The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, May 21, 1894, Page 10, Image 10

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Horo then the conclusion of tho .whole
matter, oratory is a consummate and colos
sal fake. Tho primitive custom of oratori
cal contests is gray and hoary, and should
have been abondoned with tho cane rush.
It is the most unpractical, ntilted, sophom
oric sort of oratory in tho world and it
takes any lawyer several years to unlearn veuted theip collvictions in Gothic architec
collego oratory before he can begin to learn ture in8tQad of in Bp0eches, the big church
legal oratory, jn tins busy world no writer ftt MiHn would not bo in it Tho BtudentB
has time to spend months upon a production, as atudont8 and aa folow students had not
no speaker has time to shut himsolf up in had a real HvQ conviction for so iong that
his closet and spend hours in devising thoy imrdly know how to manage one and
metaphors or stringing together pearls of tl , t it t ith tbem Bufc
some thing touches us all alike and
makes us all akin. This was a fight in
which there wore very few neutral partici
pants, everyone had convictions and had
them hard, oven the Alumni seemed to
catch tho conviction fever. Heine said that
the groat cathedrals wore built of convic
tions, well, if tho 800 students who assem
bled in the chapel Monday afternoon had
enthusiasm is worth while no matter tho
cost. It is a good thing to have the
student conscience sharpened, and prove
that honor is not entirely an unknown
quantity, nor honesty yet classed with tho
oratory. The world wants men with their
thoughts at their pen's end and tonguo's
end. Tho joint debate cultivates quick
uses of thought and pointed expression,
impromptu speaking cultivates ease of
manner and speech, but college oratory so jg
called cultivates nothing but jealousy and
vanity. Lot it perish from the land and its
. i e .i . i c It is strange, that erratic tendency of the
memory vanish from the minds of men. fa ' J
femenine mind to idealize evil. I suppose
it is a fact that all ontlaws from Robin
The University has for a long time been Hood to Jesse James were popular among
in aching need of a sensation. This need tho ladies. Some one has said thai the
at last the late college "scrap" has filled.
It was a royal sensation, it stirred the
animals up and set them roaring in their
cages. It was the first fight in years that
reason the French people aro so open in
their avowed worship of evil is that in
Franco tho woman's mind predominate3.
It is rather an unpleasant fact to face,
altogether has, suspended class work on a particularly when one has tho misfortune
school day or that has drawn the professors to be a femineinity. Dear as rascality is to
in to witness a students' mass meeting. It women in all tho glittering bravado of its
is tho first fight since tho beginning of time success, it seems even dearer in the pathetic
that has abolished tho abonimably artificial despair of its failures. There was never a
distinctions caused by Greek letter pins and criminal in Sing-Sing condemned to the
a lack of Greek letter pins and made mem- electric chair whoso path was not paved with
bers of secret and open societies pull to
gether like creatures of tho same species,
which thoy really are after all. This is the
first rousing war tho University has had
since it has become a full grown University.
floral tributes from women who wore sup
posed to represent culture and tho delicacy
of culture. The darker the crime, the
whiter the roses. There was never a youth
who saw fit to bring himself and his college
There aro so many students and so many into public and open disgrace who did not
departments and so many lines of work have a long train of adoring maidens to
that we almost begin to forgot that wo aro minister consolation unto him, Women to
all members of the same institution until whom; in his days of .respectable citizenship