The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 12, 1896, Page 9, Image 9

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obtained a severe drubbing at her hands.
Our boys aro in splendid form, however,
and by Thanksgiving will be able to put
up a very fine article of foot-ball. The
Omaha game will undoubtedly be a good
one this year and a" large delegation
should go up and cheer the boys on to
Lost the Kansas Game.
scour. 18 to 4.
Nebraska kicks oft and the ball is re
turned a short distance. Then a stretch
of see-sawing took place and Nobraska
owns the ball. Two kicks are blocked
by Kansas. Nebraska gets the ball and
w forced to punt again. The ball is
stopped on our one yard by n jayhawkor,
and Bonn the Indian half-back is pushed
over and goal kicked.
After the kick-off the Kansas guards
worked the tandem buck for twenty
yards audi hen losi. Thorp kicks but
we soon -,. the ball on downs. Ends
get on side for th. quarter kick. Wig
ghisgets tin. ball ami makes our one
touchdown. Thorp punts out for a try
t goal but the ball is not caught. -Kansas
six, Nebraska, four.
Kaiwn, kicks off and Nebraska takes
"all to foriy ynrd line and time is called.
At the kick-off Thorpe carries the ball
I j?1' thi,t' yrd Hne. Nobraska punts.
j Mnsns man jumps into the air after
2 but is petted a little by. Dungan
1 Poiu, falls on the ball. The Laur-
nce .man Hainis he was trying for a fair
a ,!i( lrhe iicial os Kftsas the
I and fi toon yards. Hero's where the
v2fl m ?H' Bflftn now s tY
W ,,11U,l1thePs and goal isdueked.
" Sl's l 1 by twelve to four.
tuudl kiek"off' thw rds piyi
ball to i, Lho,'P Pul' Kansas rushes
M, venteen yard line and loses
again. Thorpe punts. Then by plung
ing they slowly work to another touch
down and goal. Score; eighteen to four.
Kansas now does most of her work on
end plays but no more points are made.
By agreement, the halves at Kansas
City were only twenty-five minutes. Ne
braska took the south goal and the wind.
The Medics kick off, Thorpe runs back
a few yards with the ball and then punts.
The doctors phing awhile and then give
over the ovoid. Wiggins makes fifteen
yards on a cross buck but loses the ball.
Medics advance ball to our five yard line
and then lost. Nobraska punts, and the
Medics take the ball at the center. They
plunge for a few yards, lose, and Thorpe
punts again. Ball goes over the line,
Medics put it down, touch-back. After
the ball is brought to the twenty-five
yard line, Nobraska makes one play and
time is called. No score.
Nebraska kicks off and the Medics
make a good run back. They lose on
end runs and give us the ball. We ad
vance a few yards and punt and the doc
tors do ditto. Thorpe makes a free
catch. Soon after the kick we get the
ball again. See-sawing is the order of
the day, and we get to the fifteen yard
lino. Thorpe gives Turner's signal but
his (Turner's) opponent is on to what's
up and grabs Turner. The official sees
the foul and gives us ten yards. Five
yards to make. A fumble is made and
the ball bounces back- to Whipple who
carries it over the line. Shedd kicks
There. is one-half .minute left to play.
The Medics make two rung and get a
touchdown but I fail goul.&Thore. was
much dissatisfaction, over allowing the
touch-down as even one line up, and run
would take much more time than was
. I