The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, January 08, 1897, Page 9, Image 9

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F II W li K S P F K I A N
Iiixby ' s Rctrca t .
Happy Now Year!
11 T will fight it out on. this lino if it
takes all summer." Grant.
"L am not now and novor have boon
afraid of a f rat." Miss Bullock.
Kansas Anticipation.
Im l)i)iuul lo be :in orator,
Ami cause an agitation;
And set the world Hiiro, or haVe
A similar conflagration
I'll lie renowned I'or my big words,
M,y large syllabilicatioti;
And take the crowds by storm because
I've a liie art iciilation,
With gestures wild I'll saw the air,
And p.irt tliH winds asunder;
I'll make all people woc.p, or swear
As I buleli forth my thunder,
If I but have, a chance to work
My dear enunciation,
I'll out do all tho Knglish Profs,
And captivate the Nation.
Caution -Kuiuiliarize yourself with a gas meter
In-fore you M-ml in y(,ur next brilliance,!
An open letter to tho stilt legislature
Dear Sir: -l have jnst learnorl that you
are in session, ,m us vou aro ti10 doctor,
Plwisnlistpii. I wish to catalog some of
Hi" nei'ils (.foir school house Now J.
i) ii M' h i I) Hui obliged to wear that
sif sinihi for over three years; Pinkor
mi's patronizing pose is phivod; Olom
,,,l' wjiHllo is still wilh us; l)r. Clark's
'll'"1 s"ii is frayed at the edges; Mie stops
1, l' -hnpi stage are worn to splinter;
l, I'otloiiis luivo dropped out of several
01 Hv- Wolfe's potsehemes; Prof, liam
'"' "ustomary greeting is odd and
11 "less; ami unless rolicl' comes soon
Miss h,,1MS' lmtilim5(J wi bu oxi,austed.
KUyKiuiit the budget as asked for
W an added touch of generosity in
,,lr Apartment" and immortalize
yonrMvos in thoeyesof your constituents
and 'nil'.'
(' I always loved t7.7si.ool ma'am,
" tl'i' bring us joy .mch yom-;-
ut I
nive to say in candor
'"'''f'''' "in ..wti girls here
"I'was Nkvkk This.
Tho reading-room is crowded now
While I to chapel hie.
The chapel seats are empty and
I heave an inward sigh
To think of forms that yet survive
Long after spirits die.
At the dairyman's exhibit,
(Where our soldiers swiped the cheese)
There was said a quaint decision--You
may hear it if you please,
l'or those wise and august judges
There this briet decision utter:
"Know ye, friends, a William-goat is
Our only honest butter."
Prize stories and poems for '1)8 Som
brero must be handed in by dan. 13.
A. S. Harding addressed the teacher's
nsssociation at Union, Nebr., this week.
.1. V. Searson was to have given the ad
dress but, owing to lack of time, was un
able lo fill the appointment.
Friday night the Dolians will devote
half their time to Inaugural exorcises and
tho rest to a miscellaneous program.
Thoro will be some special music
University Gym. Shoes 72c a pair
during our J ofr sale.
Foot Form Store, 1213 0 St.
Comfort to California.
Every Thursday evening, a tourist
sleeping ear for Salt Lake City, San
Francisco and Los Angeles leaves Omaha
and Lincoln via the Burlington Koute.
Jt is carpeted; upholstered in rattan;
has spring seats and backs and is pro
vided with curtains, bedding, towels,
soap etc. ' n experienced excursion
conductor and a uniformed Pullman por
ter accompany it through to the Pacini
coast. . . , ,
While neither as expensively finished
nor as fine to look at as n palace sleeper,
it is just as good to ride in. Second-class
tickets are honored and the price oi a
berth, wide enough and big enough tor
two, is only f).
For a folder giving full particulars,
,.H at tho Ii. & M. flopot or city ollicc,
(.on,er of 10th & 0 streets.
(ro. W. Bonnki.u
('. P. &' A.