The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, October 01, 1896, Page 6, Image 6

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The Observatory.
Last commencement Chancellor Mae
Lpuii urged very strongly Iho necessity of
a more effective means of leaching as
tronomy in the university and live hun
dred dollars were voted to erect a tem
porary observatory. Five hundred more
were added to the amount by reason of
the weather depart nont's furnishing the
university with a printing press. With
this amount the present building has been
erected. The observatory has three
rooms, ono for tho telescope, one for the
transit and ono which will be Prof.
Swe.ey's study. For the present a four
inch telescope now in the possession of
the university will bo used; but Prof.
Swe.oy is having a first class transit in
strument made in Germany which he
will put in as soon as possible. The ob
servatory will also be fitted with a irood
time piece, probably a chronometer.
Prof. Swezoy has two classes in Astron
amy. one in general and tho other in
practical astronomy. Tho observatory
will be used mainly by those classes.
Co tn fort to California.
Fvory Thursday morning, a tourist
sleeping car for Salt Lake City, San
Francisco and Los Angeles leaves Omaha
and Lincoln via the Burlington Route.
It is carpetod; upholstered in rattan;
has spring seats and backs and is pro
vided with curtains, bedding, towels,
sonp, etc. An experienced excursion
conductor and a uniformed Pullman por
ter accompany it through to the Pacific
While neither as expensively (inishod
nor as lino to look iu" as a palace sleeper,
it is just as good to ride in. Second class
tickets are honored and the price of a
birth, wide enough and big enough for
two, is only $5.
For a folder giving full particulars,
call at tho B. & M. depot or city ollieo
corner of 10th & 0 streets.
(J f.o. V. Boxnkll,
('. P. &T. A.
Kxcha ttges.
It wud tck r walkin Vyclopedeor tor
miser do questions asked by de new stug
ent. The Student. Tuskegoe, Ala.
On Monday, Sept. 28, from .10 a. m. to
4 i m. Univorsity students will bo given
an opportunity to express their political
proforoncos by means of a test vote. S.
LI. I. Quill.
Prof. William James, of Harvard, says
that in Norway the life of tho women has
been entirely revolutionized by tho use of
tho ski, or snowshoe, as a sport for both
soxos. Asa result they are "not only say
ing good-bye to the traditional feminine
pallor and delicacy of constitution, but
are actually taking tho lead in overy edu
cational and social reform". The Wo
man's Column.
At this period of tho program a recess
was taken to eject tho -Sophomores who
had innocently strayed in to assist the
meeting. Owing to a slight misunder
standing as to whom tho possession of
the hall belonged, tho recess was pro
longed and an exhibition of valor and
prowess was given for a half hour which
would have done credit to our 'Varsity
eleven. Much now material was do vol,
oped in this encounter, which will
strengthen our prospects in foot-ball this
foil if the men will use the same energy
in tho athletic park. At the suggestion
of R. P. Ruggles tin battle for suprem
acy was indefinitely postponed, both
sides claiming tho victory, Vidotto Re
porter, S. U. I.
You can get $'2.25 board for $2.00 by
taking fivo wooks in advance at Boom
er's Club, 524 N. Pith street.
Popular, homo-like cooking at Pinkor
t on's boardinu: Hub, 1200 T street.