The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, October 18, 1894, Page 15, Image 15

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student, if you are not strong . enough to play
foot-ball, if you think it too rough, join the Tennis i
Club, put in your fifty cents or a dollar, and take
some exercise in your own class.
We are glad to see Mr. Whipple about again
after the painful injury of some time ago, though
sorry that he will not be able to get back into
shape again during this season. Otis is a good
foot-ball player and the team can ill-afford his
loss, especially at this time. Mr. Whipple takes
his luck very philosophically a great deal like
the Irishman who when a train had run over his
leg rejoiced that it had not been his neck.
The boys recognize how interested the gentle
man is in athletics, and no greater compliment
has often been paid to a student than his almost
unanimous election as a member of the "Athletic '
The election of officers for the' Athletic associa
tion during the ensuing year was held Saturday
morning, October 6. There was very little ex
citement, and on account of hard times fewer
students than is usual present.
The president, Mr. Gerard, called the meeting
to order at a little after 9 o'colck and asked for
presidential nominations. Mr. Weaver placed
Sydney White before the convention as a man'
deeply interested in athletics and one that had
done a great deal for the association. As the
other candidate, Ned C. Abbott nominated John
Cameron, a good student, an athlete, of good
morals, and the one who made a success of field
day a year ago. Mr. White was elected by a
large majority.
The convention then proceeded to the election
of members of the executive board. Fred Barnes,
Lawrence Packard, Otis Whipple and Bud Jones
were elected.
For vice president, Bert Wilson was chosen by
acclamation. The other officers elected were:
Ralph Johnson, secretary; Sweeney, treasurer
and John Barnes custodian.
After some discussion concerning a resolution
introduced by Sweeney as to what foot-ball play-,
ers were entitled to vote for captain, the conven
tion adjourned.
The Hesperian is glad to note that Crawford
will again be with us for a time to coach the foot
ball team. The management of the Athletic
association cannot be praised too' highly for their
work in securing him. No team can do nearly
so well by themselves as with some instruction,
even if it is not for a long time. We understand, t
the expense; we know that many cannot giye
very much. But if every student will remember
there is no drain connected with an Annual this
year, we believe Mr. Crawford can easily be' paid.
Let every student remember these facts and make1'
this year's team a winner; . . .
Not particularjy a department of college
journalism, but introduced here for'the pur
pose of keeping students aware, of the fact,
that there is an outside world.
That Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes,. from
whoso pen never flowed words other thap.of
ho.po, good humor and cheor, is deacl,,
That the associated press gave two-tthirds, ,.
of a column to an account of his death, and
three columns to speeches of Dave Hill and
That the writer of the futurp will devote J
ton pages to Holmes to one to' Hill" and Mc
Kinley; That that's the way of tho world.
That China wishes Japan would let up;
That so do England and Eussia;
That Japan is a civilized gad-fly1 and
China tho uncivilized ox;
That tho ox will have no rest until it1
wakes up and loams it is one thousand 'years
behind the times.
That Tammany is shaking on its throne;
That when New York overthrows Turn-,,
many representative government will take a(
big stop forward; ...... ,,.
That Dr. Farkhurst, .when ho started,
tho crusade against Tammany was a-','crank;,?t,
That now ho is succeeding he is a " ro
formor;" That most "cranks" do not become
"reformers" until they've been dead 'a
hundred years; (U
That its a thankless task, but tho world'
wants more "cranks."
That wo can't tell who is 'going to be
our next govornor, our next senator; 'or Wen
how the house will Btand. : ' ''-