The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, October 16, 1893, Page 11, Image 11

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The pride of the Vassar girls is that none
of their graduates have ever been divorced.
How many have had an opportunity ?
In olden times the lovelorn youth,
Who held life not worth living,
Would plunge a dagger in his heart
And die, his love forgiving.
The modern youth who, soured by love,
Seeks shorter paths to heaven,
His sweater dons, eats raw beefsteak,
And joins the football 'levon.
The first woman in the world to receive
the degree of electrical engineering is Miss
Bertha Lameur. of Springfield, Ohio. She
is a graduate of the Ohio State University,
where she led her class throughout the entire
When you see a Freshman going to chapel
in the midst of a crowd of smiling upper
class men, it is safe to presume that said
freshman is being "rushed." Ariel.
The state of Iowa has spent 3,000,000 on
her insane asylum, fifteen times as much as
on her University. How is it with Ne
braska? Oberlin was the first College in the world
to admit women on an equal plane with men,
and opened its doors to negroes twenty-eight
years before their emancipation. S. JJ. 1.
Two students attending the Normal School
at Valparaiso, Ind. attempted to rob the
banking department the other day at 3:30
p. m. One is doad, the other is lying
wounded behind the bars.
Don't lot the other students out-strip you
in literary work and extemporaneous speak
ing. If ex-college men toll us rightly, this
feature of college life is of very great im
portance. Join one of the literary societies
and receive all the benefit to Tbe gotten from
it. Ex.
'Mid pleasures and palaces,
Though wo may roam,
We think of our mammas,
We'd like to go home.
Abroad it's so different,
No one seems to care
For the tears we are weeping;
We don't want to stay there.
Home, home1, home, home, home,
I want to go home, I want to go home.
It is hard for an empty bag to stand up
right, as J. said when he saw the sleepy
student's head gradually sink down on his
Greek book. Ex.
New Student "How much is the Cosmos
a year?"
Business Manager "One dollar."
N. S. Is it intended for any special fac
tion of the student body ? ' '
B. M. "Yes, sir. For the faction that
has a dollar."
In Latin and Greek
Ho was quite a streak;
In dress ho was fopish and tony
The latter was due to his being an ass,
The former was due to his pony.
Harvard Lompoom.
College journalism originated at Dart
mouth in 1880.
The Hesperian contains many oxcelleut
literary productions. Mvlhenlerg.
When people complain that they are uni
versally acccused of all kinds of meanness,
we may safely take it for granted that the
major part of the charges are true. The
world's estimate is usually correct. Ex.
Do you want a daily paper with the Hes
perian ? Well you can, this way, by an ar-
rangemont with the local management. Stud
ents of the Uni. can got the Hesperian and
the World Herald by the month, at sixty-five
cents in advance.
Take your shoes to Walt's for repairs.
Good work guaranteed.
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