The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, December 15, 1891, Page 8, Image 8

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thnt night, sure that we should never sec the ocean so beau
tiful again.
We had gorgeous sunsets for several nights, which I
never saw equalled. 1 saw ever so many Hying fish and one
of them Hew into the lower deck of the ship. Its wings were
transparent and very pretty. The fish itself was about eight
inches long. It has been about ten days siiue my sea sick
ness ended, and I have felt remarkably well and have a rav
enous appetite all the time. Don't know but I shall accept
the theory that sea sickness has a beneficial effect on the
Fiikktown, Sikkka LiiiiNK, October 30, 1891.
At last the long voyage is over and I walk on solid earth
once more. Ilefore 1 tell how it all came about I may as well
say first that we arc married and then describe things at my
leisure. We came into harbor yesterday morning about S
o'clock. A few minutes later a boat came alongside with
Roy and Mr. Jadequist and also Mr. and Mrs. F. Miller, who
came to meet the olhci three girls. We all went ashore
together. Mr. Jadequist and Frederick were to go up the
river at noon, so they had ni ranged for the wedding to take
place iinmedialedly after breakfast, which was at 11 o'clock.
I was in something of a dilemma, for 1 could not get my
trunk finm the :.hip until afternoon, but I made the best nf
it. which amounted to my wearing my flannel dress. The
ceremony was in the church, according to the law here, and
besides the missionarii present were a number of the Angola
passengers, the captain, and two or three officers and a num
ber of colored people. Mr. Frederick (colored) is the pastor
of the charc'i and he assisted Mr. Miller in the service, which
was much longer than the simple forms we are accustomed to
at home. Just before the prayer the minister gave out a hymn
and the audience rose and sang, he rending two or three lines
at a time, the words being suited to the occasion. After the
benediction he hurried us into the vestry, where the United
States consul was waiting to fill out some important docu
ments. Then we went back into the church and received the
congratulations of the missionaries waiting there. As we
came out of the church quite a crowd were assembled. They
left a space in the center for us to walk through, and as soon
as we were fairly out of the door they threw rice at us in
great quantities. I did not get it all out of my hair and
clothes until nearly night. Some of the black women walked
near us to the door of the mission house and with good wishes
and courtesies said good bye.
November 2. The last two days have been speijt very
quietly, for they think new comers should not exercise much
at first but mornings and evenings. I have taken walks
enough to see some of the beauties of Freetown, and they are
certainly far beyond anything I had imagined. The trees
are superb and the views of the ocean and Sierra I. cone
river, which we have from almost any point in town, arc
almost chauning. There seems to be no soil but red gravel
and sand. The roads, red in the middle where people walk,
with green grass at the sides, and the greatest ol trees tow
ering on each side, are extremely picturesque
They keep the roads clear, so walking is very pleasant.
It was quite a surprise to me to hear the queer jargon they
tall;. The words are mostly English but the idioms are from
other languages. "Make you leffen' is leave them. If you
make a person happy, you "make their heart sit down cold."
"Me no savie cook 'merican chop," I don't know how to
cook American dishes. Roy .seems perfectly well, but ts
thinner than when I saw him last." I am picking up some
of the Timue language and think I shall enjoy reading it.
Vanguilder, '91, has a lucrative law practice in Omaha.
'()! P. A. Rydberg came down from Wahoo in time to
inke in the Deliau girls' program, Friday evening, lie
remained over Saturday at work in the botanical laboratory.
Messrs. Hall, McCroskey, Tingley, Haggard, Lamastcr,
and others of the alumni enjoyed gazing on the struggles of
the sophomores and freshmen last Saturday.
Theodore Weslcrmon, a former student, is one of the stock
holders in the Lincoln Evening tVews as recently reorganized.
U.S. Hrccvort, a former student, is sccretrary and treas
urer of the Omaha Medical college football team.
'91 Hurt Wheeler of Omaha was down to sec friends
recently and was a spectator at the cane rush. Edwards, '94, of the Omaha Medical college , was
down visiting friends n few days last week.
So, '88, 'jo -Prof. Caldwell, Roscoc Pound, and T. II.
Marslttiul were the judges at the cane rush.
Miss Van Ilise, '93. is visiting friends at the university.
She is the guest ol Miss Stockton, '92.
'S4 12. O. Lewis was elected county clerk of Richardson
county on ihe Republican ticket.
'91 Miss Ida lionnell of Chicago was visiting university
friends a few days last week.
'91---J. 11. Fogarty is striving to educate somoof the future
statesmen at Hennosa, S. 13.
86 Mrs. A. (I. Warner left the 2d of month to join her
husband at Washington.
Arti NVhltt!WiiHliMl to tho ICxtont or 3JJ to 0 An Inter
esting Came Throughout,
The football game for the championship of the state was
played at Crete December 6, before a small but enthusiastic
number of people. As a result the "old gold" rctnines her
place at the head of the procession. Vive I'uuivei'sile (
A el ru ska!
According to all the principles of right and courtesy the
game should have been played at Lincoln, but Doane seemed
to be fonder of making claims of championship than of play
ing our team. I lenee, we were obliged to draw on the athletic
association once more to help defray a part of the expenses of
the team. That Crete is not a football town is becoming pain
fully apparent. She has a football team of which any city
might be proud and the citizens' of Crete cannot advertise
their city in a better and more profitable way than by encour
aging the football team that has done so much for her college
and city. Doane's football team was organized but a little
over a year ago and stands seqond to-day to but one team in
the state. Surely Doane has nothing to regret from the
achievments of her football team, and the college and city
alike should spare no pains to encourage and aid this branch
of college athletics.
About fifty students accompanied the team to Crete and
did much to cheer the team to victory.
Chief of fire department" Larson, owing to a pressure of
business, was unable to attend but J. Cecil Graham was on
hand and discharged the duties of the chief satisfactory to
every one present. It is of course unnecessary to say that
Roscoo was there with his usual supply of enthusiasm and
"old gold" colors.
It was about three o'clock when the twe teams appeared
on the field in the following positions: