The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, January 15, 1892, Page 12, Image 12

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'92; R. II Johnson, 94; K. A Gcrrard, '94; E. O. Pace, '95;
Miss Vesta Gray, '93; and E. M. Pollard, '93.
On Wednesday evening, January 13, the members of the
elective German class were very generously entertained ly
Professor Fosler and wife at their home on Twenty-fourth
and V streets. Much to the regret of the professor and wife
two members were unable to he present. The time was passed
in looking over a fine collection of photographs, discussing
quotations from Faust and partaking of refreshments.
A few improvements were made about the main building
during vacation. The Christian association properly lettered
their bulletin board, lined it with velveteen and put up a new
board opposite the Lasso bulletin. The chancellor had a
loartl put up for his own notices, and the Lasso people made
their board less conspicuous and the hall more pleasing to
the eye by setting it on the dooi.
The art exhibit given in the Grant memorial hall by the
Haydon Art Club was well attended and highly appreciated
b the students. "The Russian Beauty," "The Hehcading of
John the Baptist," and "The Gladiatorial Contest" in the
main exhibit, were among the most attractive features of the
display.. "The Last Days ol Mozart" was, of course, the
principal attraction. The students lcel duly grateful to those
who were in charge of the exhibit foi the complimentary
tickets that were furnished them.
The Nebraska Academy of sciences, organized last year,
held its second annual session, December 31, at the Univer
sity. The state university was represented on the program
as follows: The address ol Dr. Kingsley, as president, in
his absence was read by Professor Bcssey; Mr. A. K. Woods
presented a paper on "The Evolution of Ovygcn by plants;"
Dr. Besscy discussed the "Flora of the Black Hills;" II.
It. Duncanson presented "A Bacterial Disease of Com."
J. R. Schofield presented "Notes on Flora of the Artesian
Well at Lincoln."
The annual meeting of the Stale Historical Society took
place on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings of this week.
The following interesting and instructive program was rend
ered. Tuesday evening: "Old Fort Atkinson, or Our
Camp on the Missouri," H. Filer, of Biair, (Mr. Filer hcinj
a:scm, ine paper was rcaa uy secretary 11. w. iamwciij;
"Byron Reed", Hon. W. D. Beckett, of Omaha; "Judge
Savage", Hon. W. A. Baldwin, of Omaha; "A Trip to Salt
Creek in 1855", President J. Sterling Morton, of Nebraska
City. Wednesday evening: "O. P. Mason", Judge Broad),
of Lincoln; "Indian Troubles and the Battle of Wounded
Knee", W. F. Kelley, of Lincoln. The following officers
were elected for the ensuing jcar: President, J. Sterling I
Morton; vice-presidens. Judges S. It. Pound and Professor C.
E. Besscy; treasurer, C. II. Gere; secretary, II. W. Caldwell.
Resolutions were passed expressing the hc.iiiy thanks of the
society for the services Professor G. E. Howard rendered the
society while he was secretary. The program this year was
exceedingly good. The attendance was small. Very few
students were present; they should be ashamed for not
attending; they should take advantage of the facilities oflcrcd
by the State Historical Society.
"I'm no coward," said the Earth.
"No, but you have two great fears," observed the Sun,
"And they?"
"The hemispheres."
"You'vo forgotten the atmosphere," put in the Moon.
And the comet wagged it tail for joy. Vk York era a'.
The teacher whacked the boy, one day
Who disobeyed the rule.
The scholars did not laugh nor play
To -ce the lam in school. Ex,
Logicians say that no phrase mea'is
At once both YES and no;
But they are not correct, it seems,
As one short phrase will show.
I sat one ev; with Maude, a miss
Who's prettv, sweet and coy:
Said I, "Mau&c, dare I steal a kiss?"
She said, "You silly boy."
And in a little while I said.
Art angry, dear, at me?"
She laughed tmd then she shook her head,
"You silly boy," said she. Cornell Era.
"Sweet maid," I said, one summer's day,
"One question I would ask thee, pray:
If a 'Varsity boy should gaily woo.
Should tell you his heart was loyal and true.
In such an emergency what would you do?"
"Kind sir," she said, with a winning smile,
That Irom the heart did all care beguile,
"If the 'Varsity boy should gaily woo,
If indeed his heart was loyal and true,
Then to do, I think, exactly what's right,
I should simply say, 'you're out of sight.' "
A run;
A chase;
A tackle:
A foil.
Three faint;
Two stunned;
Three dead;
That's all. : '
Virginia Messenger.
Mr. Waffle. Aw, Miss West, kindly allow me to escort
you to the banqueting salon.
Miss West. Pardon me, Mr. Waffle, but did you expect
to walk or ride?
Mr. Waffle (standing on her dress.) Why, walk, of
Miss West, Then please get off the train. Ex.
Saver & Sawyer, stationery.
Cadet suits, gloves and caps at Ewirg's.
Call on Ewing for cadet gloves and caps.
Cadet caps and suits a specialty at Ewing.
Special prices to students at T. Ewing A: Co'.
Fine vciws of the University buildings, at the Hesperian
Get vour fine stationery of Saycr & Sawyer at the Hespe
rian Ollicc.
Pens, ink, paper, envelopes, pencils ami craters at the
Hesperian Office.
The finest students suits in the city at Ewing & Co's,
1 1 15 17 O street. Good goods, low prices.
WaNT:i Second-hand books bought, sold, and cx
hanged. Law books a specialty. Lincoln Book Exchange,
119 North Twelfth. street
New set of "Library of American Literature", by Stcd
rnan, 10 volumes, half morocco, $4x1.00; regular price $50.00.
A. A. ncott at First National Bank.
R. II. Oakley, at 1044 0 street, carries Rock Springs,
Canon City, Rio Grand, Domestic. Vulcan, Missouri Block.
I Silver Creek, nul, and the lcsl Lackawanna coal. Tcle
' phone 66.