The Hesperian / (Lincoln, Neb.) 1885-1899, November 15, 1890, Page 9, Image 9

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resent the Grand Canons oi Calorado, the Henry Moun
tains and Yellowstone Park regions. They show the pecu
liar types of volcanic structure, the different strata of the earth
and the various kinds of jock found in certain regions. The
maps arc on frames so adjusted that they may be placed
cither parallel with, or horizontal to the floor, thus affording
the professor a better opportunity for explaining his lectures
to the classes and jn turn gives to them a more vivid and clear
conception of the subject under consideration.
"Why art thou hero" a stern giro quoth
To a youth whoso faco bluahert rod;
ltcmnvlng his arm Hint circled her form,
"I was trafsMntf a moment," ho suld.
College Rambler continues tins year as bright as ever.
The exchange column of the Unit looks as if it were
printed in the type for pntcnt medicine ads.
From the exalted position secured by the sublime pretti
ncss of its external apearance, the Doane Owl thinks fit to
criticise the design of The Hesperian's cover. The Owlis
well qualified to criticise; it is so simple, you know.
The Hiram College Advance has at last taken a somewhat
respectable shape. It is slowly advancing, but there is room
yet. Still we would advance to congratulate the Advance
upon its advance. It has struck the line of progress.
We notice the following in the Aegis, of the University of
Wisconsin: "Professor Bennett recently returned from Ohio,
Indiana, and other states where he was engaged in lecturing
in the behalf of the American Institute of Archaeology."
The Niagara Index in a brand new red dress. It has be-
. sides four tobacco and three liquor ads. Wonder if there is
any connection as cause and effect. We would, however,
rise to congratulate it upon its improved appearance and
upon its advancement (as shown above) in morale.
Wc arc pleased to note that The Hesperian, of
Nebraska, is interested in the success of principle in the po
litical contest now agitating that state. However, our sister
is only using the foils, the broadsword is reserved for fratern
ities. AWMtw.;'. Thank you. Happy to see that yoa
, think so,
The linmonian, of Drown university, contains an article,
evidently written by a fraternity man, entitled, "The Fra
ternity Idea," which confesses thai the "idea" is much
"abused" there too. Occident. Do the men "abuse" the
"idea" or docs the "idea" "abuuc" the men or arc they
What is the use to keep women from political discussions
and affairs? It is useless. Why, here comes the Vassar
fllisceflany fairly loaded down with a treatise upon the Silver
Dill, something about which not one man in a hundred knows
anything and that one but little. To the Miscellany must be
given the palm.
Though the Owl of the university of Ottawa is not the
best paper that comes to us, yet it easilyjranks above that
petty sheet, the Niagara Index, but it is hardly of as high
quality as the Scholastic, In all these papers, representa
tives of great Catholic universities, it is noticeable how
poorly they compare in originality and enterprise with those
published at other universities.
The Northern Oratorical League,thelalcslout, is composed
of Obcrlin, Northwestern, Cornell, and Ann Arbor. This is,
indeed, a select circle. It is now in order for;thc winner at
the inter-state contest to beat the winner of the northern
league. In such a case the beauty of the 'latest" would ',be
beautifully apparent.
Rumor comes to this editor that the subscribers of our old
assailant (assistant as the typo made it), the Eccritean, are
somewhat at loggerheads. Wc would advise them to " fight
to a finish " and then try to get out at least one issue this
year. Without that one redeeming feature college journalism
for this year will, wc fear, be a total failure. It is, indeed, a
sad piospcct.
It is a pleasure to make note of the Focus from Kentucky
University. The paper has a rich, dark brown cover, is rich
in humor, and is evidently richer than most college journals in
purse ifwemay judge from the style it puts on. From its
appearance one might almost mistake it for a drug journal;
but a;, it refuses all liquor and tobacco ads, that impression is
easily corrected.
Those students that desire to keep abreast of college life
and news will read the exchanges as they arc'Jaid before
them in the reading room. There is no need for a careful
study of these papers; that would not pay. But a hasty
scanning of them will be of great advantage to any student
who is broad-minded enough to desii-c to know what arc the
ideas and doings of the college world of which he ought to
be an interested part.
Amusing and ridiculous is the action taken by the young
ladies of Dcthlehcm, Pa., the seat of a college. Feeling that
they had been aggrieved by the students of the college and
believing that their confidence in the students had been ill
treated, they formed an anti-student society, They pledged
themselves to have nothing to do with the students. Un
doubtedly the town-boys hugely enjoy the action taken.
From this distance we would call the matter a "stand off."
In the Lever, from Colorado Springs high school, we no
tice an article headed, "Why Do Wc Live." We would sug
gest to the author the possibility of his not living long if he
persists in over-taxing his brain with such abstruse subjects.
This case is about on a par with one that came to our notice
a few days ago. A Nebraska high school principal wrote to
the head of the University inquiring what would be the best
text books in political science and psycholgyfor two boys in
his school who were between the ages of 14 and 16.
A late issue of the University News roundly scores one of
the professors for giving outrageously long lessons. It heads
its article "Tyrannical Wisdom." We heartily agree with
the News that such action on the part of a professor is unfair
to the professor himself if he only knew it, to the students,
and to other professors. While here wc arc troubled with no
such actions as the News speaks of in its college, yet
wc think it may with truth be said that with some professors
there is too much tendency in the direction of over long
Now that the election's are over the ex-mau of The Hes
perian confidently expects that the. noble exchange editors
that have so often in lime past paid their respects so vigorously
to The. Hesperian will proceed again to try their luck. It
certainly is a very dull time when The Hesperian or some of
its editors are not annihilated weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
by 5cva.1l of the offended college papers. The editors of this
paper extend their thanks to the considerate aforesaid editors
and wish to announce that they have thorougly recuperated
during the lull and are now ready for almost anything. The