The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, February 15, 1893, Page 3, Image 3

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Place: West end of University Hall, first floor. Time-. Five days in the week
Gladys Lynn, Calypso Klingenspohr.
Calypso: "Quick, Gladys, got the other
Gamma Gamma Lambda girls. What shall
wo do? There is that new girl that wo want,
Lavender Lathrop, cornered by a whole
gang of those Delta Lambdas."
Gladys: "Horrid things. They think
they are just too smart for any use because
they got more invitations to the next 3?si
party than Our Girls did. Never mind,
Psyclonia Stevens is going to give a party
real soon, and she says she shant invite one
of them."
Calypso: "Servo them just right. But
wo mustn't let them have Lavender or they
will be worse than over. I don't think much
of their new initiates anyway. That Ethel
berta Sidles is a perfect stick, and that Miss
O'lloolihan that they are so proud of getting
and who refused "
Gladys: "Why Calypso! You know
that's not so at all. It was all a mistake,
and wo never really wanted her. She was
asked without the consent of the whole so
rority. Wo wouldn't have her, the stuck
up thing, and so I told one of the Lambda
girls, the other day, when they asked me to
con "
Calypso: "But Gladys, just look how
they have fastond on to Lavender five of
them as affectionate as if they had known
her six semesters. What in the world shall
wo do? Thoy were flocking around her like
that at gymnasium yesterday."
Gladys: "I'll go and ask her where the
Latin lesson is, and try to bring her over
hero. Wo will have to got in our work on
her awfully quick, and the sooner the bettor.
Calypso, you write a nice hand, you will bo
tho ono to write the letter to her mother
about a fraternity being a monument for
good,' about tho number of colobratod Gam"
ma Gamma Lambda girls, including Julia
Ward Howe, Mrs. Lease, Dr. Mary Walker,
and the rest, and especially about tho bene
fits of belonging to an 'exclusive circle' like
tho Gamma Gamma Lambda, whoso mem
bers are tho especial pots of tho Profs. We
will take her into chapel to-day and sit on
both sides of her. Tomorrow wo will all
go and call on her. They say tho Delta
Lambdas havd been to call on her already in
a body, and, you know, 1 am the only one
of us that has gone. How I wish Psyclonia
was here. She is our best talker. Wo must
keep Lavender away from thoso Delta
dialogue II.
Gladys Lynn, Calypso Klingenspohr, Laven
der Lathrop.
Gladys: "Come over hero, and some of
Our Girls will help you with your Latin. I
do so want you to meet Calypso Klingen
spohr. She is ono of our smartest girls.
Calypso, dearest, this is Lavender Lathrop,
that I was speaking to you about I think
Lavender is such a sweet name."
Calypso, hissing her): "I'm just
charmed to meet you, Lavender. I feel as
if I had known you years and years already."
Gladys: "Now if Circe was only here,
Circe O'Rourke, you know. She is one of
tho Sweetest Girls in our fraternity. She is
awfully popular, too one of tho Zota boys
walked home with her ono day last week."
Calypso: "Yes, and you ought to see
her now party dress, girlie. It's too lovely
for anything. There isn't a -dress to equal
it in that whole Delta Lambda fraternity.
They boasted so much about that Sidles girl's
graduating dress 'so complete,' you know
red dress, fan, sash, slippers, stockings.