The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, April 27, 1896, Page 7, Image 7

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ING, MAY i, 1896.
(Messrs. Veaver,QuaiHtance and Newbranch
in War Paint 3
Enthusiasm is g;r4utAiy "Lcaven4w the wbele
himf?" rf Students xni FucuHy, "Literary
Secieties have adjewrited and Fraternities
Admiicslun only Twenty- iv: Cents.
The annual Kansas-Nebraska debate Las
-at last been -recognized by eastern institu
tions jib deserving of .admission on a par
with the great inter-collegiate debates of our
eastern sisters. As one of the yet too few
iiuter-eollegiate debates, the 'coining conflict1
of Ideas will be closely watched not only
"by the two stateirnvolved, but by every
state in the Union -wliose students are begiu
ii'ing lo realize the great practical utility of
ready, jxrincrfirf argument.
Never 'before in tbe Listory of the Uni
versity lias debating enthusiasm reached so
LigL a murk. Public speaking 'classes in
creasing in number .and favor yearly, three
rousing 'boy-'s debatiug dubs, two active
girls1 organixationa, students1 political clubs,
students'1 mass meetings, and the oppoit uni
ties for debate extended in the departments
of (history and economics these are the
factors operating to iix a deep, permanent
tlnterest In debate .among the great bodj of
onr students. Lot us see 'to it, then, that
;an ent'hnsiHHtiie student assembly -worthy of
our opportunities turns out next Friday
'evening to welcome the -"Jay-Hawks11 and
1o cheer on 1o victory the three -worthy bous
wbo are to "stand up for iJhe University Z1
Nebraska -will contend in the negative of
the "questions '"Resolved, that the Initiative
and Referendum should be introduced auto
iour form tof government after tbe manner
of ifbe Haws tof Switzerland."" Our tBpeakera,
MeBBrfi. leaver, QuaTntance and New-
branch, Lave already proven their steel in 31
most creditable local debate. That tbey
will acquit tLemselves "worthy the repre
sentatives of the "Old Uni,-" there is not
the least shade of doubt. Neither do we
doubt that our Kansas brethren will prove
worthy foeraen.
President Matthews Las secured iLe Fnnke
opera Louse for ILe scene of discussion. In
order that every stndent may attend, it Las
been decided lo cLargo only twenty-five
cents admission to any part of the Lonse.
TJiis fee, if we have a crowded Louse, will
just meet the necessary expenses.
The Esta brook -Man derson prizes of 20
and 10 to be given the Nebraska speakers
Lave increased the exertions of our men and
Lave added a permanent and abiding inter
est, in that two of Nebraska"1 ablest and
most loyal men stand arch-patrons of the
Let May-day be fitly celebrated by wear
ing new garlands in debate. Let the wLole
body of students, faculty, patrons, and
friends crowd the Fnnke to its ntmost capa
city, and prove that Nebraska State Uni
versity stands with the foremost universities
in genuine, permanent interest in that man
liest of attainments the ready powerful
convincing expressions of thought. May
we not yell entbusiuBtieally., both " before""
and "after,'1'1 "HturraL for the Scarlet and
the Oreain i ""
T)r A M.. Wilson 'has resigned Ljb posi
tion an the University of Nebraska, Next
September !he will go to Chicago .and begin
work as the Lead of the classical depart
ment hi the Lewis institute President
Harper of the Chicago UniverBity 5b a
member of die board of managers of die
institute. The course of study includes ibe
FiresLman and SopLoinore yvwB of the Uni
versity, as well as four years preparatory
work. A professorship here is virtually
equal to a poBition an the University of Chi
cago, AiltLongL tfcLe students and tbe many
frjendB of Br. Wilson are glad that Lis
anerj W given him a better position and a
better vjlary., tbej rery deeply regret Ihle
0eav2ng 1be University of Nebraska.