The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, March 01, 1893, Page 12, Image 12

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would be glad to take this matter in hand and or
ganize a crew which would do the University
proud, as have all our other athletic organizations.
Until this year it has been impossible to have a
crew, but now, that Lincoln has one of the finest
lakes in the west, there is no reason why we can
not get to the front in this line, as we do in all
others. But, as in all other things, now is the
time to act.
Harvard gives each year $87,000 to indigent
deserving students.
A lady asked a gentleman how old he was.
He replied: "What you do in all things." What
was his age ? XL.
The best endowed college in the country is Co
lumbia with $9,000,000. Harvard and Cornell
stand next with $S,ooo,ooo each.
The Congregational clergymen at New Haven
have asked President Dwightof Yale to put a
stop to betting and gambling at the University.
Harvard's exhibit at the World's Fair will con
sist of pamphlets published by the University,
examination and college papers and class-room
work. Silver ami Gold.
The faculty of the University of Minnesota has
decided to allow an address by some distinguished
speaker to take the place of orations by graduates
on commencement day.
A class has bten formed at the Uuiversity of
Iowa, under the charge of Prof. Hale, for the
study of the Psalms from a literary point of view.
Brown Daily Herald.
There is a movement on foot at the Leland
Stanford University looking toward the formation
of a girls' rowing club. Such innovations as this
must come from the West.
The Chicago alumni of Northwestern Univer
sity have raised an endowment fund of $2,500 to
be used for securing the services of professional
coaches for the athletic teams.
A crowd of students in the Columbia College
School of mines, New York, who had been run
ning a roulette game in the college building, were
raided by the police last month. Ex.
The i'aculty at Boston University have decided
to credit the editor of the college paper with
seven hours work per week on his course and to
each of his assistants, two hours. Ex.
Claude E. Wright of London, England, who
was for three years a pupil of the late Mme.
Blavatski, is trying to form a theosophy club at
Yale. He has instituted one at Harvard. Ex.
University of Wisconsin has challenged the
University of Michigan to a joint debate to be
held some time in March. The challange has
been accepted and arrangements are being made
for the debate. Echo.
The faculty of Wesleyan have forbidden any
students with conditions not made up to enter
any of the athletic teams, a regulation which is
said to have seriously affected the college athletic
interests. Muhlenberg.
The supreme court of the United States is fast
becoming a Yale tribunal. The last three judges
appointed to court have been Yale men Judge
Brewer and Brown, of the class of '56, and Judge
Shiras, of '53. Mail ami Express.
The University of Michigan chorus, number
ing three hundred voices, has been invited to par
ticipate in the singing at the choral celebration
which is to be given at the opening of the World's
Fair next May. Denison Cotlegian.
The students of Vassar college are soon to pro
duce "Antigone" in the original Greek. A Yale
professor is preparing the scores, and Prof. Max
Dessaur is transposing the music, which was
originally written for male voices. Aegis.
It is estimated from authentic reports that Prof.
Snow's chinch bug exterminator saved Kansas
farmers $300,952.52. With this kind or a report
the university ought to fare sumptuously at the
hands of the present legislature. Our University
is an honor and credit to our state and should be
kept up to its high standard. Santa Fe Monitor.
Prof. Edward B. Condon, of Dartmouth Col
lege, has offered a prize which is intended to ele
vate the standard of scholarship on the part of
athletes of the college. It is valued at $60, and
is to be given annually to that student who, be
ing a member of one of the athletic teams, shall
maintain the highest class standing throughout
the year. Ariel.
"Resolved that the peaceful annexation of Can
ada would be beneficial to the United States" is
the question to be debated by Yale and Princeton
Princeton has selected the subject, and Yale is t(
have the choice of sides. Ex.
Yale had better, look to her laurels. To be able
to pound a foot ball is not all there is in this
world for a university.
The U. of P. has established a university set
tlement in one of the "slum" districts of Philadel
phia. The object is to furnish collegians with
the means of making a sociological study of the
many phases of lower life in the vicinity, by pro
viding them with rooms at a nominal price where
they may live and associate with the paupers and
criminals. Daily Polo Alto.
The winning orator in the Kansas State Uni
versity oratorical contest is guilty of plagiarism.
He copied half of his oration from a minister's
lecture on the "Distinctive Idea in Education"
and got the thought for the other half from the