The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 01, 1891, Page 11, Image 11

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Secretary Furnas announces the usual "corn show" in the
armory beginning January 19. It will again be under the
c'aie of Troyer.
Where, oh where, is the promised wash bowl promised
the young men in Univeisity hall? Echo and the steward
say "Delayed freights."
Irving J. Manalt, remembered by the upper classmen as
our former chancellor, is the author of "Xenophon's Hellen
ica" now in the library.
The societies are considering the advisability o( having an
inter-society debate during the winter term. The suggestion
came from the chancellor.
Mr. Bruggcr's college friends learned with regret that his
sister did not survive the attack of seal let fever with which
she suffered nearly three weeks.
Rev. C. S. Harrison, of Franklin academy, Franklin
county, Nebraska, was a caller at the university last week
and conducted chapel exercises.
A. F. Skiles, the man thai raised the champion liar of
Ciss county, came down the 24th to see that his son was
maintaining his local reputation.
Messr. Marshall, Forsyth and Tucker visited Cotncr uni
versity Sunday, October 24, as delegates from the university
to assist in organizing a Y. M. C. A.
In many institutions the members of each class take seats
together in a certain part of the room duiing chapel service.
Why not in the University of Nebraska?
Mr. S. L. Mains of Doane was at the university, October
19, to make arrangements about foot ball. Latkr. He is
expected up today to attend the funeral.
Mr. Sheldon has distinguished himself and beaten all
known records by taking eight girls to society. A hack was
used to gather and to distribute the fair ones.
Miss Gregg entertained her brother Charles, a former
student of the university, last Wednesday. He was accom
panied by a friend, Fred Wolsey, of Wyoming.
As big and as insurmountable as the new fence looks, it
will not stop the boys when they are after a foot ball. This
fact was fully demonstrated in the senior-junior game.
Since the chancellor's gentle reminder, Sergeant Gund is
of the opinion that the campus and not the corridor is the
proper place for illustrating the new aim movements.
The state convention of the Y. M. C. A. meets in Lincoln
November 5 to 8. Students from Nebraska colleges will be
present. This will be a good opportunity to show them around.
Our exchange editor spent several days last week "tak
ingMn" the Sioux City corn palace and visiting Ins parents
' and old friends at Dakota City. He reports an enjoyable
The cadet band made their initial appeajance on the
ktrcct with the new instruments, the 22d ult. They spent
nearly the entire day playing for the I. O. O. F. organi.
Miss Ruliflson accepted a temporary position as instructor
in the "T" street school. She will be retained in the school
as assistant principal. She will continue two studies in the
The new green house, secured by the efforts of Professor
Taylor, will be a great addition to the campus. The collec
tion of plants is large and .veil chosen. Dr. Jensen is happy,
and the students in the botanical department are asking if
this is to cut off all that blessed wandering in paiu "after
Dfdmer "
What everybody wou'd to know is, what was the
inducement that influenced Paul Pizcy to so suddenly take
his departure for Sioux City. Something beside the coin
palace, surely.
The new door in the reading room is certainly to be
appreciated. No more will the wandering student be obliged
to stand holding the door open, or stoop to gaze through the
four inch slot in the door.
A big bass voice is a good thing to have on certain occ ;
sions, but Cicero Johnson says it is very embarrassing to
have his girl's ma fire him from the front gate after society,
and all because he couldn't talk in a whisper.
The law college invites all students interested to visit the
college and listen to the lectures. It is said that all the
reserved seats for the lectures on "Domestic Relations" are
taken and the sign is up "standing room only."
The chancellor's suggestion that the societies hold' busi
ness sessions before the program instead of after it and that
the sessions begin at 7:30 r. M. and close at 10 r. M. did not
meet with the approval of a majority of students.
A large ventilating fan has been put in the attic of the
chemical laboratory, which will aid greatly in ventilating the
different rooms. It is run by an electric dynamo in the base
ment and has direct connection with the flues from the differ
ent rooms.
The stone walks are nearly done, and work has com
menced on the brick driveway. The grading and sodding of
the campus are progressing rapidly and altogether it looks as
though the campus will be in quite a respectable condition
before snow flies.
The freshmen were in mourning for a Day or so as there
was a report out that one of their girls had eloped and gone
to Denver. That reminds us that Barkley spent an hour or
so at the diflerer.t depots one Sunday eve looking for the
girl that never came.
The first Sunday afternoon of each mouth a missionary
meeting will be held by the Christian associations of the
young men and young women. On the third Sunday after
noon of each month some prominent speaker will give an
address to the associations.
It seems quite possible that before this issue reaches the
readers, the library will be open evenings. If this comes
about there will be cause for rejoicing on the part of every
hard student in the university. "This is the way we long
have sought, and mourned because we found it not."
Through the courtesy of Mr. F. G. Daniels, the Lincoln
tepresentative of the Short electric railway, a merry crowd of
university students were treated to a. ride in a special electric
car to Union college on the evening of the 17th. All report
a big time and hereafter will always have a good word to
say for Dan.
Messrs. Smith and Turner, of the Wcsleyan Y. M. C. A.,
visited the meeting of the university association, Sunday,
October 18. The object of the visit was to arrange a scries ot
visitations between the college associations in Lincoln, and to
arrange to organize an association at Cotncr university. The
univeisity association was glad to co-operate in both plans.
The littte frame building that has, in years past, served
as a pathological laboratory, rabbit incubator, back stop for
aspiring base ball batteries, sleeping apartments and finally,
as a stable, is no more. A small part has been moved imme
diately to the south of the boiler house and will be used as a
carpenter shop. The remainder has been removed from the
ej'cs ol the students forever.
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