The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, February 05, 1897, Page 9, Image 9

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Bixby's Retreat.
Before slates were invented the human
race multiplied on tho face of the earth.
Congdon: Say, Charlie, why does true
love grow cold?
Taylor: Well I suppose it's "because
'Love never found its earthly close.'
He burrowed deep into his history notes
Those gems from Thucydi.jes, Ranke and Grote
And as 1 stood over his working-bench tlierc
1 could hear midst the leaves his low muffled swear.
Still deeper lie went the night was far spent
But this martyr persistent dared not to relent.
All sileni now, hush, tread softly, speak low
For that huy hive is a sepulchre now.
IVaee to his ashes he paid learning's price
He's playing his noies up in Paradise.
Who had a dream a dream of fame?
Speaker Gaflin.
Aud vowed to earv.s himself a name?
... Speaker Gafliu.
lio shook dull slumber from his eyes,
Aud roused himself in statesman gufeu
r legislation. Webster- wise?
.. ., Speaker Gaflin.
ttliodipp,.d his quill in Diamond dye?
M. . . . Speaker Gaflin.
Mixed with a quart of Lewis' ljo?
,. . Speaker Gaflin.
jo write a pass-word to the pit
J'Tfoot-hall and the friends of itV
holl puss his mongrel measure, nit?
Speaker Giifliu.
And now it appears, some reformer
out at Uathany has begun to rail against
me student practice of tossing.
1 wore a neighbor of that man
"" half a dozen to "lend a'hau''
J wouldn't do a thing but toss Hum
TiU !" mM thiH h uud mHh and -roar,
V n, 1', I,feMf curth Ivum H,, shorn,
e t ,o tulUu i tllB Jlbl. nm.c or lbe,doorV
Uiilii and Vulcan having a war?
Aie w i fl mom,B roavnR 00.eV
J.;aKatts5opl.yr passing o'er?
a . of meteors downward pour
' a l" let loose on the second floor.
T used to wish that I were rich
And owned about half a town,
But now IM be a Senior girl
And look so sweet in cap and gown.
Notes From Other Colleges.
Harvard won the annual debate over
The Senior Laws of Yale College have
adopted regulation Senior caps and
Chapel attendance is compulsory one
day of each week at the university of
It is a singular fact that no college in
all England publishes a college paper,
while over two hundred American col
leges publish periodic journals.
The tendency some of our exchanges
exhibit of becoming semi-professional by
the reckless use of electrotype matter
should be combatted. Crimson White.
Arrangements are being made to or
ganize an inter-collegiate basket ball lea
gue, the colleges exjpeeted to be repre
sented being Harvard, Yale, U. of P.,
Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown,
Amherst, Swarthmore, and the Univer
sity of Chicago. Vidette Reporter.
The winner of the recent oratorical
contest at Wabash College has been
found to have plagiarized one of Dr. Ly
man Abbott's sermons. But he won on
the point of delivery, the judges having
marked him down on composition and
thought. He is to be expelled, but the
judges are beyond discipline. Cornell
Daily Sun.
This ' 'effect" is recommended to be
ginning students in English Literature.
Prep, (young, but observing) "Say,
is there any place where you can got post
age stamps without going way down to
tho post office?"
Lordly senior. ' 'Why the Co-op keeps
Prep. "Yes, but you have to pay
three cents apiece forthexn, dont you?
V .-
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