The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, April 15, 1891, Page 8, Image 8

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Artillery drill lias been resumed.
Has anyone serenaded Sawyer lately?
Mr. Meeker is not in school this lei in.
Miss Gctncr has been kept from school by illness.
The long delayed catalogue will soon be published.
Grant hall will be considerably improved internally.
Mr. Fcrncau has dropped school work and entered a law
The juniors still claim to be "cock of the walk" in ball
A misfortune at home requires Mr. Nelson's presence there
this term.
Miss Gctncr missed the first week of school on account
of illness.
Arrangements have already been made for laying the
stone walks.
At this writing Mr. Montmorency is too ill to return to
school work.
The fellow that broke the Union slate broke Mr.
Stroman's heart.
Miss Lula Correll, of Hebron, Neb., was visiting Miss
Bigelow recently.
Miss Duckcr and brother got back to school in time to
enjoy the mumps.
The classes have had the usual term elections to distribute
the honors of office.
Thursday, April 9, Mr. Lchmcr felt in a humor to address
an ode to the grippe.
A young lady says that some people are too Eager to sec
their names in print.
Members of the senior class voted on school matters.
How did that happen?
W. 13. Pillsbury went home over Sunday to see the girl
that is a sister to him.
Mr. Dean and sister, of the Ashland high school, were at
the university last week.
Renovating and repairing the chemical laboratory will
begin as soon as school closes.
The work of the cadets during this term will consist
almost entirely of battalion drill.
What kind of a lesson were Mr. Skilcs and Miss getting
in chapel one morning last week?
Professor Bcsscy is now busy answering the letters of dis
appointed candidates for positions.
Senator Hill and Mr. Drake visited the university and
watched the boys drill Friday the 3rd.
Miss Florence Smith, on account of sickness at home, has
been unable to attend classes this term.
Mrs. Kingslcy recently received a telegram announcing
the death of her mother at Salem, Mass.
Mr. Welch was missed the early part of the term. He
was in Iowa attending a fraternity convention.
Professor Bessey is exceedingly glad that the duties of
chancellor will bother him bnt a short time longer.
Mr. Reese, last term finished his course with eight hours
to his credit. He docs not attend classes this term.
Geo. Hall was unable to attend school the first week of
he term on account of a severe attack of la grippe.
On account of his work for the government, Professor
Hicks will not continue the class in elective geology.
Two thousand dollars has been appropriated by the .
regents for the immediate purchase of books for the library.
The Thursday afternoon lectures were icsumcd last Thurs
day with the first of a scries of three lectures by Miss Moore.
Miss Lyons, to Mr. A. M. Troyer stroking a muff: You
seem to want something to pel. Mr. Troyer: I do; but not
a lion.
Mi. T , after wrestling with a very difficult passage of a
'orcign language, fell asleep in class, presumably from
Professor Fulmer: "Yes, they have been falling out for
some time, so I shaved them off." Ask him if bromine is a
good bleacher.
Mr. Bonucll: Hoys, don't bother the gfrls. One of the
boys: No, follow Mr. IPs example and give all your attention
to one of them.
The closing scenes of the legislature were exciting, noisy,
and at times dangerous. The Uni. yell was there to aid in
the general uproar.
In the physical laboratory: he (in accents tender) Well
then I'll call yr. x Anna. Is that alright? She (smiling
sweetly) Yes, my dear.
Ask Mr. Welch what kind of a time he had at Ashland
during vacation and what price he oflcred to pay for the
ducks he could not shoot.
It is currently reported that Mr. Barkley and Mr.
McCrosky love to meet fair maidens in the museum of Neb
taska hall, and chat awhile.
Dr. Kingslcy's name appears among the names of other
men who are announced to lecture at the marine biological
laboratory, Wood's hall, Mass.
The lettering of the Delian program for the contest, so.
artistically done, was executed with an ordinary pen by Mr.
Rydbcrg, a member of the society.
Mr. Obcrlies and Miss arc the only people in school
that thoroughly enjoy a muddy day when Mr. O. cannot
ride his bicycle to and from school.
Friday, the 10th, Professor Howard was called home by
a message announcing the sudden illness of his father. Sat
urday he was not expected to live.
Until recently Miss has regularly taken the streetcar
to her home on Twenty'fourth street. Now she finds it mon;
pleasant to walk, as docs someone else.
Landlady, to Mr. (who has just finished reciting his
oration): I wish you would not say your prayers quite so
loudly; I can hear you from the kitchen.
By means of written translations to be read before the
class, the class in Xcuophon will try next fall term to read
all of the seven books of that author's Anabasis.
The second prep class of the classical course is interested
in New Testament Greek. Some of the members propose to
continue leading it during the summer vacation.
Miss Miller and Miss Mandevillc, teachers in the Beatrice
schools, visited the university recently. They made arrange
ments for summer work under Professor Fossler.
The first and second battalions have been organized in
accordance with general orders No. 6. They will drill one
extra day in two weeks and in the alternate week they will
have battalion drill instead of regular drill on one ot the reg
ular drill days.