The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, May 21, 1894, Page 14, Image 14

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A largo bull snake was recently added to
our museum of the largest of its species
ever found in this part of the country.
Nowbranch who is putting all his energy
into raising a moustache, was somewhat em
barrassed the other day when ho wns reported
for "not shaving."
The faculty continue to think that throe
years of drill is for the good of tho students,
the result of which is that a number of
chronic kickers carry around a gloomy
A number of scientific students went out
on an excursion last Saturday "specimen
hunting." They all camo home with tho
fino intention of carrying a gossamer with
them after this.
Prof. Fling will leave for Paris about the
25th whore ho will remain for three months
working over some unpublished manuscripts
preparatory to getting out his first volume of
the life of Miraboau.
Tho Senior laws handed their thesis in
last week. Four of tho best will bo read in
chapel before tho public who will bo sup
posed to judge of tho legal knowledge of the
class from these productions.
In tho recent student's meeting, tho sug
gestion of Prof. Caldwell that tho students
bo largely represented on tho various com
mittees to arrange for joint debate with
Kansas, was received with loud applause.
The police had a lively run this morning
after a man who was running down 0 street.
They overhauled him at 1225 O street.
When questioned, ho intimated that ho was
going to got his prescription put up at tho
now Drug Store, McKenney's, 1225 "O".
Prof. Barbour recently made a trip to
Kearney in tho interest of the geological de
partment. Some ivory from a large ele
phant's tusk was brought to surface by
prairie dogs and the Prof, followed the
course of the hole and finally ran on to a
partial remains of a very large elephant.
Tho medical students have recently
formed a class organization and elected the
following officers for the present semester:
President, J. P. Rowo; vice-president, Miss
Oarr; secretary, H. H. Orr; Treasurer, Miss
Annie Fosslor; Class Historian, Miss Hoaw,
and sergeant of arms, Mr. Ira. They have
taken Btops to secure a class pin and colors
and will soon bo thoroughly equipped as a
class organization.
Tho best flavored soda waters in the city
may be had at Rector's pharmacy, N. "W.
corner of 12th and N streets. The tempt
ing menu that is offered consists of plain
sodas of every conceivable flavor, also
phospates, mineral waters and fancy drinks.
Rector's ice cream and fruited sodas aro the
best in tho city. A specialty is made of
health drinds fancy and plain. Egg drinks
of all flavors. Try Rector's sodas once and
you will drink no others. Call and get a
special menu.
Over her lover she pleadingly leaned,
And he promised for her dear sake,
As he lay in the hammock and saw her tears,
Not another drop to take.
With a thrill of joy the fair girl sprang
To his side, with a loving look,
The vow was broken likewise the rope,
For another drop he took.
I cannot aing the old, old songs,
And when I try the new,
The fellows arm themselves with clubs,
And so my songs are few.
One-third of tho university students of
Europe die prematurely from the effects of
bad habits, acquired while at school; one
third die from lack of exercise, and the
other third govern Europe. Ex.
The University of Cairo, founded A. I),
973, has the largest attendance of any
college in the world.