The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, January 22, 1896, Page 7, Image 7

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    Til K 11 KS V EH 1 AN
An adequate university appropriation
is assured. The legislators are visiting
the university in order to find out what
wo are doing. This is sufficient. No
legislator will vote against a university
appropriation, it' he but realizes what
the university is doing for the state.
Wo soo ex Chancellor Ca'ntield's face
beaming from a late issue of ''Men."
His timelv article on "Sow can vomit;
men succpod" is breathing with life and
vigor. His plea is. as always, "inspir
ation and porspi ration" if the young ma'n
of today would keep abreast with the
world. Ho believes that there is m
plaee in this enterprising, bustling life
for tlie idle -'hanger-on."
There has been but little complaint
iilmut student cheating this year. This
MndiH'd encouraging. There istiothing
which tctid.s to lower the general morals
"f tin- student body like this dishonesty
in elates. Wo believe that such action
on tin. pni-t of a few is being frowned
'Iowa by m hi io cypinion in the university.
Htmlont honor depends not upon the in
structor, but up,, the student, and when
tt's ns individnal students, condemn this
hnatiriK Imnness, there will be no neces
.v lor a professor to wear eyes in the
'"'k or his hoad while giwng an oxavni-iintioii.
I he Y. 1. o. a, devdijiemoi 'rnceTiiTrg
Ijnudiiy afternoon, under 'Dire ilgndeftftriip
i. D. Limn, was nn tnSMue'rfve erne.
1,6 "upon nr,(.(. of persmiffl work was
"i.liMitwr. Law '95 was visiting
"ivoi-sity acquaintances this week. Me
h ' ow a prncnniiing attorney of iDos
j'0"", Iowa. Tt wfll be remembered
J Air. Moiftaov treeeived tthe second
J'11? ,nmk (,yiv earned 'be-fore 'the
' V u' mining tard'Of Hhe 'State
()' I own.
fflhii Chase and Wheeler Contest.
The Chae and Wheeler oratorical eon
test will take place in the University
Chapel, Saturday, .January 23. under the
auspices of the Palladia!! Tyfterary Soei
'c't'y. The following is the program:
'Diiu, "When the Wind Blnweth in from t'liq Sen" Smart
ML-sps Hertford and Sttiails
'Oration , "Who Author-hero Of the 'RcpvoWtltfri"
It. U. Koper.
'Oration, "Kratt Battles"
John 11. 150050,
Violin Solo, Hungarian Rhapsody 'flttlisps
Mr August 'Hageumv.
Oration, "The Red Coloi"
Rena B. Alderman.
Piano Solo Prelude in F Wm Mason
Mfes Kate Joyce.
Oiation, "Knglnnd's Crime Against China"
V J Hunting.
Music, Sdeeted
Y M. C A ttlee Olnb.
'Deeion orfiladg(fs
ij udgps on Delivery ... ...
fers W.J.Bryan, Prof. I B. Ward,
Judge M B Kcoto, 'Prdt. J. I Lee.
Prof. F. M Fling.
Judgos on Mamtseript .............
Vvdt fH. K. Wolfe, Prof. L. A. bhot'tnan,
'Prof. 11 VV Caldwell.
Miss iJ on nie Barber, formerly '97, is
visiting her Pi Beta 'Phi sisters tiMs
The Senter, Lehmer and Qnaffita'nce
oratorical contest has been postponed
u'n'til Friday evening, .Tairaniy 29.
Miss Poncy Morris was initiated Mo
the mysteries of the Pi Beta Phi frater
nity, at the home of Miss Stewart, last
!Yiday evening.
Wicwost interesting aind best attended
mcdtitig of the English eWb, during Avis
school year, was heid w?Uh Miss -Smoyeis
last Srttrri'day evening.
Prof and Mrs rTodgmnn gave a re
option to the members of the professor's
trigonometry classes, last Saturday even
ing Alitor some instrumental mnsic by
Miss Wmtvy and ATiss Mydo, all joined in
singing "America" and other patriotie
songs. Tjight reeresnrnunua . -
served. The i-ccepWicm waswell attended
and was a most enjoyable nfFnir.