The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 05, 1896, Page 6, Image 6

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School of Music Notes.
Miss Ethel Beattie received n visit from
her mother last week.
Miss Ethel Gillespie is one o'f tihe re
cent students at the school.
A concert will be given in tihe near
future, in the First Congregational
church under the auspices of the School
of Music for the benefit of one of its mis
sions. The next students .public recital will be
-given in the chapel Wednesday evening
yaw 11th.
A 'Halloween party was given by Mrs.
Kimball to the ladies residing i ri the
school of music and some invited friends.
A jolly evening was spent in festive
games and pleasures appropriate to the
MMie second term of the school of mu
sic commences a week from next Monday.
The subject for T. V. 0. A. sTov. 8th
will 'be'Lake T4uneva Echoes.
lt the (lo-op, a second hand iPulegram
'bicvcle good as new. $'25.
4l"the subscription money is in'henvay
rjustgive it to the Business Manager.
'(Jan you get good board at 'Boomers
club for $'2.00? Gome and see. 52'4 N
12th street.
Maritin, for sonic reason which 'he're
fuses to divulge, wore a yellow ribbon
election day.
The Pall. Boys will meet as usual iiiuxt
'Saturday night. ("Jome out and holp'de
'bate. They will interest you.
Messrs. Kyle, Taylor, Bishop, "Sloan
and Win. Moore wont to their homes in
Iowa to vote for the next president and
see the fun.
There will be a meeting of the Ouuiha
club in Room H, University Hall ut 1
o'clock Friday, 'Nov. 0. Vory 'impor
tant. New students 'from Onuihu as well
as old members attend.
SeventyJfive cents iptfys 'for 'tihe Hks
pbutas from now uritil the 'end of the
We regret very much that the Delian
'Political'Program 'bulletined 'foHlast week
was not given, as it'promisedto'be some
thing novel and entertaining.
Miss Maud Shaw and Mr. Eugene
Sherman were united in marriage at the
home of her uncle R. ID. Shaw, 1705 I)
street. Chancellor Mac Lean performed
the ceremony Sabbath afternoon. Mr.
Sherman graduated from the TJni. iu
1895 and is now principal of tlhe Fairfield
Prof. "The (Greeks, you know, used
the lyre and other stringed instrument
for soft, soothing rnusio, but the cornet
was only used for harsh strains. When
over I pass a church and hearthe cornet,
I feel that it is not appropriate at all."
Then followed a sever roast on those
who play the cornet in church. "Don't
you agree with me Mr. A."
Mr. A. "Why -or you. see 1 play
Uthat instrument mvself in church."
'Prof. "Oh!
(Biivby Revives.
1 wish I wore ujpnff,
I do
'His pationcois not trieii,
liswill i.s tiftt cldfiutt, "
'Hi!hus Ills way in livtirybluasuil 'thing.
!1 wish'Iwurti uipnff,
'Yon sc,
For lio
'Novurihns to dig
'InPssyihnoryit in UH'ig
Nor 'takes history unilurDocHoHFiing.
I winh'I wtn iwpnff
For (lion
IM A ni uhtipol tiinu
(l'xuii8it my luok of rhyiuu)
Thftro un alwayw vacant chairs upon'thuv:Hugo
I wishlIwuru at prof
'At ItlKt
'For pitHl
'His every immmI of ploanro
UtAia'for'hlin to inuuqurti
Tito .jokeH hiilf grown UtuMU nit him on sHiih
hrigllt anil brilliatiUpifge,