The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, September 27, 1893, Page 3, Image 3

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become wise at a much later date than those
who learn from the fortunes and misfortunes
of others. There is oue quality which is
more often perverted and which if not per
verted is conducive to more good, to the new
student especially, than almost any other
quality of which humanity is the possessor.
That is self-esteem. Generally, a student
of a retiring disposition consumes two years
at college in crawling out of his shell, and
then, when he is out, he is uncertain
whether he ought not to crawl right back
again. If he has capabilities in any special
line of work he discovers it after he has
gone through years of school life that would
have been of inestimable value in developing
his especial bent. Enter the University,
with a well developed ego but strive strenu
ously not to let the dwarf become a giant.
Remember that you are the peer socially of all
your companions, and perhaps the superior
mentally of many who scorn your rural as
pect. Do not be afraid, therefore, of "mak
ing breaks." Make them and be done with
them. Get through with them early, for
they will come, and far better early than
The annual question of a cane rush will
soon begin to agitate minds, Fresh, and
Sophomorian. We hope that the good j udg
ment of the incoming Freshman class will
excel that of preceding classes, and that this
worn out custom will be done away with. It
belongs to the primitive days when college
students played town ball and one old cat.
In all colleges of national repute the custom
has long ago died out. Even a cane break
is nonsense; some things happened in the
cane rush last 3'ear which were very much to
be regretted; let us avoid the possibility of
such unbecoming actions this fall. The
three foot ball games which will be played
in Lincoln will give students a chance to
witness enough scuffling. "It has been proven
again and again that nothing breaks up the
fall term so much as the general under
current of excitement that the prospect or
actuality of a cane rush produces. It would
be much more profitable to drop this juven
ile business and concentrate all the enthus
iasm on a higher kind of athletics. How
ever, if the little folks want to amuse them
selves and play Waterloo, and dirty each
other's faces and tear each other's clothes,
the older classmen will watch them with a
smile of indulgence, remembering that once
they, too, were young.
The opening of the year is the time to
work up college enthusiasm. Everyone re
turns fresh and ready to enter the lists to
combat for honors of some sort. The fall of
the year is usually given over to athletics.
hat this year be no exception. Hew mater
ial is needed in the foot ball team. Surely
there will be no dearth of applicants for
place on the first eleven. The Athletic As
sociation assumes a heavy responsibility
when it agrees to pay $500 for a coach for
the team." Last year there was difficulty in
raising 150. But with the increased
number of students, and with the additional
advantage of having an early start, the asso
ciation need have no fears of being unable to
raise the requisite amount. The money will
come all the easier if the team be an excell
ent one. Ho loyal student will refuse to
join the Athletic Association. The small
investment of fifty cents will prove a profi
table one.
The University has never opened when
the prospects pointed more certainly to a
successful year. The faculty has been in
creased, and the new professors, we may
prh'.e ourselves on the fact, are everyone
thorough scholars of wide reputation and
acknowledged ability. Although we regret
exceedingly ihe departure of some of the
faculty of last year, we cannot but congrat
ulate ourselves with the fact that their places
have been filled by such excellent men.
The appointment of Prof. Taylor to the va
cant chair of political and economic science
is especially fortunate. This profcssGrship
has been vacant for two jTears, although the
work has been carried on by Professors