The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 01, 1893, Page 6, Image 6

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The Little Ministers Could Not Do It. Baker's Umpire Her Best Player.
The game with Baker University, of Bald
win, Kan., at the home grounds October 28,
was one of those mixtures of good and evil
that so often fall to the lot of mortals. The
Nebraska State University eagle hardly
knows whether to chuckle at the surprise our
boys gave the Bakeritos, or to scowl at the
rank decisions of tho umpire. But on the
whole the chuckles chase each othor over his
solemn physiognomy more frequently.
Evdry one who is at all interested in foot
ball knows what tho Baker team has done on
tho gridiron, and it is needless to' repeat her
record. Every one know before the game
that our boys had to meet a rattling good
team, and while the league pennant would in
no way be affected by the result, yet the
game would servo as a very close index as
to tho chances of the pennant being trimmed
with scarlet and cream; for had not Baker
swiped the entire pie from the Missourians,
and then chucked the Kansas State Univer
sity in tho hole? Wo could not help feeling
anxious, especially as Crawford kept insist
ing that Baker had the best men back of tho
line on tho foot ball turf to-day. This kind
of talk put the Nebraska eleven on their
mettle, which was just what Crawford
wanted. The boys grimly determined to do
up tho pie man, tho Baker, the candle-stick
maker, and the umpire too if necessary.
But here is whore they struck a snag. Tho
umpire was too much for them. It is high
.time a most vigorous protest was registered,
against any player acting as referee or um
pire in any game in which his team plays.
No. man, even if he is inclined to be honest,
can keep from favoring his own team. The
Methodist boys merit a severe censure in in
sisting that Toomey, their full back, should
umpire tho game. Larrabeo was chosen
referee, and as he treatod both sides alike
there were no pet nnmes hurled at him.
The Baker team arrived Friday evening
and wore taken to the Grand Hotel, whore
they kept as close as oysters until time, to
play ball Saturday afternoon.
At 2:35 tho Nebraska eleven -filed out of
their dressing room in the armory, quiet but
determined, and wore driven rapidly to the
M street park grounds. Fifteen minutes
later Baker followed.
Tho teams lined up as follows:
Potter lotC" end Johnston
Tnylor loft tacklo .".... Ouvy
Athorton loft guard Wilson
Pendleton contor rush Hopowoll
Fogle right guard Dirn
Farrur right tacklo Whipple
Games right oncl Shuo
Allon quarter Crawford
Hollor right half Yont
Mottor loft half Plippin
Thomas full back Lowory
Cooper "1 I Ryan
Taylor Frank
Messingor S Substitutes.
Mu esse
. . . Wiggins
. . .Cameron
.... Carney
Baker won the toss and took the ball. Ne
braska lined up to defend tho oast goal; the
referee's whistle sounded, and the greatest
game of tho season was fairly begun. The
time was 3:10.
Baker's opening play was her usual grid
iron attempt, which placed her just eight
yards nearer tho coveted goal. The second
play was to send Hotter around the right
end. He stepped two yards and then
stopped. The third attempt was a fumble,
while tho next two failed to make the nec
OBsary gain and the ball went to Nebraska
on the fourth down. This was encourag
ing, and tho crowd showed its appreciation.
It was. now Nebraska's turn to show how
the thing should bo done. Crawford sent
Flippin, Yont, Lowery' and Whipple into tho
line in rapid succession, and each time ho
smiled at the result. When the boys
stopped to take breath they had recovored
their lost ground and chewed off ton yards
of Baker's dusty possessions. This was db.-
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