The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, December 15, 1891, Page 10, Image 10

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damage was done. Klippln made n forty yard run, pushing
off Mains and Sweeney, making n touch down. Moslicr kicked
goal. Seme 32 too. This ended the game us fains seoie
was concerned. I )oane played desperately from this on and
once or twice it looked as if each side was anxious for a slugg
ing match. Much ciedil is due to Captains Mains and John
ston for piompt action at the light time. When time was
called Doane had the hall in the center of the field.
Mains, the big natuied fellow that he is, took his defeat
giacefully and ate supper with the victorious team, after which
he spent an hour or two 111 pleasant conversation with the "old
gold" backers. The joyful news had been sent to Lincoln by
Manager Chandler and a huge ciowd with the band and other
noisy instiumenls assembled at the depot to welcome home
the champions. Hut the train as usual was three houis late.
When the team did finally airive it was after two o'clock A. M.
and in spite of the falling snow seven of the faithful were
still waiting, and each made himself useful by lelieviug the
stiffened wauiois of their baggage. It is probable that not
moie than one more game will be played this sc.ison by the
first eleven.
tiii: ;ki:at contkst.
Olmptor II. Conclusion.
After inuncious challenges and concessions on the p.ut of
each class, the Kicshics and Soph !'.. ully came to a menial
undcistanding. Satuiday moining, Ueccmbei 12, was agreed
upon lor cooling the blood ihat had been so fcvciish ever
since school began. Shoi tly aftei nine o'clock the boys of
the two classes made foi the foi k handle which was held
midway between the two lines by four biawny men fiom each
side. Five minutes of agony told the tale. The besides
weie too inuncious for their plucky antagonists. Aftei the
fieshics had been dcpri"ed of lour haul earned points for
fouling, and one fiom the sophs, the scoic stood, fieshics, 16;
sophs,!. V. M. Johnston was the noble sophotnoie who had
a grip on the stick. No one was seiiouSly hint, and after the
fieshics had listened to woids of congiatulation fiom the
chancellor, evety one went home and washed up for the gieat
foot ball game in the afternoon,
III a (iooil (iiuito of Foot JJitll llooT vermis Scltineo,
Within the last ten days a second eleven has bceirorganied
at the U.of N.anda vict ry from Cotner university is the result.
Cotner for a week pievious to the game had the valuable ser
vices of Lyman, the great coacher. This, and the fact that
Cotner's team had considerable advantage in weight made the
probabilities for victory doubtful, that is, to an outsider. Of
couise no U. of N. student had any doubts whatever.
The game was called shortly aftei 3 o'clock with Cotnei in
possession of the ball. The wedge was tiled but the ball went
down in center of field. .Someone was in the road it was the
second eleven. The U. of N. soon got the ball on four downs.
Twenty yards is the result but the ball is lost to Cotner. Col
der made no gain and U. ot N. got the ball again. Loid then
took the ball, and being well guauled, made the first touch
down. The ball was punted out but not caught and Cotnei
got it five yards from goal line and gained live yaids but final
ly lost it on four downs. Lord got the ball and made anothei
touch down. Again it was punted out and again Cotner took
it near the goal line. The ball is soon kicked by Cotner and
una foul goes to the Uni. Lord and Uaikley with a few trials
carried the ball within four yaids of goal line but Cotner held
for four downs' and got the ball. The wedge is tried but
Church spoiled the gain by a good tackle. Cotner kicked ball
now being unable to advance it further with wedge. Mother
caught the ball and gained ten yards. Chuieh and Loid in a
shot t time cany the ball within tlnee yards of goal line. The
wedge was tiied and Chuieh bioke out without the ball and
had six Cotner men after him. In spite of this, however, the
ball was not advanced and Coiner got the ball. Coiner hies
to kick but Kicluuds falls on the ball making the thiid touch
down. Harkley caught the ball fiom a punt and Mother kick
ed a haul goal. Seine, second eleven 14, Cotnei. 0. Cotnei
took the ball in center of field and gainee consideiable by the
use of the wedge, but was finally foieed to kick. Stockton
got the ball but a questionable foul was allowed and Cotner
got the ball. The ball was kicked and Cotner got it and made
a touch down. No goal. (Vner kicked oif fiom twenty-five
yaul line and Mosher lotiuned it, a Cotner man falling on it.
After gaining live yaids Cotner loses the ball. U. ofN.
gained four yards and lost the ball. Cotner loses four yariLs by
a good tackle by Uaikley. Cotnei is foieed to kick again and
Mosher caught it and gained ten yaids. The ball was then
kickcu over tlin line and Cotner 1011 out tluee yaids fiom goal
and .was tackled. Cotner lost ball not far fiom line and
Chuieh made ae excellent run and would have made a touch
down but dioppcd the ball. The ball lolled ovei and gave
Cotner a touch back. At this point time foi the first half was
called with the seoie 14 to 4 in favor of the second eleven.
si'.yoNii iiAi.r.
Uni. stinted the ball lined up two by two. Wynegar car
ried the ball twelve yaids towaid Cotnei's goal. Nofuither
gain was made and Cotner got the ball. In the next scrimmage
Sawyer distinguished himself by an excellent tackle, and U. of
N. got the ball on a foul. Hy the use of the wedge Chinch
soon eai lied the ball over for a touchdown. Mosher kicked
another haul goal and the seoie was 20104. Cotner stinted
fiom center. Stockton made a good tackle and pi evented any
gain. Uaikley then went through the line and Cotner lost
tluee yaids. Chinch next bioke tluough and got the ball.
The ball is soon fumbled and Cotner gained ten yaids with
wedge. Gain after gain is now made till Cotnui makes the
second touch down. Dungan kicked goal. Seoie 10 to 20 in
favor of U. ol N. Uni. gained ten yaulsfioin center. Captain
Loid changed the tactics for a while and Cotner found her
nish line giving way for five yaul gains tluough center until it lleie she got the ball but soon lost it on
four downs, and a few minutes later Yontian out of the wedge
and made a touchdown. No goal. Seoie 24 to 10. Cotner
made a long kick and Mosiicr relumed ball. After a few un
impottant plays the U. of N. had the ball in Cwc yaids of
Cotner's goal line Tlnee downs weie made and no gain.
"The ball must go over the line 01 you lose it," shouted the
icfetee." "All right," says Loid, and over he went for a
touchdown. No goal. Seoie, V. of N. 28, Cotner 10. This
ended the seoie foi the U, of N., but not so with Cotner.
Newcomer got out of the wedge and with a clear field ran fiom
center and made a touch down. Hut then, you know, New
comer is an alumnus of the U. of N. so it was not so bad as it
might have been. Dungan again kicked goal, and the seoie
was 28 to 16. After a good deal .of punting on each side
I'illsbury got the ball. In the last struggle Harkley got the
ball and was tackled so haul that he wasdaed for a few min
utes, but soon recovered to hear the victors yelling as they
left the field, for time was up.
Cotner put up a good game but it was evident that they
had not seen much foot ball. They were very slow in starting,
with the ball.
Stockton played a good centei ush against a man about
fifty pounds heavier. Sinclair, l'illsbuiy, Wynegar, Richauls,
with the centes uish did gi eat woikin pulling down the wedges.