The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, December 10, 1896, Page 7, Image 7

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He Went to Chapel.
A wicked special siudo ut wont to chapel
the other morning. After this, ho will
go right along. EIo sat on tho oast side
of the gallery ; and during tho opening
piano number, ho saw some very graco
sul Dolsarto exhibitions in tho back rows
below. Four young ladies arranged tho
hair of four others before tho daily selec
tion was read; and before tho prayer was
delivered, three moro graceful girls fol
lowed suit. Ten girls untied and tied
and coaxed and petted a dozen or moro
ribbons on ihe dresses of thoir adjacent
neighbors while a professor was reading
a Psalm. Throe very pretty littlo girls
lay back and rested in tho loving arms of
their friends. AH but, five girls in throe
different rows whispered and giggled
during all the service except tho singing;
then they all really sang. They wore so
wondrous happy in thoir innocent pleas
ure that it seemed cruel to interrupt their
plny-timo with tho hymn and to abso
lutely bring it to a close with the "Anion."
There was a gradual lino of domark
ntion in behavior somewhere about the
midele of the chapel; but tho Special was
not enough of a geomotrican to trace it.
"huttteruel thing it would be if some
'"orningthe front-row girls should fill tho
back seats. Tho first should bo last and
the last should bo first. Some day tho
opeeial is going to sit on tho west sido of
thK"ery. Aimnm.
Nov. Huck, an evangelist, led chapel
Wostorueld, tho student's harbor, 117
tN loth,
Te P. B. D. 0. will discuss tho method
electing U. S. senators Saturday even-
JNe U. B. I). o. lmg selected the fol
ding representatives for thoir first do
1 withDoano: Barr, Eager, Kuhlman
u,,(1 & A. iNToior.
Tho judges chosen for tho final prelim
inary dobato arc Professors Caldwell,
Wolfo, Adams, Langworthy-Taylor, and
Dean Reese.
The Gleo Club concert announced for
Dec. 14 has been indofinatoly postponed.
Tho club may givo a concert at Nebraska
City next week, Friday.
Tho first and second basket-ball teams
of tho eight o'clock division had an ox.
citing game in the gymnasium Tuesday
evening, resulting in a score of 14 to 24
in fa voi' of the first team.
A. S. Harding explained the source
method to the teachers at Weeping Wa
ter, and J. V. Searson discussed tho
same subject before tho Lancaster Co.
teachers, Saturday.
Notice was recently put up in classical
alcove to the offect that those desiring to
practice cooperative study would find bet
tor accommodations in the chapel. Some
students scorn to have mistaken 'coopera
tive' for 'coeducational.'
The Seniors met Friday and recom
mended tho following names to the Chan
cellor from which to select a commence
ment orator: Edward Everett Halo,
Woodrow Wilson, Robert Collyor, Ham
ilton Mabio, Jeremiah Jenks, James W.
Gleed and Reuben Gold Thwaites. Tho
Chancellor expressed himself as very
much pleased with these selections and
ho will undoubtedly respect tho wishes
of tho class in the matter.
On Monday Secretary Allen received a
list of five questions from tho K. U. Do
bating Association, from which the ques
tion for tho Kansas-Nebraska debate was
to bo chosen. Our debaters selected the
following: "Should it be tho policy of
the U. S. to extend her boundaries."
Tho Kansas boys have tho choice of sides.
This question is an old friondof ours. It
has figured in all our preliminaries thus
far and Baker has disscussed it every
voar since ho came to the University.