. It ,s the neatest, da in"J
and llchtest Mandolin Imaginable, and "stone v
imnche, very neat tolhat of ane W Crem
11 n. WafcUiiuniH are m.uI Jtii-a yl" .
prices by all "rst-class n.uslc dealers every W'lere
ahlihurnsarethe iickimwledRedftan aroo 1
world. 1 Ley are used exclusively by the !"",
Artibth, Teachers -and Glee Clubs. 0r nw 10O
burn catalogue containing portraits of over x
Artists, mid full Information, Pr'cu'iSion.
etc., will be sent free on recefpt of -a Pt" cat o n.
your local dealer cannot supply, V" S-minatlon,
Washburns C. O. D. wlllt privilege of examinauui ,
direct from the factory.
A Washburn improves yltit jff ;"!
CHft that Increases In fe asthe yew E u
It Is really worth maHy times ?ts cost.
Center Wabash Ave. adAiw St., CfclcsE
! n
rmitfdiMmii, H