The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, October 15, 1891, Page 10, Image 10

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A volume containing the plates in autotype facsimile of
the whole of the unique manuscripts of Aristotle's "Constitu
tional History of Athens" is an interesting addition to the
Greek library. The manuscript, effaced and mutilated, was
found only recently and is now safely guarded in the ltritish
museum. The manuscript was written about the year ioo
A. D. on the reverse side of four rolls ot papyrus, upon
the lace of which arc the accounts of a farm baliff during the
icign of Vespasian 78-79 A. D. The manuscript disappeared
about the 5th or 6th century A. D.
The battalion drives the young women away from gymna
sium at "their hour" on three days of ihc week; and the prac
tice of the band makes the small exercise room quite unten
able. So the five o'clock class in physical training will meet
on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, till further notice. It is
expected that next term regular provision for time will be made
in the regular schedule; as the recent regents rule says that
the faculty must modify the course, if that be necessary, to
admit of the required weekly work.
The chancellor went to Hebron last Friday to address the
people of that city and of the surrounding country, on what is
known as Hebron Day, the last of a three days' harvest festi
val. Hut the weather had made the roads almost impassible.
and the festival had been abandoned. A telegram had been
bciiI the chancellor on the Monday previous, but had never
reached him. So he had the ride for nothing, except he vis
ited the schools, and "saw the country."
A stationary bowl has been ordered and will soon be in
place in the young men's toilet room. With the additions of
a glass and plenty of towels and soap, it will now be possible
for us to keep clean, no matter what the work is in which ve
arc engaged. This has been impossible heretofore, to the
great annoyance of all and to calling out many unfavorable
comparisons between the main building and Nebraska Hall or
the chemical laboratory.
The opening of the Latin School rooms for an hour each
morning, before the reading room is open, has filled a long
felt want, as is evidenced In the fact that the room is prac
tically full every morning. The number will increase as the
cold weather sets in. This with the opening of the reading
room all day, from 8.30 a. m. to 5 p. in., adds very much to
ihe comfort of the students. Now if the library could only
be open evenings!
The apparatus and chemicals in the chemical laboratory
will hereafter be distributed to the several rooir.s from the
store room in the basement. Material to the upper labora
tories will be sent up on the dumb waiters that have just been
put in. W. Hildreth as dispensing clerk has been put in
charge of the distributing room. Several new glpss eases
have been added for the lcceptiou of apparatus.
.Professors who have nothing of particular interest to say
tr the reporter, will do well to follow the example of Pro
fcsBor Harbour. Perceiving the time was drawing near for
the appearance of the reporter, und knowing of nothing of
particular interest to impart he procured a fine basket of
grapes and some choice apples, all of which greatly rejoiced
the weary reporter.
The students are rightly indignant with the two 'or three
. unknown persons who are using tobacco in the building this
term. No such soiling of floors and stairways has been known,
and is sadly derogatory to the good name of the institution.
A very righteous punishment awaits these offenders.
The chancellor suggests a joint debate to he held be
tween the literary societies at some time after the mid-win-ler
holidays, in the university chapel.
Mr. George Kennan, the great Siberian traveler, has becrr
secured to give one of his lectures on Monday, October 26, at
St. Paul M. E. church under the auspices ol the Palladian soci
ety. Mr. Kennan is a very entertaining lecturer, delighting,
the audience with his dry humor and stirring his hearers with
a touch ol pathos or realistic word painting. Every studenr
should not lail to hear him.
Rev. S. P. Merrill, of Rochester, N. V., attended chapel
exercises, October 7. He bears the distinction of being the
first white person born in what is now Nebraska. His father
came a missionary to the Otoe Indians in 1S33. Mr. Merrill'
was born in 1S55. Hc ad m manuscript form a valuable
history of Nebraska in the thirties, wheh he gave to the State
Historical Society.
Professors llcsscy, Hunt and Fosslcr are regular contrib
utors to the Northwestern Journal of Education. Professor
Ilcsscy prepares a lesson for study each month on elementary
botany. Professor I Iunt writes on English grammar and
Professor Fosslcr furnishes his translations, with notes, from
Andersen's Bitter Bitch ohne Blldcr.
Yea, verily, the fame of our university, or of our professor
in botany, or both, lias spread even to the deserts of Tcxas.
Scptembcr 10, Professor llesscy received a previously
unknown grass from that region, sent by the Texas .ig3cul
tural eoliege that it might be duly christened by those whe
arc adepts in that line.
The State Journal is talking of getting up an illustrated
educational holiday edition, in which there will be no adver
tising, the best of paper, ami halftone engravings. Such an
edition would sell like hot cakes among the students. It is
understood that it will include all the educational institutions
in and about Lincoln.
The very large edition of the catalogue is nearly cxhausted
As 1 suppleiiwet a Smaller "ininaturc" catalogue will be issued
without the names of the students and olhcr formal matter,
and in such form as to be readily understood by those rather
unacquainted with the technicalities of university work.
The officeis of the Union boys debating club for the ensu
ing term are as follows: President, H. A.Scnter: vice presi
dent, Ralph H. Johnson; secretary, Mr. Scarson; attorneys,
C. E. Stroman and I). W. Crabtrce; custodian, Y. H. Pills
bury; scigennat-arnis, W. 1'". Wolfe.
The chancellor wandered into the lower halls last Friday
evening, with the result of an immediate order that lights be
placed at the foot of the stairways. Those who have "wan
dered in daikness" lo! these many years will appreciate the
As a preparation for leap year all the girls are now ic
tjuiied to take four half-hour lessons in manual training.
Whether leap-frog is included in the list of their exercises is
what the boys have been unable to determine.
The chancellor, John Green and all others who had a
finger in the pie, have the hearty thanks of the students for
the promptness with which the steam was turned into the
buildings this fall.
The arrangement whereby the ministers of the city con
duct chapel services docs not meet the approval of all stud
ents at present but it -will doubtless prove most satisifactory.
Hon. M. Gillilan, a member of the house of lepresenta
tives during the last session, was a caller at Nebraska hallr
the 9U1 inst.
Supt. Skinner, ol the Crete schools, was at the university
the nth inst.. with a view to dolnc some special work in
I absentia.