The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 24, 1892, Page 12, Image 12

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so they buried him in a pine box. Before Antonc was very thrifty, ami a bettor man
the funeral Antone carried to town tne liddlc- than his father had boon,
bow which Peter had forgotten to break.
'Boy, eastern luxury I hale,
Then cease my crown with flowers to plait.
Nor gather me the rose, that late
JJHi Withers, shrinking.
For naught but simple wreaths I care,
With thee, my lad. to ;erve me there:
Under my shady myrtles fair,
Lightly drinking.
W. Cathur.
f pable for politicians.
Now, it came to pass in those days, that
the land of the Oflicc-seekers was grieviously
stricken with the pestilence which is called
the Febris Politicus and the people were
sore afflicted.
And the prophets were all stricken with
the plague. But nevertheless they walked
abroad in the land crying with loud voices,
and spreading the pestilence from Atlantic
to Pacific, and they spake unto all people,
each one, crying: "Repent ye, repent ye',
and follow me, and me only.'
And the people hearkened, and many
thousands of them were smitten with the
plague, so that their tongues were no longer
still, but grow large, and wagged unceasing
Iv. Even so. the tongue is a little member,
but the Kebris Politicus causes it to become
an unruly evil, full of deadly poison.
.Now the number of the prophets was very
great, and some of them cried: "Behold ye,
how good and joyful a land is this! Ye hae
but to reach out your hand for what ye would,
and it is yours. Give thanks, ye people, to
us, your benefactors. For have we not pro
tected you from the wicked on the other -ide
of the Atlantic? Behold, how small the tax
ye must carry to Jerusalem. For we cause
your enemies who dwell on the other side f
the Atlantic to fill the strong vaults of Jeru
salem with great tributes. Therefore, belov
ed people, is your tax exceeding small.
Much thanks we deserve of you, for we have
prophesied these things, and therefore have
they come to pass."
And the number of these prophets va
greatest of all, and they were greatly afilh-led
with the plague. For they belonged to the
tribe of the Boodleites.
Now, there were other prophets and sooth
sayers who hated these, and they cried: