The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, January 22, 1896, Page 9, Image 9

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    T II K I! K S P K U 1 A N
J.r v ' s Retreat.
Smile innocently Exams are 'here.
Ideas arc formidable weapons.
Domic Collego sends the right kind oT
representatives to debate with the U". IB.
I). ('.
With Meed to lead and J. H. Harms
To delve in logic free,
And Fisher quick, right up in arms
And lung haired Editor Leu.
The Doaiie boys made an ablo team.
They set our hoys on lire,
Hut they can't talk right thro' their lutln
Like Maker and ISiaguiro.
I fult quite suit whciti Baker rose
Ami I heard his eloquence ring,
That his gestures, logic, matchless pose
Are worked by a secret spring;
For lu sioml erccl, each eye u moon,
And it nuiht be confessed
Doanc tmi.lied the buiton. Very soon
Oin statesman did the rest.
Miiiid wiiliiii that silent hall,
( While ovei all dark shadows fall.
TImhIbmiI are ihere; the shadow pall
Wraps all in sombre shadows tall -Oh,
I wish those cats would caterwaul
Or the golden eagle scream and squall;
Ami I long for the notes oi the mummy's call
Or the raging bullalo's angry hawl:
' to hear the hum of the Insects small
Ah they quietly rest on the grimy wall,
Anil loser! ti,mj slimy serpents crow I
I" hear the roan neigh In his stall.
""I iiliiuk. alas I can hear them gi.ll
J '"'y uro l'liHg the Hand In Memorial hall.
Tlio board (,r (.ontroi of the col logo set
fl't confirmed 0. T. Reedy as a
wortl.Hhoni-fUoflll the vacancy
l.V').P. Boomer. Elder Reedy has
Ulhnt,ltho title, plaeo, perquisites,
,h T ,,0ttvo,lly Pi'ossion of the
"(.d Presiding Elder.
a ul tender, quIok 0 plpftB0
ihotldek dust gathered on his knees,
d his eye, bright, radiant, rare,
AMln.pse ,,f heaven lies Imaged there.
But when I saw IIhnc curtains drawn
Anil Kecdy with his best clothes on
So silently he knelt as there
He worshipped at that shrine so fair
Twns then I understood it well,
And so I promised not to tell.
For Elder ".cody may incline
Again to worship at that shrine.
GLOKIA di:i.
We know our ideas are narrow,
Our utility systems are rude,
For exploring a system our systems
Are distressingly narrow and rude;
We arc thankful that "Chapel is better
This year than ever before,"
Ant we fear that with much more improvement
To a place cxcourprrlu 'twill soar. ;
Then we'll reach the acme of culture
Of which some fair sisters are proud.
I suppose 'tis a proof of advancement
That for chapel is weaving its shroud.
Yet I lind that my soul is repining
As drops in a cage a poor pigeon,
I'Vr it still hopes to lind in the chapel
A trace of its old time religion.
So our hearts are stilt longing and hoping
For some good old-fashioned devotion,
Of the brand that our mothers wore famed for,
Not fixed up by newfangled notions.
We'll accept the account of creation,
Or the story of Eve and the apple,
But, O Lord, we beseech thee to spare us
From a "poly i'on" prayer in the chapel.
The university is forging to the front
in development of force in debate. Wo
are glad to announce the formation of a
new club, known as the "Webster and
Hayne Debating Club." This organiza
tion is but the continuance of a similar
one in the Lincoln High School.
A few days ago a worthy Pall, while
listening to the echo of his own voico as
ho practiced his masterly oration, was
surprised by the Chancellor and sovoral
visiting legislators. They were so im
pressed with the young mini's eloquence
that no amount of pleading excused him
and ho was compelled to make a speech.
The result has not been made known,
but the next legislature will undoubtedly
have a university student from Falls City.