The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, October 04, 1895, Image 1

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    The Hesperian.
Vol. XXV.
No. 2.
The Hesperian.
Issued semi-monthly by the Hesperian Association of the Univer
sity of Nebraska.
One copy, per college year (in advance) ... $1,00
One copy, one semester ..... 00'
Advxktising Rates on Application.
Special endeaor will be made to make The Hesperian inter
esting to f on per students. Please send us your subscriptions.
3Subtcriptionson our books will be continued until ordered
Address all communications to The Hesperian", University of
Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska. '
O.-HrALLEN - ---.-- Editor-ih-Chief
H. E. NEWBRANCH," - - Editorial
P. H. THOMSON - - Literary
IDA W. HEISE - - - Literary
CLINT M. BARR - - - Athletic
J. :, SHREVE .... Local
C. E. MATSON - - - , Local
LULU W. BURROWS - - - Local
JOE BOOMER ... - Alumni
L. J. ABBOTT. Jr.,
NED: C. ABBOTT f ' BusiBSS Managers.
The Athletic election was very tame and
uninteresting, and but few shcklcs flowed
into the association treasury as a result. It
seems that a barb-frat light is an indespensi
bio adjunct to the financial prosperity of any
university organization. And, by the way,
it seems that not only peace but a certain
degree of amity prevails between these old
time and hereditary enemies. Even Hugh
Walker and Pulis speak as they pass by !
What is this world a coming "to ?
Our esteemed contemporaries,' the JVe
braskan and the Monitor, start in very
brilliantly and very brightly. The race to
determine which of the two is to flicker and
go out first will be a highly interesting spec
tacle, and may be viewed from the very
front by Hesperian subscribers. Here's to
both of them, and may the best and purest
light shine longest.
(N. B. The Hesiekian has shone for
twenty-five years at $1.00 per year. Now
is the time to subscribe.)
We wish to bespeak for our literary de
partment the kindly assistance and co-operation
of the writers of the University, without
regard to age, sex or university affiliations.
Mr. Thompson and Miss Heise, to whom are
intrusted the management of this department
will do everything in their power to make it
a success; whether they can do so or not
lies not so much with them as with the stu
dents. If you have written a story, a sketch
or a poem that you or your friends like,
please turn it over to one of our literary
editors, in order that the world may benefit
It is to be hoped that the literary societies
will this year endeavor to devote at least as
much attention to the literary as to the so
ciety part of their names. If there was any
criticism that might be passed on their work
last year it wa3 that in the general desiie for
a long "social intermission," programs were
often made too short or hurried through at a
gallop. The Hesperian believes that the
societies make a great mistake when the
social features of their meeting are given
prominence at the expense of that earnest,
conscientious, painstaking literary work
which it is their special mission to encourage
and promote.