The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, April 15, 1891, Page 11, Image 11

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prizes unless you win in the local contest. It is important
then that the best men enter into the coming contest with
enthusiasm and promptness. Below you will find the program
in lull Tor the state contest. Cut this out and put it in your
hat; it will not appear again. Now what we should do is this,
each athlete should look over the program carefully, and
select one or more proposed feats, and enter the local contest
with the determination to win as many contests as possible.
Do not select too many or you may lose them all, unless you
are a Deane in skill and endurance. Wc want lo go to Ciete
the 23rd with two good men entered for every contest on the
program. The following is the program for inter-collegiate
field day:
1. 100 yards dash.
Throwing hammer, 16 lbs.
Putting shot, 16 lbs.
Pole vault, with pole.
Pole vault without pole.
Standing broad jump.
Running broad jump.
Standing high jump.
6. 7
8. 9
10. II.
14. 15
16. 17
iS. 19.
Running high jump.
440 yards d&sh.
880 yards dash.
Throwing base ball.
One mile bicycle race.
Tug of war.
Half mile walk.
High kick.
Kicking foot-ball.
Relay race.
Hurdle race, 120 yards.
Heavy weight wrestling.
Light weight wrestling.
Standing hop, step and jump,
Three legged race.
'1 his department has just received a letter from Mr. Greer
president of the inter-collegiate athletic association, in which
he proposes to organize a baseball league as soon as con
venient. He has been put in communication with the base
ball committee, of which C. D. Chandler is chairman, and
.steps will be taken at once to complete arrangements fo." a
series of games. Now is the time to play ball if anything is
to be done in that line at all. A few sacrifices no doubt will
have to be made in order to make our team successful; but
when the season is past and our team carries off the palm of
victory, and it will, we will feci so jubilant that we will
forget the hard days of practice, the neglected lessons, and
the irritated instructors. Nor is there need ol neglecting
lessons if time is judiciously used. "Work while you work,
and play while you play," is an old adage, but no new truth
could be more profitably adhered to by a great majority of
students here. One hour of close application either to study
or to sports, is worth three hours of indifferent or listless
application, trout what we can learn from Doaue and
Wesleyan, each are entering into athletics of all kinds,
especially base ball, with more enthusiasm and better pros
pects of success than ever before. No ordinary effort on our
part will win this year as easily as last. In other words, wc
must play ball now, and every day we am until school closes.
At Muhlenberg college, Penn., the faculty has pro
hibited the students from organizing a base ball nine this
spring. The reasons assigned are that during the base ball
season the class record is considerably lowered, and that the
team is invariably defeated by other colleges. Poor old
Muhlenberg, we extend to you our heartfelt sunpsithy in
this your gicntcst affliction. There does not seem to be
much complaint here at present from excessive ball playing.
From present indications, however, there will soon go up a
mighty wail over the defeat of our nine. If this prediction
prove true which of course it will not it might be a bless
ing in disguise if the faculty should prohibit us from playing.
The (cw old players that are with us this year, do not seem
to care whether the team is successful or not. Are wc going
to rest on our oars while Doanc and Wesleyan glide by us
with comparative case? Is it possible that out of 300
boys in this institution, that ten cannot be found who
arc willing and able to form a team as good as we had last
year? If this be true, then let the laculty prohibit the boys
from playing ball, and give the girls a chance to keep up our
reputation as ball players.
It has been suggested that a university bicycle club be
organized. Why not? With the number of wheels and riders
that are here a flourishing club might soon be equipped.
This club might then meet and contest with other clubs of
the state, make excursions of its own, and in many ways
bring honors to itself and to the university.
Owing to his execution, the local editor will be dsBarrei'i
from entering the athletic contests this spring.
Lord says he ran one mile the other day in thirteen min
utes, forty seven seconds. Next. .
Coleson is looming up as a pitcher. Where is our catcher?
M.Cargar is the champion in the bowling alley.
Call oh Edddd. Cerf & Coooo.
Skinner lets good rigs at low prices.
Book exchange, 1 19 north Twelfth.'
Hats and caps at Ed. Ceri & Co's.
Cadet suits, gloves and caps at Ewing's.
Call on Ewing for cadet gloves and caps.
Cadet caps and suits a specialty at Ewings.
Clothing for everybody at Ed. Cerf & Co's.
Go to Ed. Ccif & Co. for furnishing goods.
The latest styles in hats at Ed. Cerf & Co's.
Manley still has the cream of the candy trade.
Special prices to students at T. Ewing & Co's.
Second-hand book store, 119 north Twelfth street.
Skinner keeps gentle and stylish horses. Students' pat
ronagc solicited.
The finest students' suits in the city at Ewing & Co's'
1115-17 O street. Good goods, low prices.
Dr. Garten, eye, ear, nose and throat specialist. Glasses
fitted. Rooms 16 and 17, Richards block, Lincoln, Neb.
Orders for photographs on th Imm galleries in the city for
ale at a discount at The Hesi'KRIAN office. Don't forget
when in need of photos.
T. Ewiwg & Co have now an opportunity to show off an im
mense stock of clothing to great advantage. Their new quar
ters 1115-17 O street are undoubtedly the finest in the city.
Call around and inspect both store and goods.
$75.-00 to $250.00 a month can be made working for us.
Persons preferred who can furnish a horse and give their
whole time to the business. Sparc moments may be profit
ably employed also. A few vacancies in towns and cities.
B. F. JOHNhON & CO., 1009 Main St., Richmond, Va.
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