The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 24, 1892, Page 14, Image 14

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of the OlHco-scokcrs, and greatly were the
people rejoiced.
And the Kins; appointed a day of fasting,
saying; "Let all the good house-wives labor
day and night, from Sabbath to Sabbath, sac
rificing the fat fowls and preparing a great
feast, so that the day of fasting may be an
inward joy to men.'"
Then the toilirg house-wives did as he
commanded. They got fat fowls from the
land of the Turks, and undressed them and
roasted them in the burning furnaces, and
thev took the fruit of the vine and of the
olive tree and prepared it;
and made bread, cakes, cookies, pumpkin
pics, mince pies, apple pies, quince pies,
puddings, doughnuts, ginger-bread, and
angel food; brought forth apple jelly, poach
jelly, sweet pickles, sour pickles, raspberry
jam, marmalade, persimmon sauce, apple
butter, poach preserves; cooked potatoes,
beans, beats, onions, turnips, carrots, corn,
tomatoes, cabbage and cauliflower; made
oyster soup, noodle soup, ox-tail soup, and
catsup; cranberry sauce, plum-pudding and
"And when the meal was ready.
They all sat down to sup;
And they ate, and ate, and ate,
Till they ate the last scrap up."
Go, all ve good people, and do likewise
F. B.
Some one has most fittingly remarked that the
most succesful University has the most idiotic yell.
While this theory may be all right, it is not at all
improbable that more hard study has been put on
yells that have been miserable fakes, than upon
those that have proved very acceptable. The
reader is left to judge which of the following im
aginative creations most nearly comes up to his
idea of an idiotic conglomeration of truly tuneful
First of all let us start with what is first, best,
and dearest.
U-UU-n-i, Ver-Ver-Ver-Si-Ti, N-F
Bras-Ki, O-My!!!!!
This sounds quite emphonius when compared
with the Illinois University which strikes the au
ditory nerve as foilows:
Hah! Hoo! Rah!
Zip! Boom! Ah!
Hip! Zoo; Rah, Zoo;
Johnny blow your Bazoo,
Hip, Yiete Ri !
U. of I !
Champaign !
The larger and more prominent Universities
choose more moderate outbreaks. Northwest
ern'i new yell is:
Wah-hoo, wah-hoo, N. U N. U. rah! rah!
Northwestern, while the University of Wisconsin
has: U! Rah I Rah! Rah! Wisconsin.
The Iowa Agricultural College, Sophomore
yell is:
Rip I Rah! Roar,! Still we soar! Gourds,
Gourds, '94. '
But the suggestive yell is that of the North
Dakota University, which whoops as follows:
Odx-Dzo-Dzi! Ki.Ri-Rij Hiy-ah'
North Dakota! Sioux war cry.
We walked together in the wood,
We wandered far and wide ;
About the same in class we stood,
We flunked there, side by side
Man wants but little here below,
That cannot be denied ;
Hut woman wants the earth you know,
Then isn't satisfied.
I.e Circle Francais, Une conference aura lieu
ce soir, le 22 Novembrc, chez Mile. Pound, a 8
1. ;mIiIssu(U' In vie al Madame (leStacl,
'J. Appreciation ile Curriniie.
.1. tun rle Citation ile "
I. " "
A. Airc(intionlo " ile r.MlemaL'iic,
0. Clitmt -
7. Courte Citation ile" ile r.YUcinagnc,
S. Ol.srus.slnii.
It. ConviTMitton.
10. '!.. Marx illitK',"
Vous ete.s fpnc il'as 'hlhtcr.
. M. alley
Mile. Pound
Mile. loiiiili
Mile. Faulkner
M. LHiinor
Mile. KonsiiicuT
Chewing gum for digestion.
Ponying for the last time.
Fating real pastry at a boarding club.
Appearing solenmcholy in the library.
Studying for the real good that's in it.
Paying society dues and paper subscription.
Writing an essay in more than one hour.
Loving one's neighbor as one'self
Playing foot ball for anything but glory.
Sitting in the front part of the Chapel gallery
for religious purposes.
Performing chemical experiments without a
diffusion both of odors and of apparatus.
Heads of reat men all remind us
If we choose the proper way,
We can get up in the morning,
With a head as big as they. Ex.