The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 05, 1896, Page 5, Image 5

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about Mr. Leo. You know it isn't in
keeping with the dignity of a full grown
college paper to say nasty things about
such a gentleman as we know Mr. Lee to
bo. You shouldnt do it, even if your
team did score through our porky playing.
But wipe away those bitter tears; and
you'll learn better bye and bye.
vVesleyan had plenty of raw material,
decidedly raw- but if they hire Frank
Crawford again next year, he may turn
out a manufactured article that can play
f tot-ball instead of playing lhaby." We
showed raw material too; but the Theo
logists out-vied us in that line by a ratio
of IS to 8.
Our boys go into the Kansas game as
we have gone into many others handi
capped by several slightly injured men
who will play gritty foot-ball. The boys
are going down to Kansas to play the
jnii. hul it will be a hot fight for them.
Burts, a law school man, has been
playing at loft half this week; and he
bucks well. Hois just a little slow on
Thursday, Nov. 5, the Butte team
passed through. They were expecting a
guiiK with us; but for Mome reason, we
don't seem to be able to play them. Not
that wo don't want the game; but we aTe
loing a rushing business and it is hard
to tind a day for them. They are stal
wart looking fellows; and Budd Jones
play's right tackle. Budd is one of their
most etheriai men, but he plays the same
aid game. It seemed good to have him
tfivo one of those angelic smiles of his
nl crush our hand in his dainty white
The Junior-Senior foot-ball game will
probably bo played next Wednesday p. in.
'Hie lineup has not yet been fully decided
but will probably be something as fol
Bliss loft end Pillabury
Moore loft tackle Rickets
Ferot left guard Amnierson
Stolson center Rheagtiu
Cushman right guard Jargesou
Mueller light tackle Doubrave
l.'oroy right end Shrove
Morrison quarter Hedge
McKay, Capt right half McMichael
Reedy left half Kuhlmau
Kiudlcr full back Saxon
Laboratory Echoes,
The meeting of the Nebraska section
of the American Chemical society last
Friday evening was well attended. ' In
teresting papers were read by Rosa Bouton
and T. L. Lyon.
Word was received at the University
Saturday Mr Samuel Avery of the
Chemical department had passed the ex
amination at Heidelberg, Germany for the
degree of doctor of Philosophy multo
cum laude
The following was cabled to the now
doctor Saturday evening.
Lincoln, Oct. 81, '9b
T. L. Lyon
Benton Dales
Rosa Bouton
John White
R. S. Hiltner
Ada Quaintance
H. C. Parmaleo
C. H. MacLean
H. H.. Nicholson
Mary Fossler
Martin Hiltner
R. VV. Thatcher
G. W. Heinrod
E. (J. Elliot
Watch for the red light on the Qui.
next Saturday night.
You can't get better $2.00 board in
the city than at Boomer's club, 524 N
12th street.
Over the rostrum in Bohannon's hall
last Tuesday night hung a banner in
scribed Bryan Silver Veteran, enlisted for
life. Among those under this banner
wore Otto Wm. Mair and brother, Mr.
Burleigh, Mr. Pierson and others promi
nent in Bryan's campaign.