The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, June 10, 1891, Page 13, Image 13

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too yards dash A. M. Troycr 1st.; Tcftt ad.: both of U.
of X.; time, io)$ seconds.
Light weight wrestling J. II. Johnston 1st.; llowtnan ad.
Standing broad jumpWilliams of Doanc, ist; Thomas
of U. of N. ad; distance, 9 15 feet.
Heavy weight wrestling Flippin 1st; Sinclair ad; both of
U. of N.
Three legged lace Green and Anderson of Doanc ist;
Clund and Hiltnur of U. of X. ad; time, 15 seconds.
Throwing baseball Hicks 1st; White ad; both of U. of X.
Kicking foot ball White 1st; Thomas ad; Kolh of U. of
X.; iSofeet.
Standing hop step and jump Yeager 1st; Pat ton ad;
both of Doanc; distance, 37.335 feet.
Throwing if) lb hammer Flippin of U. of X. 1st; l.e.witt
of Cotner university ad; distance, 73 feet, 4 inches.
440 yards dash Troycr 1st; Porterficld ad; both of U. of
X.; time, 1 minute, 1 second.
High kick P.itton 1st; Yeager ad; both of Donne; highest
1Y, feel.
Running broad jump Names of U. of X. tst; Pntton of
Do.tncad; distance, 17 feet.
Putting iG lb shot Flippin of U. of X. 1st; Mains of
Donne ad; distance, 40 7 10 feet.
Standing high jump -Thomas lht; White ad: height, 4
feet 4 4-5 inches.
Tug of war Cotner university 1st; U. of X. ad.
Running high jump -Merman of Donne ist; Thomas of
U. of X. ad; distance, 4 feet lo)4 inches.
Half mile walk Eager ist; Skiles ad; both of U. of X.;
time, 4 minutes wft seconds.
Relay race U. of X. ist: Doanc ad.
Did you hear the Gaylord hall yell?
Did you get one of Flippin's pickles?
Tefft is the coming t tinner of the university.
Troycr redeemed himself in the 100 yaid dash.
Ditl Eager pay for two fares one way, or for fair one two
Three elvers for judges Mmslaud, Tingley, and captain
Wcsleyan had three icpresentntives, two ladies and
Cigar Ett.
The content on the depot platfoun was exciting but no
prizes wcic awarded.
Whcn'it comes to to long distances, Sawyer js something
of .1 sprinter himself.
Doanc, during the relay race, Hurrah for Doaue! We arc
the people! Oh my! Rats!
Did you notice the smile on the Coiner people when they
were devouring that hard earned supper?
What is the matter with Wcsleyan? She's all light.
What does she care about prices so long as she has the
Mnrsland makes an excellent judge, but he shouldn't
"monkey" with the rope when Flippin has the other end,
unless he wishes to make a circus of himself.
Hereafter, our wrestlers, Johnston and Flippin must be
kept in the back1 ground until their opponents appear: other
wise there will be no contest, since the nicie sight of these
champions is sufficient to discomfit their antagonists.
Day in the fall term, instead of in the spring teun as now, 1
I wish to say a word in regard to holding the local Field
think it would be much bettor, because it would give much
more time to train for the state Field Day. V.ocnl Field Day
coining so near to the state, sufficient time cannot be had to
train, lteleiving that we may better our now good record of
14 out of a possible ai I ask that this question of holding the
Local Field D.n in the fall term be given careful thought.
While we cannot expect to raise our standard, yet some things
can vet y well be improved upon. Hr.RCUi.iw.
It has been suggested by one of our philanthropic alumni
that sonic kind of n club house on the campus would be u
great boon to athletics, A small and substantial building
could be ercctud at a cost of $aoo in which might be a diet
ing room, n shower bath room, and a room to leave clothes and
apparatus of all kinds necessary to the health anil gratification
of the athlete. There is ceitafhly nothing iinpiaetical about
such a scheme. The first thing nccossaiy of course is to gel
permission of icgents to locate the building. The money?
O, that is easy enough. Our alumnus has piomiscd to stmt
the ball rolling by a handsome subset iption and others of his
kind will no doubt follow. Ccttninly we should bens much
interested in this uttdei taking as those who have passed out
from our midst. The advantage of such a building cannot be
over-estimated. Often when we wish to practice an hotti or
two at foot ball or other games, wc are hampc-id on account
of not having a change of clothing at hand. With this build
ing in our possession, all this might remedied. A reitain
tennis association of the city here has a similar building which
cost but $150. Let us hc.ti what you have to say about the
Tito Cutlot Kucumpmonl.
Thursday, May 14, a few minutes after noon, and after
the conductor had shouted for the second time "all nboaid,"
he seized Troyci, "the kid," loie him loose from his moot
ings, threw him into the tiain, nud amid sobs and waitings
that diowncd the noise of the departing train, we left the
Lincoln station, itsplalfoim soaked with the hiiny tears nf
many a sole hcai ted boy. The gills slood on the platfoun
and waved their hnudketchiefs as long as the train was in
sight. At Crete the Uni. yell was lustily given t the edifi
cation of a few Doanilcs who wcic down to the train. The
other college yells wcic also given, and the show moved on.
At Wilbur McGinty was espied, caught and tossed, and on
to Rcaltice we went. "One hour for music and dinner."
The band decided to do up the town, and so proceeded to do.
Thcystiuck up a quickstep, as did likewise some fanner's
team that liked music at a distance. After eating cvciv
thing in the town wc again bonided ilie special cars and
moved on unmolested lo our destination. Fail bury was out
en masse to receive the cadets. The companies weic formed
on the depot grounds. The procession thru moved lo the
camping grounds. The procession unsled by the militaiy
band of Fnitbury, followed by the eadel band, the battalion,
the reception committee, compr.ny D of second icginiont,
citizens on foot, horseback, in carnages and baby wagons
etc. etc. Of couisc it is understood that the univcisity yell
should be inserted in every two or lluec lines of this account,
but the icadei can do thai to suit himself without committing
any very gical cirors. Aiming in camp, aiush was made
fa 1 the tents and for the straw, of which ihcie was but half
a wagon load. On an average, the boys that slept at all the
first night had something ovci twenty straws apiece.
The people of Fail bury had provided a reception to the
cadets on Thursday evening. Of course every one that was
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